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email marketing strategies for travel tourism industry

Email Marketing Strategies For Travel and Tourism Industry

The travel and tourism industry in the USA is enormous. As per Department of Commerce Projections, the country will witness around 95.5 million visitors from foreign shores annually by 2023. At the same time, Americans would also be traveling far and wide. A statista report found, in 2020 alone, when covid hit the world, almost 9.84 million US citizens travelled abroad.

It shows people from different countries want to travel and enjoy beautiful destinations and authentic dishes unique to that area, while others need to travel for their business purpose.

In the current scenario, the local tourism industry can see the pandemic effect. With that, the sweltering heat in the western region soaring temperatures to 50C is a double whammy for tourists and businesses.

It has been challenging for the travellers and businesses offering services in this industry to make a long story short. But will it last long?

Not really

People would always like to travel and quench their wanderlust. And with covid vaccine passport becoming a necessity to travel, the tourism industry could gradually see its challenges.


Image Courtesy: Cnbcfm.com

So, as a marketer in the travel industry, how could you grab the opportunity to attract travellers?

The most powerful method is email marketing, and this channel could connect with relevant customers across the world.

Some of the best travel email marketing strategies are given below:

Shooting Out Pre-Arrival And Follow Up Emails:

Do you want your customer to have a memorable experience?

Then send out well-planned travel emails to these customers at regular intervals.

It includes pre-arrival emails and follow-up emails.

What are pre-arrival emails?

These are simple emails that set the mood of a traveller before leaving for a journey. It acts as a reminder of all the schedules, bookings, and others that the client will use. Just as before the launch of any product or service, a company creates a mysterious and exciting environment, the pre-arrival emails in the travel industry aim to do the same.


Image Courtesy: MEWS

In this email, you can see how the brand keeps the customer interested with content on “explore journeys,” “dining experience,” and others. Travellers would be excited to visit by seeing all they could enjoy in this travel.

What are follow-up emails?

As the name suggests, it means following up with guests. And it usually is sent after the guest returns from holidays.

The follow-up emails are designed to be in touch with customers so that if they wish to travel again, they can directly approach the company.

Adding Video Content In Emails:

Traveling is all about sightseeing, visiting beautiful locales, eating delicious dishes, and many more.

And this can be better showcased in the video content that adds the visual element in the content piece. Travellers could see and imagine how they could enjoy these destinations.

Because seeing is believing here.

Find the below example:


Image Courtesy: Vyond

In this example, you can see how video is developed with the tag line, “It’s time for a new adventure, what are you waiting for?”

Further, these visuals spice up the environment to a significant level. Nobody would want to miss an experience at this exotic location that offers adventures for the adventure seekers and a soulful experience for the solo traveller; watching scenic beauty crystal clear blue water is what purifies your mind. ”

A perfect retreat in nature’s lap is what many travellers want, and if you can showcase it in your emails, half the battle is won.

Customers would love to explore!!!

Optimize Your Emails For Mobiles:

We all know how mobiles have become an inseparable part of email marketing strategy. And if you are a marketer in the travel industry, you need to pay close attention to this mandatory strategy.

Travellers are always connected to their mobiles. As per a report, 85% of leisure travellers use their phones to manage their trips.

And before the trip, they would regularly:

  • Check airfare prices- 26%
  • Check flight schedules- 25%
  • Read hotel reviews- 22%
  • Lookup for hotel address- 29%
  • Compare hotel prices-21%
  • Book a hotel room- 18%

With that big chunk of tourists using their smartphones, marketers need to look to the nitty-gritty of mobile email strategy.

In the future, a cross-device strategy will become crucial in all email campaigns.

Including Customer Feedback In Emails:

Don’t you do ample research before purchasing any product or service?

Yes, it reduces the chances of disappointment!!!

Likewise, if a traveller does, it means they want to enjoy their dream vacation in complete bliss. They don’t want anything to go wrong. They do their research to shortlist the best travel company to offer the desired services.

And how do they do it?

There are different ways, but the best thing here is finding reviews of already existing customers, and a happy review would motivate them to trust your brand.

Find the below example:

trip advisor

In this review, you can see how the brand asked to review from its customer. They even included a question,” how were island tours and activities?”

Where the customer needs to click to share feedback.

You can add these positive reviews in emails while sending them to new customers. This would ensure the credibility of your brand. And customers would approach for your services.

Rightly Combining Email And Social Media:

As we know, social media is widely being used by the global population, and it has opened up business opportunities for many travel companies.

This platform offers visual delight to people planning to travel. They can select from different options at the correct prices.

And what better way could it be than combining social media and email?

Many brands are sending emails with social buttons in the email to directly visit profiles to check their services.


Image Courtesy: SmartInsights

This is what social media marketing looks like for travel companies. In this example, you find user-generated content, which promises to post lesser-visited destinations in Thailand.

Connecting Landing Pages With Emails:

Landing pages aim to increase the number of new customers. Connecting it with the most viable channel email could do wonders for travel companies.

Recipients would be directly traversed from emails to landing pages when they click links in the email. They could see the massive range of services that the brand offers.

Go Last Minute

Image Courtesy: Go Last Minute

This is one travel landing page to attract customers.

Don’t you think if the brand included its link in email, their campaign would have more click-through rate?

With better CTR, it would increase the chances of conversion. An increasing number of prospects would be interested in going for the service.

A Well-Designed Newsletter:

Many marketers send the newsletter on a regular basis to offer the latest information about their services.

While other forms of content are equally good in the newsletter, customers would find a whole range of news from the introduction of the latest travel packages, happening news in the travel industry, different tour options, and other relevant information that strikes the right chord with them.

It is a comprehensive package of details that they would need to explore the world.

As a marketer, if you aren’t sending these emails weekly or monthly, it’s time to revamp your strategy and shoot out these emails very often.

Find the below package of the latest deals in a newsletter:

Campaign Monitor

Image Courtesy: Campaign Monitor

In this newsletter, the brand offers special discounts to customers and informs them via email to avail themselves of it.

What Are The Overall Benefits Of Email Marketing For The Travel Industry?

  • It helps gather new customers and further retain them
  • You provide a good customer experience
  • The start-up travel firms could easily connect with customers
  • Helps in brand awareness


Email marketing will continue to evolve in the coming years, and different industries will use it in varied ways to connect with relevant prospects across the world.

As a travel email marketing specialist, you can find some of the best strategies to implement in your process and derive the best results.

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