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Dealing with email marketing mistakes

Oops! Dealing With Email Marketing Mistakes

Every day, thousands of mail are being sent to the recipients, which makes marketers highly prone to commit mistakes. These mistakes which might seem minor can affect the open rate, click-through rate, and the conversion rates.

One should try avoiding these mistakes for making their marketing campaign a highly successful one:

1. Irrelevant Email Segmentation:

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All the customers are not the same, so as a marketer, one should stop treating all as equal. The email lists have to be segmented based on the customer’s preferences, likes, dislikes so that when you send an email, an everlasting connection can be made. This approach will make the customers feel that you value them, and want to maintain a good rapport with them. It will also create a sense of belonging to your brand.

So, develop the right mailing solution by segmenting email lists based on geography, content downloads, activity level, purchase history. It will strengthen relevancy and increases the focus in one-to-one communication with the customer. As a marketer, you should focus on the perpetual success of your marketing campaign, which can be achieved through the highly accurate mailing list.

2. Too Less or Too Many Mails Sent:

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A well-planned strategy should be made for maintaining the frequency of emails. Less number of emails can fail to make a strong connection with the customer, while more number of them can turn off the customer.

As per a study, it is found that sending emails every two weeks is best for subscriber engagement.

The process can increase the engagement rate, opens, and clicks, with less unsubscribes.

3. Email Having Many CTAs or Unclear CTA:

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It has been seen that emails having many Call-To-Action or without clear Call-To-Action confuses the recipient, as they are unaware of what action to take after reading the email.

Most of the CTAs can be linked to the landing page as it increases the visibility, clarifies the offer, and makes an easier conversion.

4. Too Much Focus on the Product:

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This is a big mistake which many of the marketers commit. They tirelessly promote their product describing its features, benefits, without aligning the service with the needs of the customer. As a marketer, you should focus more on your customer than on the product to keep them interested.

Yes, it is necessary to promote your product, but too much of it will sound ME, ME, and ME!!!!

You should focus on the other side who is your customer. If the product does not serve their purpose, they will immediately close your mail. So, create email describing about the product, service fulfilling their present, and future needs.

5. Email Lacking Personality:

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Even if an organization have a story to tell, they are not telling the interesting and relevant stories to the recipients. Almost all the email looks the same, which makes the recipient for drifting away to other links and sites. As a marketer, you should create unique and relevant content for your recipient. So, while sending emails make a point to craft a separate and personalized email for each of the customers.

A different email makes a significant impact on the recipient, and they feel motivated to read your email.

6. An Email Offering No Value to the Customer:

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Every consumer looks for value from any product or service. So, create value for your product among the recipients to keep them hooked until they read the entire mail. Promote the USP of the product and explain how it can provide the right value on a personal level.

7. Avoiding Generic Email of “noreply”:

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One should avoid the generic email such as “noreply” one while sending to their recipients. It makes the recipients feel that you are not interested in interacting with them. Customers want to converse with real people, not mailboxes. They feel good when there is a human touch in interactions; it can make the conversation a successful one.


Email marketing is one of the best medium for connecting with your potential customer. So, if a marketer makes mistakes here, it can hamper the sales and revenue. One should keep a note of these common mistakes to avoid committing at any cost. If you have made these errors, rectify it, by revamping your email marketing strategy to maintain a good relationship with your customer.

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