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Thanksgiving Emails: Best Practices & Templates

With the holiday season arriving, exhilaration is in the air!!!

Pandemic has not really dampened the spirit of a common man. They are optimistic about the future and want to make the best use of each day.

Humility and showing gratitude are what every person should have; Thanksgiving Day makes them aware of this.

Brands are realizing the importance of all holidays, and COVID-19 has made the world realize that Thanksgiving shouldn’t be celebrated just one day but every day.

This is an opportunity for marketers to outreach new customers and the existing ones with the best designed Thanksgiving email templates. They could try some innovative designs as well as take some fusion ideas to make their campaign successful.

But, there are some mandatory things that need to be considered for developing the best emails.

So, what are those?

  • A unique approach
  • Getting into the holiday mood
  • A fun way to connect with customers
  • Find the best time to send these templates

You can implement some of our best ideas in your campaign to see results. They are:

Thanksgiving Email That Converts:


Image Courtesy: HatchBuck

We all want an email that helps in conversions. Developing the right holiday marketing strategy could help you with the same.

Here you can see a Thanksgiving email by the brand, where a healthy turkey is giving the vibes of Thanksgiving Day. Along with that the brand mentioned of connecting with Facebook, Twitter and others. Once recipients land up on this platform, they could have more interaction with the brand leading to better customer relationships and conversions.

Innovative Graphics:


Image Courtesy: Penji

In this example, you can see the brand mentioned “How tempting,”” extra 30% off on final sale items,” All these are mentioned on food items making Thanksgiving Day special. These innovative graphics are stand out feature.

A Great Thanks:


Image Courtesy: FireDrum

You can give a sophisticated look to the Thanksgiving email template, with this design. The message we’re thankful for you. 25% off on all orders starting now is a good offer presented via this email template.

People love discounts, offer and this email rightly presents that.

Crafting Best Thanksgiving Subject Lines:

Subject lines are the best arsenal for the email marketing campaign. If you want to make an instant connection with recipients, develop the best subject line.

It could be as:

  • Acquire products 20% off on everything
  • Get an amazing 40% discount this Thanksgiving
  •  Get attractive products this day
  •  Avail gorgeous gifts this day
  •  20% off on all products

Having A Creative And Sweet Message:

Ensure your email is creative and sweet to hit the right chord with them. This Thanksgiving Day put all your imaginative skills to the test.


Image Courtesy: Chamaileon

Here you can see, the brand has developed one of the creative emails. The message “our thanks to you” with the offer, “Buy 1 get 1, 50% off” all looks irresistible and great to the customer.

Closed During Thanksgiving Day:

All the marketers should know the tactic to motivate recipients to purchase the product. This Thanksgiving, create templates that implant an urgency into the minds of the potential customer, and that too in a creative way.



Image Courtesy: Main Street ROI

In this email, you can see the message,” We will be closed this Thanksgiving Day.” It shows the brand cares about its employees. When you send these emails to recipients, it gives the feel that you are one of the trustworthy brands. It would make them purchase your product, feeling it would help increase revenue and in the process help employees working there.

Adding Plenty Of Food In The Email Design:

Thanksgiving is all about having a feast with friends and families. When you bring that ambiance in the email template, it brings the familiarity and excitement.

Merry-making on Thanksgiving Day is common, so bring a lot of food on the table.


Image Courtesy: Chamaileon

This example shows how brands can utilize the power of food!!!

Expedia, an American online travel company, used this tactic to attract its customers. The delicious meat, beans, grapes, and other citrus fruits are decorated to add up to the grandeur.

Reaching Out To Your Loyal Customers:

Your loyal customers are the sources of huge revenue. So, have a plan to interact in the right way with them.


Image Courtesy: Chamaileon

A Thanksgiving Email Disguised As Welcome Email:

While welcome emails are automatically sent to the recipients who sign up for the service, but you can send Thanksgiving email combined with the welcome email, to greet your new subscribers. This fresh idea of thanking the customers for signing up for the service wouldn’t look that too loud, as Thanksgiving is all about saying thanks to everything, and everyone for making the life beautiful and easy.



Image Courtesy: Chamaileon

Here the brand wished its new subscribers on Thanksgiving and later thanked them for using their services. It also mentioned giving them a gift and 25% off on the products.

Make Them Clear About Your Sale Offer:

In the quest to create a unique email template, most brands run out of ideas of what to include in the email template. Thus, creating a template that not only looks complex but also conveying the message in an incomprehensible way.

As a marketer, you should avoid such scenarios, make your email easy to understand in the first look itself.

Using Bright Colors:

As Thanksgiving conveys the message of being optimistic and having the perseverance, one should use the bright colors while designing any Thanksgiving email. This would surely give you the unique advantage of getting into the hearts and minds of your customers.


Image Courtesy: Mail Designer 365

These are the bright autumn colors that align with the theme of Thanksgiving Day. Urban Outfitters made the right usage of colors to wish the festival, and its new way hit the right chord with the customers.

As you can see here, it didn’t use much images but only some words, colors, fonts, and a clear message.

Having Emails That Are Optimized For Mobiles:

Having content optimized for mobiles is a necessary practice. You just can’t design any email content and wish recipients to view it. If the content is not rightly designed for mobiles, they would surely overlook it.

So, don’t put yourself in such a scenario.

Design the best thanksgiving emails that are accurately designed for the mobiles.


Image Courtesy: Chamaileon

The example here shows of the email content that looks perfect on both desktop and mobiles.

Personalized Thanksgiving Email:

A personalized Thanksgiving email could make a huge difference. While Thanksgiving shows the human side of your brand, a personalized one makes it more connecting and effective.



Image Courtesy: Robly

Here you can see the brand, using the right colors and content familiar to its users. This way the customers would be attached to the brand as they get the familiar feeling.

The Art Of Giving Back:

Giving back to the society makes this day special. When you have gratitude towards the society you live in, it calms your soul. You get the feeling of fulfilment.

Design email templates that make your brand an empathetic one.


Image Courtesy: Robly

Rejoicing The Holiday Spirit:

Send emails that emphasize the holiday spirit including Thanksgiving. It would put your brand on the top of the minds of customers.


Image Courtesy: MailJet

In this email, the message “today we share a table,” brings an inclusive feeling where the humanity could come together to share their food and have a great conversation.


Gifs used in the Thanksgiving email template adds the right touch to connect with the customer. This modern and fresh approach is the attention grabber for the potential customer.


Image Courtesy: Nordstrom Thanksgiving

Here in this image, you can see the email template with the help of a gif image creates the perfect ambiance, to have a strong impact on the customer’s mind.

The message, “stop by tomorrow to see our festive new trim,” is the motivational line for the recipients. It succeeds in hooking the customer by conveying the message to wait for their upcoming products and services. Also, the message from our family to yours aims to bring the recipient closer and make them a part of the bigger family- the brand.

The process really helps, as the message connects with the customers at the right time. It triggers them to take the best action, a win-win scenario for both marketer and recipient.


Thanksgiving Day is all about showing gratitude to the good things in your life.

Marketers across the world see this as an opportunity to connect with their customers with the theme of being grateful. They also scramble for the perfect idea aligned with their business goal and service. While some would work, others wouldn’t. You should trust your instinct and come up with a creative plan for the campaign.

The blog presents you with some magnificent examples to incorporate in your campaign for the right promotion of your service.

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