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Grab Attention Before Christmas Holidays

Here comes the winter season again, bringing joy and festive mood among all groups of people around the world. Whether you suffer from winter blues or crave for ice cream, but you certainly cannot ignore the colorful pre-Christmas and new-year celebrations during this season.

Winter season is also special for the marketing world, as it marks the beginning of special offers and discounts for their esteemed customers. Customers prepare for longer and colder nights, and marketers prepare for the year-end marketing with bumper offers.

The marketing strategy which targets the lead generation campaign needs to be revised during this season. It has to be innovative and creative to hit the right spot of the customers motivating them to make a specific purchase.

Resetting of strategy does not mean, promoting last season products this year also!!!!!!!!!

Today’s customers have a variety of choices, and they get bored quickly by seeing the same product and even the same marketing campaign. There has to be the right mix of products promotion mapped with a beneficial and effective marketing strategy.

Marketers can channelize the positive festive environment in their favor for boosting their customer’s purchase. Embrace the situation and enhance the sales funnel by picking the right opportunity to boost revenue.

Buyer Perspective

The holiday season starts with the December month with many festive days such as Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, with Christmas to follow. Promotion strategies have to be precise for these busy days to attract a large number of prospective customers. The email campaign has to be at the right time and day as most of the customers will be in a festive mood. There are high chances of not checking their email very often. Although the timing is the main factor during this season, there are other factors such as the type of offer, the nature of the person receiving the mail, the subject line used, etc.

What about your targetted customers who are spread out in different time zones and locations?

You know the answer but need to implement, it is “SEGMENTATION.”

Segmentation means segregating the prospects based on their age, location, preference, time zone, and others. In this case, it is segmented based on the time zone so that the prospect opens the mail at their convenient time. The marketing campaigns are also customized by aligning with the needs and behavior of the customer to increase the click-through rates.

Series Of Content To Increase The Success Rate

Previous content which gave success results can be combined to make a series of content for resetting the marketing strategy. This saves the much required time.

Many marketers believe that producing new content can give them better visibility, instead, the old one can also be repurposed by combining all the previous successful content into a series. The content can be automated into a sequence of emails by making them into a welcome series thus saving time, money, and effort.

There is one more plan to save time, which is to create different templates for seasons, promotions and meet the business needs of a different set of people. Having a pre-defined template makes it easy to build up new content. The only thing needed is little modification to give a fresh look to each of the content.

Plan The Time

Businesses know the value of time and implement the best content in their marketing strategy for effectively producing the best results in a lesser duration of time. You have to catch up with your potential customer before the start of the Christmas holidays as they will become busier than their usual routine.

Re-strategize your marketing plan and campaign, implement it in your content marketing to grab the prospect’s attention. The execution of relevant campaigns targets the right customer at the right time.


Connecting with a customer at the right time is one of the biggest factors for a successful marketing campaign. If you are not able to hold your customer’s attention and convey your message for mutual benefits, then your marketing campaign can be termed as a failed attempt. You have to understand their requirements and provide solutions to fulfill the same. Along with this, you have to keep track of the potential time at which you can start the business level engagement with your prospect. Timing includes business hours, festive season, right business environment and others.

Christmas is one of the most popular festivals around the world, with the majority of the population enjoying quality time with their friends and families. Your business prospects which form a big chunk of this population needs a good reason to communicate with you before they plan for week-long holidays. For this reason, as explained before you have to understand their perspective and plan the schedule accordingly to catch up with them before holidays.

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