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is your site getting the right traffic from emails

Is Your Site Getting The Right Traffic From Emails?

Ready to roll out email marketing program? Take a quick moment to run a health check on your email list while you are still phasing the budgetary plans in 2017.

In 2016, Email was the third leading source of traffic in eCommerce sites during the holiday season.

Here Are Top Questions To Ask Yourself For Keeping Your Email Marketing Programs In Shape:


The growth of email address database

If you haven’t touched many email marketing milestones, it is a good indication that your email database is in dire need of growth. Eventually, every email list shrinks in due time as roles change. Many businesses endure losses of up to 30% annually, and it’s never too late to turn towards recent email list with updated records

Dilating triggered promotion opportunity

If you haven’t leveraged the potential of triggered email, it’s time to invest in automated marketing programs that will multiply the open rates from 14.5% to 28.7% and click through from 11.1% to 22.5 %. The triggered emails are revenue churner, and the ultimate success comes from the total emails opened by recipients.

The balance between cadence and frequency

Do you send emails once a week or when instructed? If you are sending fewer emails, the opportunities may leak away into competitor’s arena. However, sending excessive emails could displease your audience leading to spam reports and trashing of emails as soon as it lands in the mailbox.

An effective tactic is to utilize listening tools that keep tab on your email marketing metrics by measuring against the competition. The observed results could help augment various aspects by leveraging competitive intelligence.

The email distribution pattern should be actuated based on the segment. For instance, marketers must increase email distribution for loyal customers to avoid harsh response from those who aren’t welcome towards receiving multiple emails. Hence, cadence should be varied depending on the purchase history, loyalty of subscribers, and the rate of engagement

Revamping creativity

Is your email template awaiting a makeover? It’s time to fill the gap with doses of creativity. Since reviving interest takes a constant revamping of the email template, it would be beneficial to craft smart prototypes across triggered promotions. It marginally enhances the engagement rates.

Result analysis

If you are unable to see measurable results despite the attrition, turn towards analytics to understand how the efforts are being channeled. Open and click rates are just the fundamental indicators. However, the conversion data is required to make a high-quality marketing decision

The Testing Plans

Mass distribution of emails without testing is risky. Simple measures such as testing subject line can help determine any unseen flaws. However, significant performance boosts require more efforts. Testing emails at the beginning of the year will support the implementation of focused test before the commencement of the holiday season.

The facts mentioned above cover the surface aspects of email marketing in 2017. The Internet is aplenty with resources that delve into the core of internet marketing principles. If you like this article, remember, sharing is caring.

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