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things you did not know could influence your b2b lead generation

Colors That Convert:Things You Didn’t Know Could Influence Your B2B Lead Generation

Color! It’s everywhere. But, do they make difference by adding charm to your marketing efforts? Perhaps, they do. A carefully chosen color combination can add instant appeal to your web marketing and branding.

Earning the affection of followers is no easy task. It requires a dedicated effort to gladden the enthusiasts with a visual experience worth talking about. After all, it’s a human tendency to look in the same direction of something that is visually impressive.

TSimply put, it is a gimmick to stand out in a crowded market so that the audience is twice as likely to convert. Using the right variant of colors for campaigns simply makes you authoritative and trustworthy. It leaves plenty of room to elicit a positive response.

Several studies have indicated how the right color schemes result in a greater conversion. The results show over 93% of buying decisions are based on the visual perception. The extra focus on the visual department could also mean improved readability and feel good factor. The colors could influence the emotional state of the individual.

Marketing Is Harder Without Colors

People are well acquainted with the colors around them. Choosing the right set of colors to please every visitor is a well-thought decision. It must be consistent and reflect all the commercial values of the marketer’s offerings.

For a designer, it is a mean task to convince clients that their favorite color may not hit the right note, especially when the requested colors are inconsistent with the marketing purpose.

How Many Colors Is Too Many?

As a rule of thumb, it is impractical to paint a site with a myriad of colors. The extreme vividness can lose its sheen because it overstimulates the viewers. Likewise, fewer colors can be too boring, and many lose appeal. Playing around with two tone colors may seem wise as long as they adjoin a complimenting design.

The Three Color Scheme On Website

The design desks rely upon the three-color scheme that is the ratio of 60/30/10. It has become the modern standard for choosing the apt set of colors while creating a site.

Dominant Color

Adopting a dominant color that represents your brand requires a careful analysis of the audience types and their engagement behavior. The designers must factor gender, age, psychographic and demographic details describing every visitor while deciding the ultimate choice of color. A dominant color acts as a scrim to highlight your brand logo.

Complimenting Color

The secondary color often juxtaposes the dominant color. It adds depth to the perception and uplifts your content making them more appealing. It simply adds an overall subtleness to the content. It is important not to diminish your brand quality by vague application of colors to text and headings.

The Color For Call To Action

The next stage of prospecting funnel is making the clients take action by clicking a button within the email. Interactive features on emails and advertisements are otherwise referred to as Call To Action (CTA). Sales campaigners use CTA to connect clients with their marketing package.

Since the CTA engagement is based on the recipient mindset, it is vital to make it visually pleasing so that the prospects feel motivated to click. CTA design must carry colors in moderation not to seem too loud or drab.

Things That Are Meant To Be Distinct In Marketing

During beta tests, designers ask users to rate their experience based on the first glance. If the users are unable to report their experience positively, it highlights the need for optimization. Research is essential when it comes to CTA design. Understand what your audience expects to see when they are scrolling down your site.

Explore the performance of your competitors; maybe there are cues you can learn and unlearn. The actual purpose of exploring progressive design isn’t limited to uniqueness, but also to allow maximum leverage for the marketers.

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