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8 Brilliant Ideas to Ring in Christmas Spirit Into Your Social Media Marketing

8 Brilliant Ideas to Ring in Christmas Spirit Into Your Social Media Marketing

As the festive lights goes up and the bells ring, it is time to announce the arrival of Christmas. Christmas is one of the most significant holidays and the biggest buying seasons of the year, and it keeps growing. It’s the season that offers a flurry of shopping deals from big brands to the small, competing on the same space of social media.

For many marketers, social media is a great way to seamlessly promote their online brand and magic to generate maximum returns. And customers are likely to look for best offers on one single social platform. It is ideally the excellent option for customers to look over their mobile phones on social media than to go through different websites for more fabulous deals.

Needless to say, there are enormous opportunities for businesses during November and December. So, if you want to stand out this holiday season, make use of our 8 brilliant ideas to ring in Christmas spirit into your social media marketing.

1. Decorate Your Social Media Page & Profile:

The cover photo of your social media page is the one that represents the personality and the values of your brand.

According to Mashable, around 65% of the shoppers tap on to the social accounts for the perfect gift. And when they land on your social page, the cover is the first this that they see. People are browsing more than just usual, looking for special offers and also checking out friends’ recommendations. So, the Fresh cover photo will motivate them to stay on and look for special gift offers or gift ideas.

Theming social profiles with some festive Christmas graphics will spruce the brand’s purpose of making it even more impactful.

2. Offer Merry Christmas Deals:

Christmas is the great time of the year and a biggest buying season with over 20% of marketers online annual revenue achieved in one month. Discounts and offers attract visitors and capture their attention. So take this opportunity to entice customers with limited offers and deals like one-time special buy, buy one get one free, holiday coupons, two for one, free shipping, special discounts are all the tremendous last-minute purchases. Creating such offers and sharing posts to promote is a great way to create a buzz and sales among customers.

3. Multiply The Joy Of Christmas:

Social media is meant to multiply by sharing the joy of Christmas. Use this holiday season to give your posts some special spin. When it comes to brand advertising, there is no shortage of new strategies to engage and inspire purchases. There of tons of ways to explore, considering the relationship between the actions and emotions, it comes as no big surprise to make an impact on the way people perceive your brand. This concept of incorporating the joy into your marketing efforts are profound and yield great results.

Re-strategize your marketing plan and campaign, implement it in your content marketing to grab the prospect’s attention. The execution of relevant campaigns targets the right customer at the right time.

4. Host A Creative Holiday Giveaway:

The classic way to way to encourage purchases is by giving out the prizes every day for a certain period and encourage them to come back again and again. Doing so helps you stay ahead of the curve, and also holiday giveaways help scale your efforts through increased backlinks and impressions.

Giveaways are the great way to build up the local community of loyal buyers around your e-commerce site. The proper planning and perfect planning with persistence will surely fetch the great results.

5. Have Creative Content For This Christmas:

Great content is one of the essential parameters in social media. Having a content strategy around this time of the year is of utmost importance. Your audience would like to see creative content which places them at the centre of the marketing campaign. Content ethics engagement makes businesses go viral, and they succeed in social media marketing.

Apart from regular content, there are these Visual Content for Social Media, Animated Content for Social Media, Video Content for Social Media and User-Generated Content that one can use to gain traction.

6. Spread The Festive Mood:

Off course, social media marketing isn’t restricted, and setting up the festive tone is vital if you want to spread the message of joy. Christmas brings out the spirit of giving and joy of sharing. The online and social media is very well aware and has captured the sentiment. Social media is a great platform to set up events and to let people know about what is on their way.

7. Get Your Audience Involved:

You can start by creating posts by asking people their memorable Christmas moments, favorite holiday food, and their stories about dinner parties, opening presents which is the best part. Its during holiday season that most people’s thoughts turn to happy childhood memories, recalling warm glow of menorah, singing & dancing for their favorite music, or waking up early to see the Christmas presents under the tree – these moments are indelible.

Encouraging your audience to share their memories and their photos with your brand on Facebook or Instagram is a cool way to be engaged.

8. Focus & Understand Your Customers’ Need:

Customer expectation will be at an all-time high during this season, which means marketers are to work harder than the usual. To meet customer’s expectations and overcome obstacles brands desperately put themselves into their customer’s shoes. Every business brands are playing some variation of Christmas music non-stop. They want ways to deal with customers and help finding them the perfect gift of their choice and reflection. So, take time to think and understand their specific needs. It’s always better to ask them what they want so that you can create some powerful and useful content instead of more holiday dazzle.


The festive spirit about Christmas is about the fancy decorations, exciting product promotions and festive discounts being run by brands.

Christmas special offers, campaigns on social media, contexts for customers attract people to celebrate in a significant way. If you are a brand and reading this, you sure want to tap the Christmas energy and leverage your festive sales. Remember to be a bit subtle about your branding and focus on creating a festive mood to get your customers in the holiday spirit.

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