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Best Video Marketing Strategies To Follow

Video content is one of the versatile and engaging content. It imparts the detailed information of a product or service to the visitor in a brief way. Most of them love the content as it is straight-forward and they can grasp the complete complex information easily within a few minutes.

97% of marketers say the video has facilitated a better understanding of product or service among the users, as per the HubSpot report.

Video content is most likely to be shared in social media thus making it one of the popular content marketing strategies in recent years. Video marketing on landing pages boosts the conversion rates by up to 80%.

So, now you know why marketers have included this as a MUST-HAVE strategy in their plan to target the potential customer.

You can use some of the best following video marketing strategies which will give you the best conversion ratio:

1. 360 Degree Or VR Videos:

The latest one in video making process are the virtual reality (VR) videos, where the content can be visualized from all the angles. It’s a new way of creating hi-tech videos where viewers can scroll around to get a better feel and visualizing experience of the content. They can get a real-time presence feel of that place or event. The following video of Adidas to promote their outdoor Terex collection is one of the best examples of VR videos.

2. Demo Videos:

Demo videos showcases the process of using the product or implementing a service. Unlike a written format or guide book which renders the instructions to be followed, the video content seems more like an engaging content. It makes the user feel that the instructor understands their concern and limitations which they face while implementing it in real-time.

3. Animated Videos:

There are many unconventional services served to the customers around the world, for example, cleaning service or any office work by robots. The animated videos make up a great marketing tool to project the abstract content to an extensive audience.

Deloitte, a US audit, consulting, advisory and tax service organization created an animated video where the robotic automation process is presented in a unique way.

4. Brand Videos:

One of the undeniable effective marketing strategies includes branding of a product. Video content here acts briskly in imparting the right information to the right prospect. These videos fulfill every company’s high-level mission of marketing their products or services.

The brand videos which are created as a part of the visionary advertising campaign maintains a rapport and ever-lasting relationship with the customers. It builds awareness about the product and attracts an even larger target audience.

5. Event Videos:

Most of the well-established companies conduct events, seminars to promote their services and to better understand their customers. It has been found, that almost 67% of viewers might be interested in attending the event after watching a similar video on the internet.

6. Irrelevancy:

Most of the recipients consider emails in their inbox as irrelevant messages. This is due to the reason of not serving the purpose of customers. Marketers should address the needs of customers, individually thus fulfilling and meeting their expectations. It can improve the subscribe rate, open rate, click rate, response rate, and a better conversion rate.

It all depends on you to choose the platform where you think to find the presence of most of your targeted customers.

Some of the popular platforms are Facebook Live, YouTube Live.

Facebook live gives you the access to broadcast the live video content to your loyal followers. Some of the instructions while redirecting your follower to the live video is to check the wifi signal, as if it is weak then the quality of your video will also be messy. So, be sure to never go live until you have a strong signal. You can also create an expectation urge in the viewer by putting some crowd-pulling content in the description space before making it live.

YouTube Live makes your content live via mobile phone or desktop. There are the three available options which you can choose from such as Stream now in which you send the content and YouTube automatically starts and stops the stream for you, at a convenient time. Events provide more control of your LiveStream. You will have the backup of redundancy streams and can start and stop it as per your convenience. You can use the mobile stream if you have 100+ subscribers.

You can use these platforms as per your business requirements like for conference, fundraising, interviews, presentations, etc.

7. Explainer Videos:

These videos are more of a story-telling video. It takes the customer to a journey explaining why he needs a particular product or service. It addresses the customer’s pain point with a solution provided by your company.

8. Educational Videos:

Educational videos are more of lengthy videos in which each and every information about the product or service is explained. The consumer gets the strong foundational knowledge for better understanding of the business and solutions.

9. Testimonial Videos:

In the testimonial videos you have to upload your loyal customer’s review. They are the real brand ambassadors of your product. The feedback which they give in these videos wins the confidence of your potential customers. They can clearly explain from the beginning how they faced the challenges and after using your product it got resolved.

Creating videos is one of the creative and tedious tasks for any marketer. They have to consider all the factors such as drafting precise content easily understandable by the viewer. It should have the brief information of all the services or product so that viewer can get a complete understanding.

The Challenging Part Of This Creation Process Are:

1. To Understand Your Target Customer: What is the thought process of your target customers? What is their trigger point of purchase? How to motivate them? If you are able to think by getting into their shoes and guide them with the solutions aligned with your services, then you will be able to win their trust and in future, they might become your loyal customer.

2. Your Goals: Videos for different goals have to be different. For example, to increase brand awareness the video have to highlight the USP of the product, the product differentiation feature makes it unique and different from other products. If the product is getting launched then the date of launch and it’s all features can be highlighted. If the motto is to sell more tickets for an event then the video can highlight the entertainment or knowledge part the customer might miss if they do not attend the event.

If you understand what you want your potential customers to do after they watch your promotional video, half of the battle is won.

3. Launching Platform of The Video: This one is very important as depending upon where the video will be launched, the content has to be designed. YouTube content has a different target customer than the Facebook video content. As per these platform, you have to repurpose the video content.

4. Creative Requirements: Based on the budget, timeline, skills, resources the video content has to be designed. As you already know there are different videos which can be designed to attract more visitors, one has to consider all the restraints for video designing to avoid crossing the budget line.

5. Consider All Success Factors: You have to consider all the key success factors or indicators for measuring and analyzing the video to get a better understanding of your video marketing campaign.

Wrap Up:

Video content has been acting in a compelling way to engage the potential customers. 51.9% of marketers around the world have rated the video content to be the best content for generating ROI. With so much potential in video marketing, you should follow the best tactics and guides to create a unique video which outshines others.

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