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12 Expert Tips That Amplify Content Engagement

Engaging content is necessary to increase brand awareness and sales. Whether you are a B2B or B2C company if the content does not keep the audience engaged, then it will be a negative factor for your business. One has to find innovative ways to keep the audience engaged.

Some of the tips that will help in amplifying your engagement rate are:

1. Collaborating With Influencers:

A rich collaboration with the influencers can dramatically boost up your engagement rate. Influencers are the people who have the power of influencing a decision maker, and as a customer, everybody looks for assurance before investing in a product. In such a scenario when an influencer talks about your services with adequate positive examples, customers get motivated to purchase your product.

In some cases, even influencers can be asked to provide a review. This gives the customers a feeling of authentic feedback.

2. Humanizing Your Brand:

Personal connection helps in humanizing the brand. As a marketer one should keep in mind that they are connecting to people, so empathizing with them is necessary for building stronger connections. The best way is to weave a story around the brand. You can include people in the story who were responsible for creating the specific product or any innovative methods which they developed for the creation. The social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram can be used for sharing real-life stories and enhancing the engagement level.

3. Best B2B Phrases:

B2B phrases are crucial for increasing the engagement level. It was found that many of the phrases worked well in pulling the right audience such as “the future of,” “how to create,” “how to use,” “you need to know,” “here’s how,” “need to,” etc.

Once you pull the right audience through good phrases, half the job is done. The rest part is to keep the audience engaged by crafting content which aligns your services with their business requirements.

4. Email Marketing:

Email marketing has long been the top choice for B2B marketers as it helped in connecting with the right prospects. Marketers have been boosting the engagement level by sending emails at different stages of the email campaign. Now to maximize the email efforts, it is necessary for the marketers to send welcome emails after every subscription. In the process, to capitalize good attention marketers can curate emails every week before sending it to the customer.

There are many tools available online for email automation which helps in a better B2B engagement process. This increases not only the engagement rates but also the number of subscribers.

5. B2B Video Content:

B2B businesses are different from B2C as it involves a high level of the business process. Many of the C-level executives involved in the decision-making process feel that they can quickly get the message of the video content than other content forms. So, it becomes important for marketers to develop high-level video content for amplifying the engagement rate.

6. News & Updates:

Technical breakthroughs are becoming more common than a few years back. One can see technical enhancements, the launch of new products, discussion on innovative products, etc. becoming a part of daily news. You can promote the live video content aligned with your services, to the B2B audience. Multinational companies across the world organize events in which they invite experts for sharing their valuable opinions. During many of the live sessions, experts engage with the audience and answer their queries. As a B2B organization if you are not conducting these events, then it’s high time to start considering this strategy.

7. Social Media Channels For B2B Content:

Social media platform have always proved to be an active channel for B2B marketers. The channel requires a carefully planned strategy with its short communication tactics for interaction such as likes, tweets, shares, comments.

8. Using Visual Content:

As social media is being increasingly used for higher engagement level, marketers have to see that more images are used in the content than only text messages.

As per a study, it was found that posts with good images develop 650% more engagement than the posts with only text. e.g. a slideshare, infographic or video can be promoted for increasing the engagement level.

9. Sharing Statistical Report:

Content with statistics amplifies the engagement level with the B2B audience. Any surprising statistic helps in getting attention. Some of the best facts can be made up in one sentence to create intriguing B2B content.

10. Sponsoring Discounts & Offers:

We all love free things. The best way to start this work is with posts on the brands Facebook page, twitters feed, or Instagram page. You can ask the audience to like or share the content to win some of your products. The products can be made eye-catching with a high-quality image of the product

11. Utilizing Employee Generated Content:

B2B marketing requires professional as well as an appealing approach. The content which adds variety to the company’s content marketing is your biggest strength. User feedback is the variety and unique one in this strategy.

12. Varying Your Strategy:

One should not put the focus on one platform when there are other platforms to focus on. The top three social networks LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are popular with B2B businesses as much of the ad spends are involved on these platforms, but with increasing competition, there are higher chances of getting jammed. Other smaller sites such as Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Outbrain are cheap and produce exceptional results for driving engagement level with the target audience.

If you are looking for amplification through paid media, then you should consider:

  1. Having a fixed budget for paid advertising
  2. Testing the content on various platforms for getting the right combination of the brand


Most of the B2B businesses are driven by the engagement level with the high profile audience. After the initial connection, marketers have to see that they keep their customers engaged with the updated offers, discounts, news, events, conferences, etc. With this process, customers feel that they are valued thus increasing the attachment with your brand.

Increased competition has led to increased connectivity but decreased engagement level. As a B2B marketer, you have to see that not only you connect with the audience but engages with them to maintain a long-term relationship.

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