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Webinar Invitation Emails: Best Practices & Templates

Webinars are a valuable platform for presenting and sharing highly insightful information with the audience. Presenters in these webinars are manly the industry experts or the thought-leaders in their industry who are followed diligently by the audience.

The key features of the webinar invite revolves around what, why, when, how, and who.

As the information is available to the global audience, you should know the right tactic for developing a high-quality invitation email. Be it the right design, email content, showcasing the presenter’s name, everything should be included accordingly for giving the best exposure to your brand.

Webinar emails, what needs to be known:

Setting the Webinar Goals: What is the main goal of your webinar? Whether it is building the email list or portraying yourself as a thought leader in the specific industry, when you set the right goal for your webinar it becomes easier to craft the right email message. This process would help you to measure the success of the webinar or email.

Segmenting the Audience: It is necessary to shoot out the emails to the right recipient. Although your aim is to reach a broader audience, you should come out with a plan that could connect with the right as well as new leads.

Making an efficient CTA: Call To Action makes an important part of the webinar email. It is impossible to get the conversions when you do not make your CTA stand out for getting noticed by the recipients.

Being In Touch With The Potential Attendee:

Webinars are one of the powerful medium to engage the audience, so you should not miss out any of the tactics or approach that could make the right connection with the customer.

The webinar invitation email is just the starting of the whole series of the messages. After the potential attendee signs up, you have to follow-up regularly by sending them reminder emails after regular intervals. This can be referred to as the webinar attendance with the lead nurturing. The reminder email should not only include the data and time of the webinar, to make it interesting and engaging it should have the success stories, blogs, videos, ebooks, podcasts, infographics, previous webinars, etc. Find the example of a follow-up email:


Image Courtesy: Daniel Waas

There are some email sequences leading up to the webinar:

• An initial invite which should be kept simple
• It could be followed by aggressive approach, that is sending two reminders to the recipients who did not register
• A soft approach which is sending the second invite to the recipients who did not open
• Sending confirmation email to all of them who registered
• Sending the reminder to the registrants a week, day or some hours before the event

How To Optimize The Webinar Invitations?

Whether the potential attendee would attend the event or not hugely depends on the invitation email send to the recipient. For this reason, you have to optimize the webinar invitations before sending it to the recipient.

Webinar invitations has to be planned with a proper strategy for attracting huge number of attendees or the potential customers. You should have the empathy for the time zone so that it makes sense for the audience who are attending it. Take a look at the below example:

smart focus brain solis
Image Courtesy: zettasphere

The invitation has all the essential ingredients to make the webinar successful:

• A different graphic design
• Easy to see the time zone (GMT) and date
• The webinar with the author and the analyst clearly displayed

As a marketer you should understand what could encourage the newcomer to attend the webinar:
• A unique insight into the problem: When you promise a deeper survey to the problem, then the potential attendees would be more interested to attend the webinar. They would be looking forward for more useful information from your webinar.
• A different and new theme of the webinar: A different graphic design or a new theme of the webinar could make your webinar stand out from the rest of them.
• Creative features: When you add creative features in the invitation email, it adds the zing factor in the invitation email. This is the first step in grabbing the subscriber’s attention.


The best thing which you can do is simply mentioning” what to expect from this webinar”

As, the audience who would be attending the webinar would be having some expectations from it and what they could gain by attending it, so by coming straight to the point would make your task easier.

webinar invite template
Image Courtesy: stripo

Most of the webinars get attended by the professionals, students, leaders who want to acquire more and in-depth knowledge on a specific subject. The below webinar email template is one of the examples of educational webinar:

word stream webinar
Image Courtesy: Business2Community

The subjects which an educational webinar cover are the industry trends, best practices, interviews with the expert panels and others. When there is a free flow of information between the presenter and audience then the webinar can be termed as a successful event.

Some useful webinar invitation email samples are:

Webinars That Matter To The World:


Image Courtesy: chamaileon

Now you must have heard about webinars, where experts discuss latest technology, sales, marketing and others, but in the current scenario webinars on coronavirus have also become a trend. In this webinar, you could see expert Liz Bradley, who is also an oncology specialist, offering health tips on these two deadly diseases: cancer and COVID-19.

With many countries facing health disasters, such discussions could attract a good number of attendees. A webinar to understand the nature of the virus from experts could be a relief for many and attract healthcare professionals, people interested in R&D, and other attendees curious to know ways to tackle the infection.

If you check the content, it also talks about mental health and emotional wellbeing. Due to the long lockdown in many countries, a chunk of the population suffered emotional breakdowns. This webinar is crafted to address such scenarios and make the audience feel comfortable to get out of the avoidable mess.

A Webinar Invitation Template That Talks About Sales:

Sales is a popular term among the B2B audience as businesses can only thrive if there is the right number of deal closures.


Image Courtesy: googleusercontent

You can see in this webinar email template, the marketer is straight to the point. They directly ask the audience, “Want a 50% boost in your eCommerce revenue?” This is really a catchy line that most businesses can’t ignore. They would at least give it a chance and see how it could help their business. You can carefully read some words that aren’t highlighted but are crucial, “TWO SPECIFIC STRATEGIES……”

These are more than enough to hook the audience.
A well-crafted webinar invite template could help you bring the right web crowd and earn the recognition you deserve.

Best Times To Conduct A Webinar:

Webinar even has its prime times like television. You should know when your audience is likely to tune in to make it hugely successful.
It was found that majority of the attendees for 11 AM were on the west coast. The majority of the attendees for the 1 PM and 2 PM were on the east coast.
Some of the features of webinar are:
• Whiteboard
• Multidirectional conference
• Desktop sharing
• Text chat
• Shared video presentation
• Polls and surveys


Webinars could give you a broader exposure to a wide audience. As they are different from any other marketing videos and the audience follows the presentation in real time, webinars have the power to successfully connect with the potential customer.
60% of the marketers are now using webinars as a powerful content marketing tool.

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