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How Profitable Is Direct Marketing?

How Profitable Is Direct Marketing?


Did you know 92% marketing communication incorporates Direct Mail?

  • 48% recipients responded to the direct mails in 2016.
  • 48% more saved the mail for a future intent
  • 57% recipients felt delighted upon receiving the direct mail because they felt valued.
  • 73% customers favored direct mail over other channels while receiving marketing advertisements.

Compared to campaigns without the use of mail, brands that incorporated direct mails during ad campaigns reported 27% increase in sales performance and up to 40% increase in acquisition ratings.

Every dollar invested in direct mail yielded a staggering $12.57 through successful completion of the sale.

Mobile gadgets have further bumped the open rates by 43%

  • As email marketing continues to become the bread and butter of campaigns, they generate returns up to $44 for every dollar spent.
  • 57% purchase decisions are based on direct mail promotions.

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