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Technology Trends For Small Businesses in 2019

2019 will be the year of innovations, benefiting small businesses in a big way. Most of the technologies are evolving rapidly, further helping the individual users and organization.

As a small business, you have to be relevant and competitive in the market; by adapting yourself to the emerging technologies so that you can outsmart the competitors. Some of the hot technology trends in the year 2019 will be:

1. Optimized Voice Search Content:

Majority of the population are using voice search on their smartphones to find the online content. It has been found that to search for data via voice search is much easier than typing. The voice search enables people in finding instant information which they can scrutinize and refer as per their requirement.

Optimizing the content for voice search increases online visibility. This tactic increases SEO ranking and drives customers to your website. Voice queries are more conversational and are question phrases, which helps Google in the process to find the relevant data.

2. AI Power:

AI has many business benefits like providing efficient customer service, transforming the marketing process, providing smarter email marketing, reducing repetitive tasks, expanding the team with a chatbot, expanding customer’s journey on the site, and revolutionizing the human resources.

It automates daily tasks, thus increasing the efficiency of an organization. In the marketing department, AI infused CRM helps in improving the results.

3. Chatbots:

Many of the product and service based companies have started using chatbots for initiating communication with the customer and helping them with the right answer for their queries. The small businesses cannot afford a dedicated customer service team, making chatbot a popular choice among these companies. These chatbots learn from multiple conversations, draw connections from them, and then respond to the customer within the limit of those connections. The chatbots are designed and trained to talk like a human being. The customer experience is enhanced by 24/7 customer service, seamless live chat, and smoother journey in the entire customer life cycle.

4. Connected With IoT Devices

As IoT implementation increases rapidly, it is necessary for the organization always to stay connected. A Gartner research found that a high number of SMBs in USA have already started using IoT.

These industries have already integrated IoT in their business process, and producing effective results.

5. Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality has become a reality now for organizations. For a customer, the experience is hugely enhanced through virtual reality. As we enter into the fourth industrial revolution, virtual reality is emerging as a useful business tool for connecting with customers in many new ways. Being a marketer, you have to use this technology in all the possible ways to leverage virtual reality for your organization.



Small businesses are one of the major sources of employment in USA. They should integrate the latest technology trends in their business process for becoming competitive in the market. This can save their money, time helpful for the organization in the long run. Companies will be able to generate more revenue and profit with modern technologies, as it streamlines the process, makes it more effective, improve customer experience with the good decision- making skills.

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