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Social Media Tactics to Boost Engagement

Social Media Tactics to Boost Engagement in 2020

Different social media tactics can activate the marketing process, and help the brand in achieving new heights of success. With the world rapidly changing and innovations taking place, marketers have to revitalize their process with a creative approach. You cannot apply the same old techniques to attract customer’s attention, as there is already a sea of top-notch marketing companies in the market applying, the different ones.

As per a recent report, 79% of Americans had a social media profile, and the numbers have been steadily increasing from the year 2008.


Image Courtesy: Statista

The above statistics present the increase in social media users among the American population, a real eye-opener to know the importance of social media for the current generation. The different social media boosters for 2020 are:

1. Humor:

Humor has always been the crowd-puller in any marketing strategy. As a human being, we always look out for some light-hearted moments to make our life joyful; and if the marketed content has some fun-filled pictures or images without straying from the main subject, then it can prove to be great content. User engagement gets hugely boosted in the promotional campaigns with the right kind of humor. Social media provides useful platforms for sharing humor-filled content, and with increased social media users in America, marketers are bound to get huge exposure.

2. Artificial Intelligence:

AI has been the most talked about subject around the world for many years. The technology has already revolutionized many industries and is about to bring crucial changes in others at a rapid pace. Social media marketing, along with AI, can streamline the marketing approach for making it more refined and relatable with the audience. It will enhance the process of targeting the audience, automated bidding, 24/7 presence, and AI-assisted content creation. The usage of images has risen to a great extent on all the social media platforms, making image recognition software popular among the marketers for the creation of better content. The tool helps in understanding the customer base for entering into a new market.

IBM Image Detect

Image Courtesy: IBM

IBM’s highly customized platform is tweaked for performing any task one wishes to. The recognition platform enables in analyzing the images, objects, colors, scenes, faces, and other content. It will even help in identifying the brand in a picture. The above picture is a testimony of how the AI tool helps in image recognition, by the IBM image detection tool.

3. Customer Service:

A great customer service helps in improving the relationship with your existing customer and with the new one. The world-class companies are leveraging the growth with their valued service and bringing the customers closer. Brands have to promote themselves vigorously on social media, as these platforms are the rich ground for providing excellent customer service. Responding to customer queries and comments on social media is one of the useful social media energizers.

4. Influencers:

Influencers are known to influence the customer by motivating them to purchase a certain product or service. As a social media marketer, you should be in touch with the micro influencers for expanding the client base. There is a conception that a huge number of followers in the social media account of influencer means he is of high-worth. Although it is true to a certain extent but does not always guarantee a good engagement rate. According to a report, it was found that influencers having less number of followers produce good engagement rates.

Some of the useful points to be considered are that one should not use engagement bots, fake followers, and boost groups. The motive behind this act is to look for the right customer than just simple leads. Most of the online customers follow micro influencer to gather honest feedback of the product.

5. User-Generated Content:

If you have not applied user-generated content marketing, then it’s high time you incorporate it in your content marketing strategy for generating more sales.

BufferImage Courtesy: buffer

Buffer, the social media scheduling tool has been using the Buffer community for showcasing the photographs to different users around the world. The images used are not promotional or centric around brand because of which it instants the right chord with the user. This tool makes it easier for strategizing the content on social media.

IBM, the tech giant, uses the UGC-concept in a creative way where images of the brainstorming sessions, posed photographs are shared on social media. It shows up the human side of one of the leading technology companies.

IBMImage Courtesy: IBM

Some of the best practices for sharing user-generated content are to request for permission, give credit to the original creator, and offer something in return.

6. Utilizing The Best Form Of Social Media Platforms:

There are many social media platforms on the internet to make your experience best in all the possible forms. It has become a common habit that when anybody wishes to watch a funny video, they will immediately go for YouTube or to know about the latest trends will go for Twitter. It has to be understood that every social media platform has its own strength and audience. For this reason, most of the media marketing techniques has been focusing on generating customized posts for all social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

There are some other social media platforms which have been slowly but surely gaining popularity; these include Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Vine, etc. StumbleUpon, which is a discovery engine recommends the web content in pictures, videos, websites, and others as per the taste of the individual user while Vine and Pinterest are mainly known for its video sharing applications.

7. Company Page On LinkedIn:

Creating a company page on LinkedIn is one of the positive tactics by the marketers. It proves the company’s credibility and acts as a base for posting news about the company’s products or services.

8. Building Communities, Groups & Conducting Events:

Groups, communities act as the crowd-puller, further building up the process for conducting events to a larger audience. Any big group on social media connects with a broader audience who on later stage can be converted as your loyal customers. Event, tech meetups, fair, and others facilitate a stable ground for attracting potential customers.


Social media has become an essential part of a common man’s life. For this reason, media tactics have to be used professionally for attracting more leads. A creative and innovative technique can go in a long way for pulling the attention of the online customer. One can build up their brand with the right social media trick, and following the best posting schedule. Engaging campaigns and contests are also some of the other active social media energizers.
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