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Product Update Emails: Best Practices & Templates

Creating the right environment before the product launch builds up the excitement level among the customers on the actual launch day of the product. The challenge which marketers face is that they are not aware of the best practices in creating an effective email template or the frequency at which these emails have to be sent.

You have to develop the right email template which intrigues your audience for knowing more about the product and its features.

Find out some of the effective strategies while developing the template:

1. Creating Exciting Subject Lines:

Exciting subject lines has always been a part of the parcel in the email marketing approach, but while creating a product launch email template it should be a must-have. It’s just because after developing a high-quality product you will not want it to fail, with a dull and boring subject line. A good subject line introduces the product in a professional and fascinating way which helps in holding the attention of the audience.

Some of the exciting subject lines can be:

  1. Introducing our
  2. Discover our new
  3. The time has come
  4. It’s here
  5. Meet our new
  6. In 24 hours it’s going to change
  7. We are anticipating the
  8. In 2 days, our first

2. Straight-To-The-Point:

Do not beat around the bush while introducing the product in the email. Almost all the audience like to have clear information, like a description of the product, its features, beneficial aspects, etc. in the introduction mail only. If you do not want to provide complete information in the first series of mail, then provide brief but relevant information.

Make a point to include all the essential information which will answer the general queries of the potential customers like:

  1. Description of the upcoming product
  2. How will it fulfill the needs of the people?
  3. How can it be bought?

3. Application Of Brand Design:

Make the email look consistent by applying the brand logo and colors wherever required in the email. This helps in creating a positive impact as the mail promotes the brand subtly. The inclusion of the colors and logo in the email also helps the customers in the brand recall in the later stage of the promotion.

4. Value Proposition:

The value proposition is an essential part which has to be conveyed to the potential customer. Until and unless they are aware of the unique service which your product is providing to them they will be not attracted to it. So, include your product’s strengths in the email which will keep them interested till your next mail.

5. Visuals To Grab Attention

65% of the population are visual learners. In general, photos help the potential customer in visualizing and understanding the product in a better manner.

One can take the example of American clothing and accessories retailer, the Banana Republic owned by Gap Inc. where they promoted their products with eye-catching visuals and clear display of information.

banana republic

Image Courtesy: Banana Republic

Now we have to see how to announce the launch of the product in the email series:

1. Messages which arises curiosity has to be sent prior 2 weeks of the product launch:

The first mail to be sent has to be the sneak peek of the product .This step develops an eagerness among the audience to wait for the big day of the product launch. All you have to is to include the date of the product launch, 1 groundbreaking feature of the product. Keep it short and brief for maintaining the excitement level.

2. Presentation of your product has to be 1 week before the big day:

The product images, name, launch date and the benefits which it will be providing to its users can be explained.

apple watch

Image Courtesy: Apple

3. Finally the BIG DAY- The day of the product launch:

This can be said as the reminder mail. The email has to be sent on the day of the product launch. You can add your social media links in the email design so that all the recipients can inform about your product to other potential customers.

Things to be included in the new product launch email:

  1. Product name
  2. Launching date
  3. Benefits of the product
  4. Offer
  5. CTA


The product emails have to build up curiosity among the customers so that during the day of launch customers will take necessary action and line up to purchase your product. This product email series will prove successful for your marketing campaign within a low budget by creating the required brand awareness among the customers.

As the customers will be already aware of the product and its significant features, it will not take much time for them to take the final decision. So, make your product email marketing the best and impactful with the right result-oriented actions.

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