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10 Effective Behavior Triggered Email Campaigns Revealed in 2019

10 Effective Behavior Triggered Email Campaigns Revealed in 2019

Connecting with the right customer is the first mission of any business; and to reach them at the right time, one needs to understand customer’s behavior, preferences, dislikes, etc. The strategy to connect with them through behavioral intent gave rise to the triggered email campaign.

A triggered email campaign is an event-driven process where emails are triggered based on the customer’s behavior. It has proven to be very successful as they are based on a series of events.

A study showed that triggered emails are bound to receive a 70.5% more open rate than other emails.

In 2019, one will see some of the useful behavioral triggered email campaigns:

1. Welcome Series:

Welcome email confirms the subscription, and informs the recipient of promotions which includes both the current and future ones. Although the mail includes discounts and gifts for customer’s next purchase, marketers can make it creative by showcasing their unique and best products. This can be common for the existing and new subscribers.

An everlasting first impression builds a strong foundation of the brand, and welcome emails are the first step in this process.

2. Onboarding Mails:

The onboarding emails follows up after welcome mail. These emails push the customer in creating an account or signing up on a particular platform. The emails make the process easier by guiding the customers with the instructions to be followed for completing the process.

3. Notification Email:

Sending notification email is the courtesy mail to ensure that the customer has a positive experience with the brand. It is a professional email dialogue with the customer. Sometimes the product will be out of stock, in such scenario when the product is available the customer can be followed up with the email “item is back in stock.”

4. Abandoned Shopping Cart:

We all have done this, added items in the cart, then halfway realized do not need it or do not need it now!!!!

As per a report, shoppers have abandoned 76% of shopping carts, resulting in $18 billion of revenue lost in the retail industry.

There can be other circumstances like the customer got distracted, had some emergency call, etc. The behavior is recorded, and later on, an automated triggered email reminds the shoppers for completing the purchase. Here, also customer’s interests, preferences are studied so that items which the customer might be interested in, can be predicted. Marketers can suggest new products, personalize the discount offers, explain personal benefits, etc.

5. Emails After Post-Purchase

Most of the consumers will provide their email address while submitting the form. Companies will be using the receipt emails of the orders for promotion. The receipt can be personalized with related products. The post-purchase emails can be sent after the few days of purchase. These emails keep the customer informed about the progress of the order such as shipping, delivery confirmation emails, etc. It also provides additional information about the product.

6. Purchase Email Of Upcoming Service:

These emails are sent to customers who have an unpredictable purchase pattern. The process acts as a reminder and informs customers about the new offers and discounts on a specified product. Such customers run by motivation and when they are offered their preferred service at a specific discount, it compels them to purchase the product.

7. Satisfaction Email:

The client satisfaction email is sent after a few days of purchase. The series of mail are constructed with an approach where the customer is informed all the ways to reach the client support system, needed to use the product or service. One can even ask recommendations to improvise the products.

8. Upselling To Satisfied Customers:

Upselling is mainly for satisfied customers. This is providing more services or services at higher prices. The satisfied customers are already impressed by your services, so triggered emails should be crafted with a professional approach offering them with the extra benefits.

9. Lead Nurture Email:

Any lead should not be wasted. Sending customers emails just after form submission or executing other activities which motivates them for doing business with your organization is the best step for lead nurturing process. Confirmation of webinar attendance, regular follow up after sales meeting are some of the behavioral aspects that trigger the lead nurturing email.

10. Winning Back Lapsed Customers:

Winning back lapsed customers is a tough task, and one should create well-crafted emails for such customers. As they have stayed dormant for the past few months, marketers have to motivate them to purchase the product at competitive prices. Complete details of these customers stored in the database help in triggering the email campaigns.


Emails have always been the best communication channel for B2B businesses. In recent years with increased personalization and behavioral targeting, marketers are able to connect with the right customer with well-crafted emails effectively. 2019 will be the year of customized emails triggered by behavioral aspects.

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