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How to Find Email Address of HR Manager

How To Find The Email Address Of The HR Manager

Identifying a potential marketing opportunity along with the contacts of the managers in charge is not an easy job. Marketing to HR managers creates the groundwork for generating sales.

In addition, HR is not merely a department distributing salaries anymore. These individuals define the employer brand related to an organization. On top of being the fastest-growing profession, the ever-present role of HR managers enhance their importance in a business. Whether businesses aim to expand their network or initiate an email marketing campaign connecting with these professionals is crucial.

For businesses struggling with how to find the email address of HR managers, here are the most useful methods to acquire the correct details.

1. Customize Google Search With Keywords


Customize Google Search Keywords

Source: hunter.io

One of the most common and primary methods of accessing HR managers’ email addresses should be a Google search. Even though this method requires investing a significant share of time and effort, it lays the best foundation for conducting an email address search. Businesses can incorporate keyword research. Keep in mind to use the exact position of the professional along with the potential companies they might be placed in.

For instance, use search queries like “HR managers in New York at Microsoft.” Another string of Google search queries on how to find the email address of the HR manager can look like this:

  • HR_name+ email/email address
  • HR_name+ email/email address
  • site:companywebsite.com +HR_name+ email
  • site:companywebsite.com + HR_name+ contact

2. Utilize Professional Platforms Like LinkedIn


utilize professional platforms like linkedIn

Source: teckers.com

Currently, there are more than 57 million businesses listed on LinkedIn. In addition, there are 830 million users on the platform, which makes it a potent tool for HR managers’ search.

Businesses can start hunting for HR manager leads by segregating their searches based on the company, location and other preferences. LinkedIn allows further ease of lead search with a Premium account and add-on tools.

Other than this, you can conduct the search on LinkedIn through Google. You’ll have to enter a defined search query to do the same.

Go to Google and type site: linkedin.com/in intitle: HR manager intext:Country_name

You can alter the title and location depending on the position and location of the required lead. The different keywords which need to be used in different variations to maximize the output are:

  • HR Manager
  • HR Partner
  • Chief People Officer
  • HR President
  • Human Resource Director
  • VP HR

3. Employ Email Finder Tools


Source: snov.io

Finding email addresses manually is time-consuming and requires consistent effort. Businesses can utilize email finder tools such as:

  • Datanyze Insider
  • ContactOut
  • Hunter
  • Discover
  • Anymail Finder

Most of these tools offer lead generation up to a few contacts only in their free plans. If you’re looking for less than five email addresses of HR managers, using the free version will be the best choice. However, for acquiring hundreds of email addresses, it’s not viable to scout from one tool to another as soon as the maximum limit is reached.

These tools search contact based on their company. Using these tools, businesses can find contacts for marketing instantly. Businesses can connect with leading executives like CEOs too, using these tools. However, since the database navigation relies on the domain company, it’s difficult to search for an email address of a specific person.

4. Consider B2B Database Providers


consider b2b database providers

Source: valuedata.in

From figuring out the email patterns to verifying through different platforms, manually executing the process can be time-consuming. Businesses can take help from a B2B database provider .

Acquiring email addresses from such providers can aid in saving efforts that businesses can channel into their core activities. The trained staff offers expert skills to extract information from multiple sources to create these email lists.

In addition, these email lists are curated by obtaining data from authentic sources to ensure high quality and deliverability across all marketing strategies.

5. Access HR Email Addresses Through Job Portals


access hr email addresses through job portals

Source: linkedin.com/pulse

HR managers post queries on different portals to acquire prospects for various positions inside their respective companies. Businesses can outreach to these managers through their email addresses available in every job advertisement on diverse portals.

Since the openings are posted by the managers only, the authenticity of such email addresses is high. You can look for HR managers’ email addresses on platforms such as:

  • Monster.com
  • CareerJet
  • Indeed Worldwide
  • Jooble
  • Go Abroad

How To Collect And Maximize The Return With An Email Address Search?

Looking for email addresses of coveted HR managers requires perseverance and multiple approaches. To ensure that businesses extract all the relevant details required for their strategies, keeping a few essentials in mind is important.

Try Variations

The role of an HR manager carries a multitude of responsibilities in all companies. Not all business will name their human resource manager as it is. That’s why individuals need to keep trying different variations of the position to gather maximum information.

For instance, an HR manager can also be titled Chief Human Capital Manager.

In addition, you must also try variations in the entered email addresses using first name, last name and domain.

Compile Into A Sheet

As soon as one stumbles upon the relevant information, creating a database for the same is mandatory. Doing so will enable businesses to keep a watch on the number of contacts acquired as well as ensure future verifications of the same.

In A Nutshell

Hiring and HR managers are the vital link between the workforce and businesses. They’re essential for establishing a culture that creates a revolutionary brand. They’re also important as the first contact to ensure easy marketing of human-resource or management-centric products.

Businesses spend hours and critical resources identifying the best method for how to find the email address of HR managers. If done correctly, these techniques can solve any venture easily with prompt access to qualified and influential leads.

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