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Cart Abandonment Reminder Emails: Best Practices & Templates

Cart abandonment reminder email?

As a marketer, it might sound familiar to you. With the availability of much options in the market, most of the buyers now have the upper hand in choosing the best product as per their requirement and budget. Their online shopping experience is no lesser than an adventurous tour where they browse different websites to find their product with the best features. Most of the buyers hop from one site to the other for finding the best deal. In the process, many times even after adding items in the shopping cart, they abandon it at the last stage for a better offer.

In such cases, cart abandonment reminder emails come to the rescue for marketers. It has been one of the effective strategies, which every organization should follow for generating good profits. As per a finding by Econsultancy, cart abandonment emails are highly profitable with each delivering more than $8 in revenue. Another study even found that the average conversion rate is 18% from cart abandonment emails with some of the organizations also reaching 40%.

So, why do people abandon the shopping cart?

Before sending cart abandonment reminder email, its better first to understand why people abandon the shopping cart; there are many reasons with some of them being:

  • High product price
  • Saving products to consider at a later stage
  • High shipping costs
  • No clear mention of shipping costs

Whatever might be the reason, a reminder email helps to improve customer relationships, experience, and the most important the conversion rate.

Find out some of the best reminder email templates which you can design for these customers:

1. Saving The Product:



Image Courtesy: Shopify

Check out the above message in the email where it reads, “We are still holding the ……. Act fast if you want it.” The message conveys that the company cares for its customer, and therefore has saved the product for their future purchase.

Some of the crucial points to consider while sending these emails are:

  • Timing and frequency of the email
  • Free shipping offer
  • Giving them an irresistible offer
  • Displaying product images

When you can understand the psychology of your customer it becomes relatively easy in addressing their objections and resolving it by fulfilling their needs.

It has been seen that most of the customers abandon their shopping cart as the displayed final price becomes more than their expectations. When people calculate how much they’re going to pay, they usually add up the prices of the items in the cart. They completely ignore the shipping prices, and if they do, they often lowball it. You can use the tactic of “selling out of the product” to encourage a faster purchase; scarcity of the product often motivates the buyer to purchase immediately. If you cannot provide the “free shipping offer” then offer a minimal price to deliver the product. Provide a guarantee to your customer that you will hold the items exclusively for them, for a definite but a limited period.

2. Offering A Coupon At The Right Moment:



Image Courtesy: ActiveCampaign

You will never want to devalue your product by offering profitable coupons to the customers. So, as a marketer consider adding value to your product before sending the mail to the customer. Send them the best reviews of the product, loyalty program incentives, money-back guarantee option, etc. You should also send the offer only to the proven customers.

3. Keeping It Short And Simple Without Any Distraction:



Image Courtesy: OptinMonster

This one send by Microsoft store does not distract its buyer. The company understood that their customers are the technology buyers and would be interested in “to the point CTA.”

4. Offering Help:


Image Courtesy: ClickZ

This is one of the companies which know how to create a unique email. Unlike others which directly leads to CTA, the company tries to help the customer by asking whether they are confused or distracted. The email aimed to increase the conversion with a clear-cut approach. The combination of engaging customer service, authenticity, and strategy can increase the conversions to an impressive level.

5. Email With Ratings & Product Reviews:



Image Courtesy: BigCommerce

The email has good visual appeal and consistency. Along with reminding the customer that they have not completed the purchase process, the email also displays the positive product reviews and ratings to motivate them for purchasing the product.


It is an arduous task for a marketer to design a cart abandoned email. The difficulty here is, one has to first understand the reason behind the customer’s action. When the reason is not deciphered, then the result could be an ineffective email series unable to make the right psychological trigger into the minds of the customer. The above examples are some of the best ones which you can refer to design a customized reminder email template for sending to each of the customers.

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