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ecommerce product description email templates

Ecommerce Product Description Email Templates

The ecommerce business is growing rapidly, with consumers opting to purchase products online than brick-and-mortar shops. Now, this was before the pandemic hit the world; as the virus rages, its popularity has been further boosted by consumers across the world.

Consumers want quality products at the right prices, which these ecommerce businesses are offering in the current scenario.

Find the statistical representation that shows the growth of retail e-commerce sales:

Image Courtesy: Beeketing

You can see in this statistical representation; the retail e-commerce sales are expected to be 4,878 billion US dollars in 2021. This proves that ecommerce is a huge hit among consumers and also would be in the coming years.

But still, some organizations are stuck in the vicious cycle of email mistakes, as they aren’t aware of the best ecommerce product email designs.

As stated by Joel Anderson, ex-CEO of Walmart:

“You can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed you have to create traffic.”

So, think-out-of-the box and find the right email marketing hacks that would help in attracting the best traffic to the website.

In this blog, you would find some key product description email marketing templates, thus helping you generate good results at the right time:

Add A Unique Touch To Your Brand Product:

Image Courtesy: BIGCOMMERCE

This is one of the innovative examples of an ecommerce template where the brand conveys an interesting story to hook the audience. You can check the colors, background and images in the email content.

“Son of a sailor” is a catchy line in the heading and when one reads further, they find a ship anchor sign in the product. Thus, aligning the content with the product theme.

And when you go further, you can see some unexpected product delivery timeline. It shows the different approach followed by the brand.

The entire content flow is a delight to the audience as they could see the hard work in the product description part. It makes them feel the brand values them and wants to make the right connection with them.

Adding A Full And Unique Content:

Now full here means the content that gives an in-depth picture of the product and how it could make life easy for the consumer.

Image Courtesy: BIGCOMMERCE

In this example, the brand leveraged the content. Besides showing jovial images of children, the brand also conveys the benefits that the consumer would get after acquiring the product. It just shows the potential of the product.

When you provide details about the product to the consumer they are guaranteed to be satisfied. Who wouldn’t like to acquire maximum information about a product before acquiring it? If you think providing complete information isn’t useful, you can always offer a sneak peek to keep the customer interested.

Presenting A Psychographic Product Description:

A diehard email marketer knows that you can’t connect appropriately with your customer unless you have the psychographic details. Psychographics means the methodology for describing human traits based on psychological attributes.

Acknowledge, it’s of no use sending an email, if the recipient doesn’t open the email or read it all!!!

You can check the below example:

Image Courtesy: Google

In this image, you see the product Google Home. And the message “Help is here. Meet Google Home.”

How do you think the message is developed through psychographic details?

We all know, consumers are checking emails as they want solutions for their challenges, or want more luxury services, so when you add “Help is here,” they hope to get relief from the challenge.

Google Home is a smart speaker that can play music of your choice. This product won’t listen to your command unless you say “Ok Google,”” Hey Google” and many such pre-programmed words to start the conversation with the product. So, you can state that instruction clearly in the content.

Image Courtesy: Google

Here you can see the message in the content “Say it to play it.” A simple and straightforward message completely describing the product.

Don’t you think the recipient would be impressed by this information?

As they say, sometimes less is more.

A Review For Product Description:

Yes, you can use a review in the product description.

We know consumers trust feedback from real-time users than promotional content by brands. Then, why not use these reviews in the ecommerce product description email? You can even ask the feedback and use it in your email.

Most consumers like to give complete feedback: features of the product, benefits, etc. It gives the right information about the product and the new customer can decide whether they wish to purchase the product or not.

Check the below example:

Image Courtesy: OptinMonster

In this example, you can see the brand added reviews so that consumers can look into it. These reviews also motivate the new customers as they feel the brand is genuine and want to give the right information and service to them.

Giving Something Exciting To The Audience:

Product description need not has to be boring and dull. You can make it all exciting with the right elements. So, if a customer has abandoned the cart and left the website, you can send a teaser email to motivate them to go for the purchase. If also, it’s not the same product, you can showcase other products. And this you can execute with a beautiful trick.

Image Courtesy: OptinMonster

You can see in this email template; the brand just mentioned, “See what else is new?” It means they want the customer to check all the other pages where various new products are showcased.


The ecommerce market would grow by leaps and bounds and you as a marketer need to craft the best ecommerce templates to garner the right results. This blog explores some of the best ecommerce email practices to connect with customers.

As per your business and industry, you can integrate some of these tricks in your business process to find the results.

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