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How To Craft A Practical Social Media Strategy

Users across the world are copiously consuming social media content. The platform is actively used for driving engagement and is a favorite tool for churning conversions. However, Social media has its highs and lows where users may undergo chronic app fatigue. A phenomenon where boredom sets in and leaves users unsure about what they must be doing.

How Do Social Media Influence Conversion When The Audience Is Aplenty?

From a psychological standpoint, humans have an attention time span of 8 seconds which 4 seconds shorter than it was a decade ago. The drop in number is accredited to unwarranted use of mobile gadgets.

Despite the startling statistics, the damage isn’t final. Meanwhile, the multitasking ability of humans has taken a step ahead. While technology addicts have always grappled to remain focused for prolonged periods, they have shown improvement in choosing productive engagements. It has also led to lesser efforts needed when grasping ideas and registering them into memory.

The humans are gradually evolving on the basis of information processing patterns. The way of thinking is conditioned according to the technology accessible to us. Hence, day to day use of particular technology shapes our ability to think and respond.

If you are a social media marketer, here is an infographic that aims to convey how to avoid consumers interest from ebbing away.


How To Craft A Practical Social Media Strategy

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