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How to write an appealing business event email invitation?

We are pretty sure that every day you will be spamming many emails in your inbox as it does not serve your purpose. It’s common in the current scenario as we juggled with different activities and barely have the spare time for giving a second look to an email. The same thing occurs while you send email invitations to corporate professionals. It can be a waste of your precious time and effort.

In this post, find some worthy and straightforward tips which can dramatically increase the viewership of your email invitation:


It has been found that 69% of the recipients immediately send the inbox mail to spam, if it does not catches their attention.

Surely you will not want your mail to be one among those!!!!!!!!

A short and crisp subject line is the way to go. The line should be a catchy one so that it motivates the reader to open and read the mail entirely. The event attendance depends directly on the powerful subject line which leaves an impact on the reader’s mind.

An intriguing subject line creates urgency in the reader, conveying the real purpose of sending the message. It explains the benefits of attending the event and finally having a lasting impression on their mind. The most important step which you have to consider is that the subject line should not exceed more than 70 characters so that it can create an impactful punch.


The opening line which is the introductory part has to be properly scripted so that it maintains the same impact ignited by the subject line. It might be super friendly like “Come and enjoy the event with us,” or “We invite you to the most happening event. Have fun with learning.” Most of the readers have a busy mind barely focusing on a single task. Your welcome line can comfort them and make them read entire mail.


The closing line is your last chance to convince your recipient to attend the event. You can brief about the experiential learning which they will have at the event. The magic line can be spun around like “eat, relax and learn together to make this event a wonderful experience.” It makes a warm, friendly and convincing statement. The closing line should be the build-up for call-to-action (CTA) fulfilling your mission of making the potential participant attend the event.


Corporate events are one of the highly experiential learning events, and you have to highlight each reason in the mail difficult to be ignored. The statements can be “Gain knowledge about AI’s accuracy,” or “How to upgrade skill sets, expertise, knowledge, etc.”

Time, Location And Duration

Now, this is very important. The location and duration should be highlighted in a very attractive and professional way so that the recipient does not find it too cheesy. You should be extra careful while sending the invitation mail as most of the recipients are the influential people. It puts them off if your mail seems too pushy. Specify the location, time and duration in a detailed and clear format so that it gets imprinted on their brain. The full address should include the transport suggestions, parking information along with the venue. By providing absolute information, you can motivate the reader to attend the event.

RSVP Button

To make the event a successful one, you should have an estimated number of headcount beforehand. It can facilitate handling the event seamlessly. The RSVP button is the next step which the reader has to follow for conveying their intentions so that you can have the clear idea of the number of attendees. Giving the RSVP button, a highlighted and simple look at the end of the invitation is the best strategy one can follow to motivate the potential participant.

Some Examples Of The Email Invitation


Sumo Event: Offered Value Proposition

While inviting the readers, you have to keep in mind that they are short of time. You have to keep reminding them in a subtle way your value proposition and the returns which they will get by investing their time by attending the event.

Products and services

Image Courtesy: Javelin

Speaker spotlight: Highlighting the main speaker of the event
The process of highlighting the speaker works in a big way as the reader gets the clear picture of “what to expect from the event.” The main speakers, who have a large number of followers, has the potential to hold the attention of the audience. So think out of the box and make the email invitation convincing enough to attend the event.

event management
Image Courtesy: Inbound

Event Management meeting
The invitation to this meeting has to be straightforward so that the potential participant gets an immediate message. Many times brief information about the event is enough to make up the mind of the reader. You can build up the excitement with further sneak-peak details so that they will be curious about the event.

Typecasting The Webinar

You can create urgency in the mind of the reader. The reader should feel that it is one of the priority meetings and should be added in their “to-do-list.”

Image Courtesy: Typecast

Video Engagement

Videos cannot be ignored, be it anywhere. Even marketers support adding videos in an email invitation.

As per the study by Syndacast, adding video in the email subject line dramatically increases the click-through rate by 65%. Most of the participants will be high-level corporate executives who prefer videos over reading mail. So make the invitation a simple and interesting one by adding your introductory event video to increase the number of attendees.


Ideally, most of the attendees take immediate action and sign up for the event when they feel it is worth attending. You have to align their professional needs with the on-going events so that it pushes them to go forward for the CTA increasing the headcount of your attendees.

Make the event a surprising and delightful experience for the attendees, so that at the end of the day it should be the talk of the town.

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