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Proven order confirmation emails

Proven Order Confirmation Emails: Best Practices & Templates

So, when do you receive an order confirmation e-mail?

Obviously, when you order a product from a specific brand!!!

As a marketer, you are aware these e-mails are highly responsible to have an effective communication with the customer. These e-mails remove the confusion from the minds of the customer, such as whether the entire process is completed or not, when are they going to receive the product, etc.

Every brand needs to have an effective strategy to develop some of the best order confirmation e-mails, as these templates help provide the right information to the customer.

A successful order confirmation e-mail has:
• Thank You message
• Delivery Date
• Product details
• Order tracking facility
• Providing additional information

Crucial Facts About Order Confirmation E-Mail:

The order confirmation e-mail sent to customers has an open rate of around 70%.

Recipients check these e-mails as they are curious to know about the details of their order. Most of these recipients, around 64% of them consider order confirmation e-mails as the most crucial e-mails.

Acknowledge when the customer feels comfortable with your brand, they would be loyal to your brand. As customer lifetime value is also now most talked about subject, marketers should never lose any opportunity to have the right communication and retain the existing customer. Almost all e-commerce organizations have this feature to make the process more effective.

Some of the best examples of order confirmation e-mail templates are discussed in this blog.

Complete Information In The E-Mail:

Order confirmation noteImage Courtesy: Automizy

Here complete details of the order are mentioned, such as the number of products purchased, the price of the product, total purchase value, etc. The order no. is also mentioned in order to track and resolve the challenge in case.

Telling Customers What To Expect:

Almost all customers expect good service from the company, and when you provide your customer with some extra benefits, they start feeling the connection with your brand.

In a well-designed order confirmation e-mail, inform your customers how can they track the status of their order and have complete information on the whereabouts of the product.

Bestseller order confirmation emailImage Courtesy: SleekNote

In this e-mail, you can check the marketer has included the essential information that would make the recipient comfortable and know what to do next after the placement of the order.

Recommended Complementary Products In The E-Mail:

As a marketer, you should know the tactic of impressing customers with a complementary product. When they get something extra, it delights them and makes them come back to the brand. You need not provide them for free, instead mention that the product they purchased is often purchased along with other products. This way, you can cross-sell more products.

Amazon cross sell emailImage Courtesy: SleekNote

Here you can see the brand has mentioned, “frequently bought together with…”

Adding Fun And Engagement Element To E-Mail:

You need not make your order confirmation e-mail boring and monotonous. Keep the customer engaged, with the right content. Tell them you understand how eagerly they would be waiting for the product; this would bring you closer to the customer. Breaking the ice, is what is needed in any conversation, and when the customer could relate to your brand, it would increase the engagement level.

As we know, the rise in engagement level is directly proportional to customer retention and acquisition.

solestruck confirmation email

Image Courtesy: XCart

Just as you can see in the example, it mentions ‘we know…. you are excited,” it shows the human side of the e-mail, with the help of this e-mail, marketer strikes the right chord with the customer.

Do not send robotic messages to the customer; nobody likes e-mail that is developed with no emotions. Keep it simple and targeted to connect with the customer.

E-Mails To Motivate Customers:

The order confirmation e-mails need not only be to providing information but also motivating the customer to take action.

Order Confirmation emails cinetechImage Courtesy: XCart

As you can see in the e-mail, the marketer is motivating the recipient to display the love for CINETECH. This helps bring the customer and marketer on the same page.

Hooking Them Up With These E-Mails:

There are various ways via which you can make your order confirmation e-mail more useful and effective rather than just disseminating the information through it. It can be used as your next marketing tactic to convert as many prospects.

Beardbrand referral emailImage Courtesy: SleekNote

The e-mails ask customers to refer the product to friends and relatives. It states that ‘you made the smart decision and further to execute smarter actions by referring the product to others.’ It subtly states when you like the product, then your friends would also like it. So, refer the product to friends for the benefit of all.

A Link For Tracking Order Via Brand:

Yes, some of the brands go one step further to make the life easier for their customer.

They provide links via which the customer can track the order.

order confirmation email parabo press

Image Courtesy: XCart

Almost everyone would love this feature!!!

In this example, you can see the brand ‘Parabo,’ has provided the link where the recipient can track order status with ease. Customers would be happy with this feature and think the brand is ensuring the safe delivery of the product. The brand even adds the excitement element into the e-mail with the lines, ‘Hip Hip Hooray,’ that gives a sense of achievement.

E-Mails With Many Benefits:

Asos order confirmation email.png

Image Courtesy: OmniSend

How about having an e-mail that offers various benefits to the customers?

In the above e-mail, you can see the option where the brand gives a chance to the customer for cancelling the order.

Many times, customers feel that they do not need the product after ordering it. In such cases, when you provide this option, it improves the relationship with the customer.

Very few businesses, have the guts to include this option in the order confirmation e-mail. The brand ‘Asos’ went the extra mile to have an ever-lasting and strong relationship with the customer.

Attractive Order Confirmation E-Mail:

Make your e-mail as attractive as possible. There is no such rule that one cannot make the order confirmation e-mail enticing enough to make the customer check beyond the usual information. The e-mails can be informative, attractive, and professional to get the attention of the recipient. The customer might search for more information about the brand, if the order confirmation e-mail also acts as a promotional e-mail.

Example EmailImage Courtesy: SmartrMail

As you see in this e-mail, it has been precisely designed by the marketer to have the instant attention of the recipient. The e-mails have the perfect images with the order number for the recipient to refer to. Many recipients are attracted to the high-quality images, so the marketer should design the e-mail keeping these customers in mind.

Having The Courage To Use Animation:

Using animation in the order-confirmation e-mails is not that common. So, brands could stand out by designing e-mails with animated images.

Good designed order confirmation email with a gifImage Courtesy: SmartrMail

This makes the e-mail interesting to hold the attention of the customer. Here in the image, the delivery van going on the roads is an exciting concept, showing the order is on the way and would be delivered to the recipient on time.

You should know there is no specific strategy of how to design the order confirmation e-mail. As a marketer, you can use the trial and error method to check which of the tactics works best for your business and helps you get the right results in the long-run.

The Order Confirmation E-Mail With Thanks:

Thanking customers after the confirmation of the order is a simple courtesy but it can be made creative with the best design and content in the e-mail sent to the customers.

Order Confirmation Email Moo

Image Courtesy: Customer.io

The e-mail has all the essential elements such as personalization by addressing the customer by name, the order number, destination, along with the well-designed content.


The order confirmation e-mail is a necessity to maintain the right relationship with the customer. With the right crafting and developing the content, you can win the heart of your prospect who would become your loyal customer.

As shown in the above blog, you don’t need to make your confirmation e-mails boring and outdated, make it lively so that recipients would be hooked to it.

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