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Top Technology Companies in the World

Pandemic brought many businesses on edge. As the economy bled, the technology sector also felt the heat. But with the world accepting the new normal, it is rebounding vigorously. From a recent Forbes report, it is found that the need for the cybersecurity has increased significantly, as the majority of the workforce work remotely. The big tech companies would significantly benefit from the new norm model. An interesting fact about the top technology companies in the world is that their combined revenue is around $900 billion every year!!! Every year, there is a variance in the revenue of the top brands. 2020 is no exception; the revenue of these top technology companies, future plans and their brand value is discussed in this infographic.

Top Technology Companies in the World

The Valuable Tech Brands Of The Year 2020 Are:

  • Apple- Earned quarterly revenue of $ 59.7 billion
  • Microsoft- Earned quarterly revenue of $37.2 billion
  • Facebook- Earned quarterly revenue of $18.7 billion
  • Alphabet- Earned quarterly revenue of $38.3 billion
  • Amazon- Earned quarterly revenue of $88.9 billion

How Much These Tech Giants Earn Revenue In US?

  • Apple- 42%
  • Amazon- 69%
  • Alphabet- 46%
  • Microsoft- 51%
  • Facebook- 43%

How These Companies Make Billions?

  • Apple generates most of the revenue around 62.8% from iPhone
  • Amazon generates around 52.8% from the online store
  • Microsoft earns 25.7% of revenue from cloud services and office products (Microsoft 365)
  • Facebook earns 98.5% of revenue from ads
  • Alphabet earns 14.5% of revenue from Google Pixel phone and Google Play

Companies Reaped Profit Defying The COVID-19 Economic Crisis:

  • The tech giants generated a double-digit three-month growth with $33.9 billion in profit.
  • The combined Apple, Alphabet, Amazon & Facebook added $250 billion

Direct And Indirect Sources Of Revenue:

  • Apple- The end customers are the direct sources of revenue
  • Amazon- Customers are direct sources of revenue
  • Microsoft- Customers help earn revenue
  • Facebook- indirect source of revenue (advertising)
  • Alphabet- indirect source of revenue (advertising)

Future Plans For These Companies:

  • Amazon is putting money on logistics and transportation
  • Apple is planning to move out its production unit from China to India
  • Alphabet is planning to become also a transportation giant
  • Microsoft to look beyond Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Facebook plans to look into a more private social network & next computing platform


  • The tech giants are having a gala time with many optimistic about the future. They are making the best use of the opportunity during this pandemic.
  • The diversification plan to explore different sectors and innovate more products would make life easier for the customer. In the coming years, one should not be surprised if any of these technology companies in the world make into the list of the top transportation companies.
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