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Failed Email Strategy

Want To Know Why Your Email Strategy Not Working

Most of the recipients nowadays are using automated spam filters in their emails to filter out the irrelevant emails into their spam folder. This has dramatically reduced the deliverability and readability of the marketing emails.

Do not worry as the B2B email marketing campaign is not dead!!!!!

It is still alive and kicking with better promotion strategies. The main reason for an ineffective email marketing campaign is that marketers are not able to chalk out a robust strategy. It may sound harsh but is the ugly truth of a failed strategy.

If you want to improve your email marketing results then you have to first understand the issues:

1. Clueless About The Preference Of Target Audience:

This is the biggest sin a marketer can commit if he does not know the taste of his target audience. Customer preferences are changing rapidly with technological and social changes. In such a scenario, a marketer should understand the demographics, psychographic characteristics, needs and preferences of their customers. While the needs, preferences, demographics can easily be analyzed by observing the pattern of customer purchase and behavior; psychographic characteristics need special intuitive understanding for predicting the customer’s future purchase. This helps in preparing a fool-proof strategy of connecting with the customer.

2. “Out Of Sight” Leads To “Out Of Mind”:

Sending too few mails is an equal sin as sending too many mails. It is necessary to maintain healthy communication with your customer to build a long-term relationship, for that there should be logical planning to connect with your customer on a timely basis.

3. Missing Personalization:

We all are unique, so are our likes, dislikes, etc. If you are not creating emails which are distinct from each other, then there are higher chances that your emails will lose its credibility to its target customers. You should develop and design emails which are visually appealing and at the same time able to connect with the customer by aligning with their likes and interests.

The effective solution is dividing the target market into various segments and disseminating specific messages to customers. This stimulates the required trigger into the minds of the customer for making a specific purchase.

4. Bad Email Design:

Customers nowadays are preoccupied with a lot of priorities thus making them less patient to spare time for an unattractive email. So the best option, in this case, is to create a good email design which can hold the attention of the recipient. This will motivate the target customer to read the email.

Marketers should have attractive email templates to appeal their target prospects. Logo, call to action buttons, colors have to be well synchronized, and with that, the body of the email should have the message conveyed clearly to its potential customer.

5. Unattractive Subject Line:

The subject line which is not attractive does not appeal to the recipient. It must convey the message clearly and should be alluring enough to catch the attention of the recipient. An intriguing and exciting subject line compels the reader to open the email.

6. Irrelevancy:

Most of the recipients consider emails in their inbox as irrelevant messages. This is due to the reason of not serving the purpose of customers. Marketers should address the needs of customers, individually thus fulfilling and meeting their expectations. It can improve the subscribe rate, open rate, click rate, response rate, and a better conversion rate.

7. Obsolete Database:

The obsolete database weeds out your golden opportunity for attracting potential customers. It is necessary that marketers should acquire the right database to reach the customer on a timely basis. If there is an existing database, then it has to be maintained and updated to equip the sales team with reliable data.

Final Thoughts:

Executing an effective email campaign is an art which needs proper planning and dedicated implementation. You should test different templates on users to observe their reaction on the design change, content, subject line, etc. This process can help in better understanding and identifying the templates best suited for your marketing needs, finally making your email campaign a successful one.

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