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Best Lead Generation Tools in Market

A well-designed website with the right marketing practices could fetch you the right leads.

Not true, in recent times!

Marketers are going out of the way to integrate new tools, technologies into their processes; they are even using these tools with other marketing solutions to capture high-quality leads.

If you are interested to know the top performing lead generation tools, then we have chalked a few of them.


It is a popular lead generation tool among marketers. The software is easy to use, has the best platform integration, and the right pricing model.


Image Courtesy: OptinMonster

With drag and drop, users can customize fonts, messages, images, and content. They can display personalized offers for customers.

Real-time examples:



Image Courtesy: OptinMonster

OptinMonster made it easy for Snack Nation with the content upgrades. Thereafter, it received 1200 leads every week.


Image Courtesy: OptinMonster

In the Woodside page, the pop-up shows up after 5 seconds. It delivered the desired results. Almost 3.57 % of visitors were converted. Woodside reached their lead projection by 62% in a month.

Type-Form Lead Generation Tool:

The tool is a mobile-friendly lead generation tool. You have different forms to capture leads, like evaluation forms, business forms, event registration forms, order forms.

Where can you insert these forms?

Into the landing pages, that are the best designed pages!!!

It gets the maximum attention here.

The more creative you are with the inclusion of forms, the more the leads and conversions. Even at the landing page, you have to find the best spot.


GetResponse has an outstanding feature- It is a right engagement tool for webinars.

You can send webinar reminders at regular intervals.


Image Courtesy: GetResponse

This lead generation tool ensures a smooth interaction with business professionals. You can thus build the right list.


Image Courtesy: WebinarSoftware

GetResponse even has the discussion mode, where one can discuss with around 10 attendees.


It is the email follow-up tool. Boomerang’s Gmail extension schedule emails for recipients.

The crucial feature of this tool is when the recipient does not reply within 2 days of sending an email, then you can again send the email to this recipient. The entire process helps you track every prospect.

Its nurturing feature builds the right rapport with the customer.


With the right automation and personalization, you can collaborate with the team.


Image Courtesy: Vocus

The enablement of the vocus.io, tracking, scheduling, following-up process accelerates the lead generation process. Vocus.io is also called as the full stack email outreach tool.

The tool significantly helps the small and medium-sized businesses and is already serving around 8000 SMBs across the world.

Twitter is one of the favorite media of Vocus to find the buying signals of prospects.


Image Courtesy: Vocus

Automated follow-ups keep you on the right track. This crucial feature of Vocus.io leverages your marketing approach.


This tool, powered by Salesforce, build the connections, generate the pipeline for closing more deals, and boost sales. The unique combination of Pardot and Salesforce eliminates the low-quality leads, drives marketing on the right path, and increases conversions.



Image Courtesy: Pardot

The marketing automation tool streamlines the process and improvises the marketing funnel.


It captures the essence of the sales, i.e., helps in sales prospecting, a trait some of the sales representatives lack to succeed in the long-run. The chrome extension eliminates the data entry task of the representatives.

What is sales prospecting?

It is the starting phase of the sales process. Here representatives have to identify the best prospect and add into the list of hot leads. In the next phase, they would contact them to convert them as customers.

The tool is the best to optimize the outbound strategy and attract the high-quality prospects. The tool accelerates the velocity of sales and helps achieve the target at the desired time.

The solution also has a dashboard where the manager can have an overall view of the process.

Let’s get-in depth how LeadIQ works:


Image Courtesy: Linkedin

Here it shows, the user is searching for the social media manager on LinkedIn.

By clicking the extension, the leads get deposited in the LeadIQ box. The next process follows by clicking the capture profile and the IQ sheet. One can find all the top leads in this Google sheet.


This tool also helps in the lead generation process. OutreachPlus create personalized emails for the overall automation process. The solution attracts only the classy prospects for the organization.

Getting a good number of leads that do not convert is not good!!

The scenario could escalate as a huge number of leads get wasted. OutreachPlus resolves this challenge by driving only the highly qualified leads.


It is one of the popular lead generation tools. The free widget pops up at the top of the website when any visitor lands up on the page. Often it greets the visitor. In the next step, it follows collecting vital information of the customers, in most cases, the email addresses or company URL addresses is stored. This information is considered as the rich data via which one can connect with the prospect.


Image Courtesy: ActiveCampaign

The example shows, the Hello Bar, that has the company name and email address fields to be filled.

This further builds up the right mailing list, where the quality information of the prospects is stored. ActiveCampaign received around 800 signups each month via this tool.

This is how a lead generation solution has to work!!!

Producing a good number of leads to achieve the business target is the dream of any marketer. The Hello Bar tool paves the right marketing path to achieve impressive results.


Qualaroo is also a good lead generation tool. It is even known as a customer research tool.

The reason why it is called a customer research tool as you can understand your potential customer via a set of questions in their survey. The survey also helps you communicate with the prospect the right way.

You can gain actionable user insights to target these prospects again, for converting them as customers. This tool is popular among users due to its simplicity.


Image Courtesy: Qualaroo

Voila Norbert:

With so many lead generation tools in the market, it is difficult to find the suitable one for the organization. Each of the lead generation tools has a specialty; for example, Voila helps verify the email address. One can search the prospects with the help of the CSV file. The company email address is a crucial information for any marketing and sales representative. Voila Norbert helps capture these email addresses easily.

The business email address enriches the data, thus driving the conversions for the organization. The solution also helps in the brand growth.

The tool ensures a 98% deliverability rate. You can also have 50 searches for free.



Image Courtesy: VoilaNorbert


As the name specifies, unbounce reduces the percentage of bounces on the landing pages.

Website bounces are loathed by marketers.

This lead generation tool helps create landing pages with the drag and drop landing page builder. It even has the A/B testing and the opt-in popups for making the process streamlined and effective.



Image Courtesy: Poptin

Poptin lead generation tool grabs the right leads and fuels your marketing campaign in the right direction. You can increase the engagement with the visitor, reduce the abandonment rate of the shopping cart, acquire more email subscribers, and generate the right sales.

The highlight of this tool, you do not need any coding skills.


USP is what differentiates every solution. The free version of SumoMe is a delight for the users, with the freedom to use any tool in the package. The plugin acquires leads from bars and generates the popups from the website. Features such as share buttons, and visualization technique of heatmaps enhance the lead generation process.

The components in the software, SumoMe list builder, SumoMe highlighter, welcome Mat, extract precious leads.

Design the best thanksgiving emails that are accurately designed for the mobiles.


Image Courtesy: SumoMe


The tool is quite popular among the majority of the marketers. It has the on-site polls, session replays, form analytics, and heat maps.

Along with this feature, hotjar has an effective customer experience analytics platform.

What is the customer experience analytics platform?

The process moves around studying, analyzing the customer’s behavior to plan the next action. Gathering business intelligence via surveys, feedback forms, analysis, are some of the other steps followed in this process. The right interpretation guides in capturing the leads from different pages.



Image Courtesy: HotJar

The example rightly shows one of the best ways to capture leads. The question, “How did you hear about our site?” is a nice attempt to gather necessary information of the prospect.

Lead Forensics:

Aren’t you interested to know the location of the visitor?

Lead Forensics has the technique to track visitors anywhere in the world. The IP address tracking process pulls out the location of the visitor and makes it easier for the entire process. Information such as date, time, is systematically recorded to further refer to. In the next stage, the sales representative takes over.

Marketers need a good number of leads with essential information, and Lead Forensics rightly facilitates organizations to achieve the target.


Image Courtesy: Lead Forensics


Prospect.io is a great tool for your sales pipeline. This automation platform, aka the lead generation tool, works well with Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive. For example, you want to find your potential customer, the chrome extension feature helps you do so.


Image Courtesy: Prospect io

The email lookup feature makes your way to the right lead generation path.

The tool even has the analytic feature to analyze the campaign and plan the daily tasks. The more you follow a systematic process, the more you will generate the right leads.


AeroLeads is the tracker tool to collect emails and build the list. Marketers can find accurate emails from credible sources as LinkedIn. The tool can also search the phone numbers, store in the lead management page. Unlike other tools, AeroLeads can verify the information of the prospect on a real-time basis.

You get appropriate information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Mobile number
  • Job title
  • Company name
  • LinkedIn URL

It can be easily integrated into small, mid-sized, and large enterprises.




Image Courtesy: Albacross

This tool is hugely popular among small and medium-sized enterprises.

Albacross can easily track all the visitors be it individual, or companies that landed on the website. It encompasses the data such as industry, revenue, contact details of all the website visitors. The crucial features of the Albacross are lead scoring, contact database, lead database integration, lead segmentation, lead capturing, prospecting tools, and lead nurturing.

The tool creates custom filters that filter out the companies based on different factors like industry, size, and many more.


Lusha is extensively used by marketers to acquire highly-qualified leads. You want the exact details from LinkedIn profiles, this solution is there for you.

It has the chrome extension to be used anytime. Large enterprises can use the Salesforce integration, contact API along with Lusha. More than 250,000 sales representatives are using Lusha to achieve their target. One can acknowledge the credibility of the tool, with a huge number of customers using it to reap the best results.


Image Courtesy: Lusha


Lead generation tools have become a craze.

With increasing competition, organizations need a good number of deals to sustain in the market.

No quality lead, means no real-time results. The above blog chalks out some of the best lead generation tools that can make your marketing process more effective and efficient. It also discusses some of the tools that can be customized as per the business requirements. With small businesses having the budget and time constraint, these tools are a boon for these organizations.

Zoom past your competitors by integrating the same in your process.

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