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Customer Feedback Emails: Best Practices & Templates

Designing a customer feedback email template is crucial in the current marketing scenario. As marketers scramble for innovative ideas to attract new customers and retain the old ones, they need to understand that taking regular feedback of the customer is one of the best approaches for winning the trust of the customer.

Your customer is the driving force behind increased revenue and sales, so you should be prompt in taking regular feedback, and even if you receive the negative ones, address and resolve it at the earliest to nurture the relationship with the customer. Customer satisfaction is what you should strive for. Here are some of the best examples to design customer feedback emails:

A Simple But Effective Design:


Image Courtesy: Xsellco.com

Airbnb, the company based out of California, United States, developed an email template that asks the feedback of its customers in the second line itself. It also mentions that’ will only take 3 minutes,’ which acts as motivation for the recipient.

As a marketer, you would always be tempted to design emails that look different and attractive. Although, it’s a good idea to try new tactics, but you should also consider that many customers like simple emails that convey the direct message. They do not have the time to read the complete email, so developing an email that is precise and simple is the way to go in this scenario.

Educate Customers About How Their Answers Are Going To Help:

Most of the customers do not have the time or are least bothered to give feedback to the organizations. In this case, you should push your customers by educating them about the importance of filling the customer feedback form. You can convey, it would help you to provide better customer experience and improvise your product or service etc.

Find the example of Shopify, the Canadian e-commerce company, that asks customers to assist them in delivering better service, later leading to survey:


Image Courtesy: HeroThemes.com


Using Personalization In The Email:

This is an old but not an outdated tactic. Personalization has a prominent role if you want to extract the feedback from your customer.

Sounds aggressive?

But you need not sound too aggressive or pushy in your email. If you are using the right tactic, then a personalized email designed as per the interest of the recipient would help you to reap the right result.

While many of the marketers are using the first name to connect with the recipients, you could do profound research on the shopping behavior of the customer, his likes, preferences, etc. A well contemplated email template that takes more time to design is far better than the ones designed without any research and at less time.

The feedback survey should make the recipient feel that it is for their benefit, and you are trying to understand them better for providing optimal service. This would trigger them to send you the feedback.

Designing A Complete Survey Email:

It has been observed that some marketers design the survey email without analyzing the complete experience of the customer.

A survey should be designed in a step-by-step approach.

Keep it short with just five questions, in the first two questions break the ice with the customer by keeping it informal, later you can arrive at the questions that matter to your business. This flow would keep the customer engaged, and they would complete the survey in no time.

Remember getting a response to your feedback survey is one of the best ways to keep the interaction process open, even if the customer is miffed by your service.

Check the below example how Amazon is motivating its customer to take the survey via email:


Image Courtesy: Amazon.com

Designing A Template To Capitalize On Feedback:

Ok, so now you have received the feedback and have much information about the customer to analyze, what next?

This has been a dilemma for many of the marketers. They do not know how to capitalize on the positive feedback received from the customer. Always plan how to promote the feedback, the positive ones as a testimonial on your website or while sending an email.

In your email, you can include the positive feedback after conveying the message to a specific recipient.

Designing A Different And Unique Feedback Email Template:

Trying new designs and techniques in an email template works. As mentioned before, do not horde your email with much content, but still, make it unique and different for getting noticed.

For example, IAM weekend, which is a yearly conference organized for the thinkers and businesses sends form just after the event that is actually exciting to fill in. You can have a look:


Image Courtesy: getfeedback.com

It not only keeps the respondent hooked, but also enables them to give genuine feedback.

Customer Feedback Email After Upsell:

Upsell is the process where the marketing or sales representative convinces the customer to buy something expensive more than the price of the product he intends to buy. Find the below example of an email template:


Image Courtesy: boast.io

Here as you can see how the marketer is appreciating the repeated purchase by the customer and later guiding him to go through a page for giving feedback.

Always make your customer feel special and valuable so that they are motivated and loyal to your brand.

Tempting Them With An Incentive:

Majority of the times, offering incentives to the customer for motivating them has proven to be successful. You can also try this tactic while designing the feedback email template.

The incentives can include anything ranging from your products, winning gift coupons, your special services, etc. After they complete the survey, you can give them any of these incentives.

A Specialized Subject Line:

Subject lines always hold the key to motivate the customer. Without customers opening your email, you cannot expect them to fill your survey. As a marketer, you need to develop a smart subject line initiating your customer to open the email, so that further he can take the required action.

Keep it short and actionable. Place the important words at the beginning!!!

An effective subject line has to be precise and result-oriented. This helps to keep the customer focused as he would immediately understand what to expect in the body of the email. At the same time, you have to keep these recipients interested as there would be many of them who after knowing there is a survey form in the email, would immediately back off.

Include words like “need thoughts,” “to provide better service.” All these words would make the recipient feel important and attract them immediately, and also make your work easier. Another crucial point, along with the survey, mention the deadline to submit the form so that the recipient would immediately fill it.


Gaining the trust of the customer is one of the toughest tasks for any marketer. You have to be always on your toes to develop the right marketing tactic for reaching out to your customer and fulfilling their requirements. It can wear off any marketer when they do not get the right response from the customer after much effort, so approach the customer the right way with the best email template.

The above blog discusses the same, where you need to convince the customer to take the survey for their benefits.

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