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9 Tips to Enhance the Email Development Process

The email creation process is a complex one given the nature of the competitive market.

Every time marketers have been trying new tactics while sending email to their prospects. There have been instances when marketers have to spend long hours planning the perfect email marketing strategy. As per a report it has been found that almost 23.8% of marketers spend a minimum of one week to produce a single promotional email thus proving that email marketing is one of the essential processes to be followed by the marketers.

Organizations have to lay out a well-planned and streamlined marketing process which can help them to achieve their long-term goals. This can be executed with some effective tips further enhancing the email process; find the crucial ones here:

1. Important Dates Of The Business:

Every business has some important dates in the calendar, which means on this day the companies generated huge revenues and sales. Jot down those dates to have an overview of the bigger picture of your business.

Summer sale, Special events, Labor Day!!!!!

Sounds familiar? You must have also used this day to promote your services and increase sales. Lock these calendar dates and make a strategic plan for shooting out the best email before the “Big Day” to increase sales on that day.

2. Never Miss An Opportunity To Get Interactive:

Interactive communication is always welcome by the recipients as it makes them feel they are communicating with a real human being. Like marketing automation and personalized emails, interactive emails are also important. With each passing year, it is getting evolved and advanced to connect with the customer in the best possible way. You can even include an animated gif which acts as an interactive element to boost the conversions.

3. How Much Is Your Offer:

When you promote an attractive offer, customers automatically get attracted towards your brand, but as a marketer, you should follow the right strategy otherwise it would create a wrong perception into the minds of the customer.

Do not make your offer like “20% off.” It gives a feeling that your product is cheap and is of low quality and therefore is not worth purchasing. Instead, start promoting your product with the offer and what your customer might gain after purchasing it. The message conveyed to the customer should address their pain points with the right solutions.

4. What Your Customers Have To Do:

This can also be termed as Call-To-Action where you want your customers to do exactly what you want them to do. Every mail which is sent to the customer should act as a guiding force motivating customers to take action.

5. No More Silo Email Marketing:

Email marketing, although a popular strategy cannot work in a silo. There are high chances that many of the email subscribers would like to engage with you on channels such as social media, in-store experiences, websites, and others. Customers, nowadays prefer an Omni channel experience from the brand. When you create an integrated cross-channel experience, then it helps to strengthen customer relationships in the long run.

6. Planning Ahead:

You must have heard that planning ahead can make your process a systematic and efficient one. It is right in all the cases as going with the right plan much ahead, helps to share, think, and discuss your thoughts with the teammates. In the end, you come up with fresh and new ideas to boost the email campaign..

7. Identifying The Tasks Which Can Be Used To Speed Up Things:

Some say that speed is not everything as one also needs to check on the quality. If your email marketing team spends more than five hours on coding, designing, data logic, copywriting, testing then you belong to the top quartile of organizations who spend that much time on these tasks.

So, should it be a concern for you? Not precisely as there could be varied reasons for this. You might have emails with heavy text content, which makes your copywriting task a longer one. If your emails have much of the interactive elements, then it could also increase the time taken for the coding, but there might be other techniques or solutions which can speed up this process without the compromise on quality. These can be better tools, processes, and training, which can shorten the email build-up process.

8. Knowing The Customers:

This might sound like an old tip, but when analyzed carefully, it can be concluded that knowing customers is an essential requirement in any marketing strategy. As you connect with different customers, you come to know every requirement of your customers. With this, an email can be personalized as per their preference, interest to be sent to the specific customer.

9. Enhancing The Logo:

Some might consider it as ridiculous how can putting up a branded logo enhance the email development process? It has worked in many scenarios. As recipients are busy reading different emails simultaneously, an appealing logo can have the right visual impact in attracting the reader. It can make your email look unique and different when compared to the large volume of the emails in the inbox.


The email development process, as mentioned before, is a time-consuming process which needs a certain amount of patience and tactic to keep the recipient interested in your email. It requires an equal effort by the designers, content development team, and others for crafting an appealing email. So, follow the above steps to make it an efficient one.

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