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Cyber Monday Emails: Best Practices & Templates

Soon after Black Friday, Cyber Monday will arrive with a bang. You have to be extra smart and woo your customers to purchase the high-end deals on this day. For many years, some of the marketers were following the tactic of clubbing both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales email together, which is not the right way to do!!!

Both Cyber Monday and Black Friday are marked to kick off the big holiday shopping season with greater discounts, but Cyber Monday came to be known as the Amazon’s biggest shopping day of the year in 2018.

So, as you can see, it was just the last year.

This year, you have to make a different strategy for Cyber Monday and generate more sales. So, buckle up to enjoy this incredible journey!!!

Better email marketing tactics with well-designed templates, is a strategic approach for generating the high revenue for your organization. Find out some of the best Cyber Monday email templates that can help you achieve the same:

1. Scarcity Email:


Image Courtesy: ActiveCampaign

As you can see, extra urgency has been created through this template. The email template mentions “ends midnight tonight.” Most of the time, it has been seen that when the scarcity message is promoted, then customers get the message that the product is of high-quality, which has to be acquired by them at the earliest. The countdown timer at the top was a catalyst, leading to a 147% increase in conversions.

2. Surprise Email:

Take another example of a Cyber Monday email template:


Image Courtesy: omnisend

This email template keeps the audience interested with an intriguing message,”Shhhh…..This won’t be the only surprise today……” The image is also attractive, promoting a discount message “25% off the whole collection.” An admixture of the right image, message and creative idea is the way to go, as you can see via this template.

3. Creating Curiosity:

When you entice your reader by arousing the right curiosity level, then they will be automatically attracted to your brand.

As you can see in this template that with a minimal design, the email focuses on promoting the offer. The email also uses a light background color with the right assortment of the items in the sale. It does not display any extra information but has a direct offer code and CTA. The template also guides the shoppers to the store so that they can purchase the product of their choice. It is direct without any distractions.

4. Using Some Special Effects:

A combination of special effects and a simple text can make up the best Cyber Monday sales email template. Innovative typography with attractive colors can make the email look more appealing.

5. Bring It On-

The Colors: Using some bright colors for the Cyber Monday email template can energize your customer in a different way. As, most of the marketers use darker colors for their Black Friday theme, a few different colors can make the Cyber Monday email marketing a creative one. This will also make your brand stand out from the rest of your competitors.

Check out the below email template which is an example of effective and creative email design:

Image Courtesy: Campaign Monitor

6. Let Your Creativity Run Into The Woods:

You should let your creativity run into the woods. As a marketer, you would have heard this many times. In a competitive world, only the ideas and strategies which stand out and could make the connection with the right customer are the ones that can help you achieve the business targets.

You can see the below example where the marketer has cleverly used the sleep lingo Zzzzzzzz in this Casper “the gift of sleep” template.


Image Courtesy: mailbakery

7. Funny And Engaging Email Template:

A humorous email template can contribute in a big way for the success of an email campaign.


Image Courtesy: ungapped

The majority of the audience connects with humorous content easily than the serious ones. It also helps in hitting the right chord with the customer motivating them for CTA.

8. Mentioning The Discount With Code:

When you mention the discount with the code to use, customers feel they are privileged enough to use that code and avail the right product. In the below email template, you can see the message “30% off on everything” with the code to be used.


Image Courtesy: ungapped

9. Using Symbols In The Email Subject Line And Having All Information:

Here you can see the email where Adorama has used symbols in their subject line:


Image Courtesy: Litmus

The organization has used the combination of all the information, images, with the relevant message to make their email stand out from the rest of the competitors:


Image Courtesy: Litmus

The animated GIFs also stands out in the email as it looks attractive.

10. Motivating The Subscriber To Scroll Down The Email:

The below email template does not have the button; instead, the subscriber has to scroll down to read the email completely. While you might think that the majority of the audience would not do this, but Taco Bell used the dotted arrow, motivating the viewer for scrolling down and checking the offer.


Image Courtesy: TABELLARIUS

11. Using A Neon Sign Light Email Template:

One can use the power of motion in the below email template. The brand used the GIF animation for recreating the right effect of the sign light of neon, which looked attractive.

As mentioned before, a creative and imaginative email template helps you to stand out and hold the right attention of the audience.


Image Courtesy: TABELLARIUS

12. Making The Email Template Exclusive:


Image Courtesy: BEEFREE

Creating a sense of exclusivity around the product, by offering the Cyber Monday code, and the early access for the exclusive perk encourages the customers for taking quick decisions. Gap created that sense of urgency by sending early morning Cyber Monday code.

13. An Inspiring Design:

An inspiring design is one of the main reasons why a specific email template might work. An unbelievable or inspiring visual makes the reader feel that they are about to get some good offers, discounts, etc. It further instills an urge to check the details of the product and later purchase it.


Image Courtesy: BEEFREE

14. Checking Customer’s Brand Knowledge:

Your loyal customer should have enough brand knowledge about your product or service. The below email template is a perfect example of how you can combine a concise copy of playing on the customer’s brand knowledge. It does not provide complete information about all the products; instead motivates the readers to visit the website to gain much information on all the range of products.


Image Courtesy: Mailigen


In recent years, Cyber Monday has metamorphosed into Cyber Week, where shoppers continue shopping the whole week to avail products at lower prices. It has become even more popular than Black Friday as people love shopping online at the comfort of their home than being frenzied by the massive number of shoppers at the store.

So, when you have the right Cyber Monday email template, it makes your task simpler in getting the attention of the best potential customer and reaching the business targets. Our blog helps you out with all the possible Cyber Monday email templates that you can check and then implement the same in your campaign as per your requirements.

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