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11 Tips for Best Non Profit Email Campaigns

As per a statistical report by National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations, registered in US.

Non-profit organizations are the organizations dedicated to a social cause. It helps to resolve the issues faced by ordinary citizens and the whole world. With growing global challenges, such as pandemic, food shortage, pollution, among others these non-profit organizations act as a savior and provide the necessary solutions.

Email campaigns have been one of the effective tools for these organizations for reaching out to the right donor. Below are some proven tactics for the non-profit email campaigns:

Raising The Fund In A Creative Way:

Raising funds for a social cause also needs the right creative approach. It should not be loud but convey the message in a precise and professional way. One of the creative examples you can find below:

Fund Raising EmailImage Courtesy: CauseVox.com

Offering Gifts:

Offering gifts could help you raise the right fund needed for the social cause. There are many non-profit organizations that have done it before. In the below example, you can find one of these:

american red cross fund raising email

Image Courtesy: CampaignMonitor.com

Here you can see, the American Red Cross has implemented the idea of offering gifts with high professionalism.

Telling A Story That Makes The Right Impact:

Story telling has become a common practice among the marketers, and in a non-profit email campaign, you have to ignite the right emotion among the audience.

Tell the story in a simple language. You can give the examples of some donors who contributed in a huge way for your fundraising. Most of us respond to a well-crafted story, so take some time to analyze how to convey a story to your audience. When you show the audience the good results of previous contributions, it can motivate them to donate in a significant way. Always remember to use the right visuals in your email campaign.

Sending Emails At Regular Intervals:

Send emails at regular intervals with educational content really helps. Newsletters mostly offer informative content. So, make a strategy to send regular newsletters about the success of your organization and the ways it handled the challenges.

You can include the case studies, news articles, events, landing pages that can raise funds.

A Powerful Subject Line:

A powerful subject line is the way to go!!!

You should never overlook the impact of a subject line in an email campaign.

A subject line is an ice-breaker between you and your prospect, so make it impactful with the right content. Check out the below example:

urgency emailsImage Courtesy: DonorBox.org

Here, you can see how they have tried to attract the readers with the line “2 days left to help families…”

It increases the importance of email and instills an urgency among readers.

A Well-Crafted Welcome Email:

A welcome email helps to engage the audience. It binds the prospect the right way and increases the trust on your organization.

You can develop the best emails that welcome every subscriber when he signs up for your service. In this, you can tell the mission and vision of your organization, with other content. The updated content can be sent at planned intervals.

This would make your subscribers trust your organization more.

The Right CTA:

Creating the right CTA is one of the best strategies in an email campaign. It is also not different for a non-profit organization.

A single but effective CTA could be your biggest strength in the campaign!!!

Place it in the right place so that the reader does not miss it out. It should convey the immediate next step that the reader has to take. Make it clear and simple so that they know about the genuineness of your message. It would make your effort more effective at the same time.

Confusing your reader would lead your campaign nowhere.

Draft A Memorable Email Content:

Non-profit organizations are known for charity, and other development causes. So, in this case, you have to create content that makes your email different from others. You have to ignite the compassionate feeling among your readers. The approach would automatically make the reader to take the right CTA.

Making The Process Easy:

Always make the process easy and effective. Only effective content, and the right CTA would not make your email campaign successful. You have to see the donor does not face any challenge while making the donations. If the process would be complex, then there are high chances that the donor would leave it halfway, leading your campaign unsuccessful.

Optimizing With The A/B Testing:

You have to keep checking how one email performs over others. For example, keep experimenting with different subject lines, such as “ Your donation can make a huge difference,” ”Your help can make the world better,” “Help us reach the humanitarian goal,” etc.

Testing it with other variables such as different images, CTA, donation pages, can all show up interesting results.

Emails With Surveys:

Emails with surveys is a powerful combination. It improves the credibility of your organization. A rightly designed survey helps you to understand how many people are supporting your mission and are willing to help in the future.

With this, you can gather relevant information about your supporters and later develop more effective emails for them. You must know that when you have the right information about your prospects, then it becomes easier to achieve your goal. It makes you to craft more motivating emails for people who have higher chances of contributing.


Emails are one of the best modes to reach out to the prospects. Non-profit organizations can use this mode the best way by developing emails that hit the right chord with their recipients. As the world faces various economic, social challenges, these non-profit organizations can contribute their best only if they find the right donor. A right email campaign can help these organizations in this approach and help them reach their mission with ease.

The above blog discusses the same, where you need to convince the customer to take the survey for their benefits.

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