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Email Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales This 4th of July

Independence Day is just around the corner and will be celebrated with much fanfare across the nation. It is the most anticipated holiday for the public as well as the marketers. Marketers witnessed a huge shoot up in sales during this time the last year, motivating them to implement more revenue oriented strategy this year also. There are different marketing ideas which can put the spotlight on your brand’s services and products, find out some of the best ones below:

1. Running A Contest:

This idea never fails!!!! We all like entertainment. In this strategy, we can run a contest where the participants can mail different ideas of celebrating the holiday uniquely. They can send the funny and patriotic photos they ever made, for participating in the contest. The winner might win a prize or a holiday package to a beautiful location!!! This trick has huge chances of getting viral as many of the participants would like to showcase their photography skills and entertaining holiday ideas. Below is an example of how a contest can be promoted:


Some of the other innovative contest ideas can be:

  • A themed contest where patriotic flags and clothes can be given
  • A referral contest to give away the family photo shoot
  • Sweepstake to give tickets for a baseball game
  • A contest to give away barbecue
  • A photo contest for baseball team sponsorship

2. Special Discount For The Day:

As the day marks a big holiday, companies can offer a discount to attract more customers. They can provide this information via an email marketing campaign.


Most of the customers might opt for this purchase as they have the spare time from their busy schedule, and will surely be interested in availing a good discount from this purchase. The campaign can be promoted via email marketing by sending well-planned and frequent mails to the customer for reminding them.

3. New Ways Of Giving Coupons:

Coupons are an easy way to attract customers. We are used to in getting free coupons and other gifts on special occasions, so when it comes our way we don’t care for it. But if the same thing requires some effort, we cherish it.

You can organize a quiz competition where the recipients have to earn discounts. You can even share some knowledgeable facts like events which occurred on the same day- the 4th of July. This will interest and engage the customers; they will be interested in winning coupons through this process. It can be executed through an email marketing campaign, which will provide the right exposure for your services and product.

4. Getting Animated:

4th of July is a visual holiday. You can add animation to your emails to make it look interesting and attractive. Celebrate the 4th of July as you have never celebrated ever before. An animated email is likely to interest the recipient increasing the click-through and open rate.

5. Do Not Forget The Subject Line:

Subject lines are an essential part of the email. You should not forget to craft a well-thought and compelling subject line for the 4th of July. Independence Day is an important day for the Americans, so if an attractive subject line is promoted, it gets much attention. Make it simple and attractive with a good line, pulling the right customer.

6. Creating GIFs With Eye-Catching Visuals:

In any marketing campaign, you have a few seconds to catch the attention of your prospect. Without that, you cannot proceed further to have an engaging conversation. So, it’s necessary to create eye-catching GIF and include it in your email marketing campaign for better results.

7. Patriotic Email Design Ideas:

Email designs with patriotic themes can be developed; this will attract the right customer. Some of the things to consider are simplifying the color scheme, dressing up the header design, giving relevant content, offering meaning and inspiration. For a perfect email design template, you have to consider when you are using red or blue colors then other color should be black or white. You have to add an animated GIF or eye-grabbing header in the email design to develop a good template.


Independence Day is a big day for marketers to promote their services and products. There are high chances that one will get a good number of sales on this day with most of the consumers having ample time to choose and purchase their preferred product.

As a marketer, you have to implement different email marketing ideas to outreach a wide audience. Utilize the right email idea aligned with your business requirements to increase sales. Americans love shopping during holidays, and email marketing will help you to reach your prospect during this time.

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