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8 Winning Marketing Ideas for A Prosperous New Year 2019

Setting result-oriented goals give your business a fresh direction, and New Year is a great time for setting the required goals. It’s the time when your company has to make grand plans to stand out, increase sales and drive the engagements.

Whether you make New Year’s resolution or need some motivation for ramping up the marketing strategy, January is the excellent month to get it started with some fresh marketing blogs.

Here are the 8 Winning Marketing Ideas for A Prosperous New Year 2019:

1. New Year Goals & Resolutions:

If you are in business, your goals are likely to be tied up in sales and marketing. Though every company is different, these are the two essential ladders that will help you reach your goals.

Also, before you begin setting up your calendar, be crystal clear on what business objectives your marketing resolutions depend on. New Year’s resolutions are primarily meant to help you strike a better balance (work-life balance) that increase your business success. There may be many things when you are doing business, and it delude us, so learn to delegate and do it more often as it is the key to the healthy balance. Whether you are a small or large business, it is essential to promote your business consistently, learn something new, join a new networking group and set smart realistic goals.

2. Setting Up Your Marketing Calendar:

Setting up the marketing calendar does not just help you get organized, it is one of the most effective ways to set your brand towards marketing success.

According to CoSchedule, 63% of the companies use editorial calendar with top 3 goals being lead generation, sales and lead nurturing. Whether it is social media strategy, posting a blog post, improving your SEO or setting up events, it is a great reason to schedule out your marketing ideas for the year.

Breaking down your marketing strategies, social media or blog posts down by month or a year is a priority and sets you down for easier and faster marketing. Marketing calendars are more than just schedulers of social media posts or blog posts, and they as well include email newsletters, promotions, in-person events, public relations outreach, digital & traditional paid advertising, community relations, and so much more.

3. Double Down On Your Positioning:

Positioning in business refers to the consumer’s perception, thoughts of the brand about the competing brands or products. It’s also where your brand sits in the market and the message that you put on it. It’s the stories that you tell your customers about your business and how you do things differently from other brands. The price that you set, the offer that you make, how you show up in the market, all these things support the factor of your positioning.

For example, a car manufacturer may portray as a status of a luxury symbol, whereas a battery may position as batteries being long lasting and reliable. The positioning of the brand may involve marketing the product in a certain way to create and establish an identity within the minds of the consumers and target market.

4. Quote Contests:

For many businesses, social contests feed the greatest return from the smallest investments, whether it is time or money. Even without advertising, they help you reach your target market and create a buzz around your brand. The best way to take advantage of these is to realize what may work for your brand so that you can drive immediate sales and revenue.

Today, participating in a contest is as simple as launching it and vice versa. Businesses can launch it using a quick and simple contest using standard newsfeed post. That means one can enter the contest by liking or commenting on the post, posting the photo, answering for questions on the social page, etc.

5. Customize Your Content Marketing Strategy:

Content marketing is all about relationship building and to create content that adds value to consumers. Content need not just be talking about your product and promoting your brand. It can be sharing knowledge about your product. If you are in a restaurant business, you could share a chef’s favorite Champagne recipe, tips to cook fresh. If you run a saloon, you could post tips on DIY New Year Party hairstyles and many more.

The Internet is a crowded place, and while all the great content may be fantastic, a lot of it is waiting to be discovered. So as a marketer, your job is to start to help your piece of content through all the way until it finally finds its audience.

6. New Year & New Promotions:

If you want to sell more, you need to start your promotions early, and it is even more critical when you are promoting for the New Year. Though January represents the start of the new calendar, some companies begin their planning right from July, so decisions are made before vacations.

Also, when you plan out your marketing campaign ensure that you target your promotions to the specific group, whether it is for your B2B or B2C audience, or if you would like to focus a specific age group, target people based on gender or something different. Be sure and precise about how and whom to target.

7. After Party Promotion:

All that you did before the new year is to help yourself keep your sales high after the very holiday spike and to remain stable. It’s essential that you offer unique and quality products that customers would like to keep them.

The worst thing to happen after all the buzz is to find people returning products. Returns create a huge logistical mess leaving you depressed and grappling.

Just after you have offered all the discounts, promo’s, coupons and free shipping, it is time to get ready all over again. Most often, shoppers buy from you because of the discounts that you offer, so if you continue to provide refunds, you will undoubtedly be able to win your customers for the second time.

8. Start A Loyalty Or Customer Referral Program:

Customer loyalty is something that companies aspire to simply virtue of their existence. The motto of any company is to attract and keep customers happy and help them buy your products that drive revenue. Cultivating customer loyalty matters. It is essential to make your customers love the product. Also, set up a customer success team who are responsible for your brand’s success.

Like any other marketing programs, referral marketing is one of the most effective when it is well managed. Make sure that you actively encourage your referrals as your loyal customers are the ones who recommend your products and services to their friends.

Final Thoughts:

It’s New Year! It is the time to celebrate new beginnings. It resembles freshness in everything, it is a way to learn from the old errors that you ever made and learn from them.

Promotions are the voice of a company that sends out the brands message loud and clear to your target audience. Notably, new year promotions are the way to increase brand awareness, increase customer traffic, provide appropriate information and build sales & profit.

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