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Top digital marketing trends in the advertising industry 2019

Top Digital Marketing Trends in Advertising industry – 2019

As we usher into 2019, the advertising world is bound to see major upheavals in digital marketing trends. The trends are going to break all the limiting boundaries and build up an adventurous journey for the marketers.

The global spending on digital marketing is nearing $100 billion mark, and as per a report by 2020, online advertising will be accountable for 44.6% of the ad spend globally. In such a scenario, a marketer should keep himself updated with the break-through marketing techniques for implementing it in their advertising strategies. Some factors which are driving consumer growth are storytelling, technology, first mover advantage, and mobile-focused digital marketing.

1. The Giant Players Of The Advertising Industry:

Amazon, Google, and Facebook are the major players of the advertising industry where each of them trying to outsmart the other with new strategies and tactics. The world of e-commerce, search, and social are getting integrated paving a new marketing path for these tech giants. Google is still now the topmost search engine, but now Amazon has also become a massive search engine. It was stated in Biz journals that by 2020, Amazon will be having 7% of the digital ads but still behind Google which will be having 35.1% of the share.


Marketers have to read between the lines and understand customer behavior. The more they start connecting the dots and analyzing customer’s purchase pattern, the more they will begin yielding better revenue for the company.

2. Business Stories, Personal Stories, & More Stories:

As mentioned before storytelling has become a crucial part of the marketing strategy, lots of stories are being told whether it is on Facebook or Instagram. Most of the consumers subconsciously try to find emotional attachment before buying a product. This creates an opportunity for the marketers to weave a story about their brand attracting potential customers.

The one million stories being shared on the social media platforms have now become a motivating factor for the marketing industry. These stories are being tapped and redirected to drive good traffic for the sites and other purposes. Instagram accounts for 23% as much ad spend on Facebook in the second quarter of the previous year.


In the US alone, there are 1 billion monthly active Instagram users making it an ideal opportunity for the marketers. The stories are rich, relatable, immersive, where the consumers can engage themselves and understand the motive behind any service and product. Facebook is tapping the best opportunity to pull most of the customers by creating engaging and creative content, which many times has resulted in emotional buying.

3. Messenger Apps & Chatbots Taking Over The Advertising World:

As per a report, Facebook and the Tencent has a large share in the global messaging market covering up to 75 percent of the monthly active users. The US has around 110.95 million Facebook messenger apps users, and by 2020 it is going to reach around 139.2 million users.

An article posted in Business Insider even stated that by 2020, almost 80% of the companies would be using chatbots.


The rise in the number of users is always seen as a great opportunity for the marketers as it can prove very helpful for targeting prospects across the world. These messenger apps and bots facilitate a useful neutral conversation with the customer. They can prove to be one of the greatest conversationalists and provide great customer service even during holidays like Christmas and New Year. Their non-emotional side facilitates a bias-free customer service.

4. The Data Goldmine:

Each of the organizations has encompassed huge amount of data in their database. Many of them have started decoding these data so that gathered insights can be used for the strategic marketing planning.

Companies like Google has the information of each customer, from the customer’s search results in its search engine. This information is already shaping the execution process of the advertising in Google.


A smart marketer should grab this opportunity to stay relevant and competitive in the market. They should keep mining the crucial information of a customer to understand their behavior and purchase pattern, and further make decisions based on that to improve customer experience.

5. Digital Marketing Political Campaigns:

Digital marketing has entered into the world of politics. The most recent example is of President Donald Trump’s campaign which was absolutely digital.

There were many who stated that it might have won him elections. The marketing investment for his Facebook ads was worth $2 million, and the total digital campaign was around $70 million a month in advertisements.


With the next presidential election in 2020, it is to be seen how candidates are going to use new digital marketing trends to gain popularity and win supporters. They can utilize these data for understanding the digital marketing channels which are giving them better results. Later on, they can plan to maximize the spending on that specific channel.

6. E-Commerce & Advertising:

In 2018, a huge boom was seen in the e-commerce industry. With the latest trends in digital marketing, we will be seeing the merger of e-commerce and digital marketing, thus boosting the chance of the marketers to reach the right customers.


E-commerce is fast gaining success with its advertising channel. Amazon is still at the position in this race, it needs to be seen the way other e-commerce companies are going to proceed with their advertising channels.

7. Cross-Channel Influencers:

Many marketers are aware that influencers are one of the significant contributors for reaching to a large group of audience. They are the people who can influence others in making decisions with their large following group. It has motivated many marketers to increase their influencer marketing budgets so that they can reach the right audience with the right message.


With Instagram and other platforms gaining popularity, marketers have to put their effort into utilizing this broader platform for gaining the business advantage.

In the coming years, we will see cross-channel influencers for the digital marketing campaign. The purchase decisions, engagement forms are the best forms for getting better revenues, and a smart marketer should not miss this opportunity.

8. Automation AI Is There, But Creativity Is Not Dead:

With AI fast getting implemented into the digital marketing, the advertising industry is bound to become a creative ground for the marketers. The automation tasks will be performed with the help of AI leaving more time for marketers to think for the creative and interesting process to engage customers.


Marketers have to utilize this opportunity to deliver real deliverables than focusing on automated tasks. They can analyze the process leading to a better business outcome by implementing new and trendy marketing strategies.


The website which is a virtual space for the digital Marketing strategy can help in finding the relevant audience by building a substantial impact on the potential customers.

Most of the advertisers are realizing that it is essential to capture digital marketing hacks so that they can have a good run in the communication industry. This blog discussed all the less traveled paths which marketers have to take for making an amalgamation of digital marketing and advertising industry a successful venture. Gradually they can gain command over their online audience and connect to them instantly.

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