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Key Email Marketing Trends to Foresight In 2018

4 Key Email Marketing Trends to Foresight in 2018

Evolution of email marketing has begun, and the market predictions are picking up much faster to make a quantum leap. Planning, anticipating changes and jumping into trends are some of the competitive effects of email marketing or even online marketing community.

Businesses are investing their time and efforts on vital marketing activities such as segmentation, optimizing email for mobile devices, personalization, re-engagement, loyalty programs, data cleansing and more. While not all the trends here may not be the new techniques, they are ones that will have a remarkable impact as we head 2018. Here you will find 4 Key Email Marketing Trends to Foresight In 2018.

1.AI-Powered Email Marketing That Will Make E-Mails More Human:

Email remains to be one of the prolific sources of communication for most of the marketing companies. According to Campaign Monitor, for every 1$ spent on email marketing, it brings in 38% of revenue. It’s no surprise that the evolution of AI is growing among businesses and especially email marketing. AI software’s are various of types, and there are several combinational approaches like behavioral data, segmentation, best email time, product recommendations, personalization and more. Here we have a list of major AI softwares:


for Adaptive marketing personalization that adjusts email timing focuses on apt subject lines, content, and personalization of drip email campaigns.

Hubspot’s Kemvi

– the system here is designed to identify new prospects, provides suggestions for creating personalized emails, identifying new market segments, and acts as a knowledge graph with information about buyers, markets, and products, helping salespeople understand their customer behavior.


– Content is the King and knowing that can uplift customer engagement and returns at your marketing platform. ICubesPro understands this and hence has powered a marketing platform that is more contextual and personal to audiences.

Making use of these software tools in your marketing campaigns can help your business deliver smarter customer experiences, forecast data with accuracy in a faster way.

2. Value Personal Data In A Respectful Way:

Businesses are meant to follow email marketing strategy to gain more customers and business out of it, but negative handling can leave a stigma attached to it. It is vital for organizations to lawfully process data while making sure that the data is adequate and correct.

The way data is shared through email with recipients may often be marked as SPAM, so it is wise to follow measures that comply with CAN-SPAM act and be free from hefty fines. With 2018, there is General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that will be enforced in May 2018 which certainly is the biggest change happening in email marketing. With this development, we will see businesses narrowing up the use of personal data.

3. Making Your Emails Conversational Friendly By Adopting Personal Interaction With Your Audience:

As per Conversant Media, 66% of the marketers are working towards securing internal resources to execute successful marketing campaigns.

We live in the fast-phased world, where everything wrong will get you out in minutes, and everything right will introduce you to something worthier. Customers do not want to treated as buyers; rather they expect to be treated with personal care. Interactive emails are no longer luxury but a necessity.

Most marketers are already integrating interactive content into the buyer’s journey by engaging them with quizzes, GIF’s, surveys, image carousels, sliders and making your emails fun to read. This not just increases the user engagement rates but also reduce bounce rates.

4.Kinetic Emails Will Change Your Experience With Emails:

Take interactivity to the next level, getting your customers attention and having them open your emails is a challenge and making them stand out in the crowd requires innovation and is a hell lot of challenge. Kinetic emails use animation and CSS transitions to highlight the key content, making the feel and the look of the website fresher and attractive.

As per the research by Experian’s Email Benchmark, the report reveals that the unique open rates and click rates for kinetic emails have increased by over 18% and 10% respectively, when compared to non-kinetic emails.

Kinetic emails are designed around to offer users an experience that will make their inbox look more fluid and quicker to register. Having Kinetic effects will undoubtedly enhance the rate of your email open rates and click rates.

Takeaway: Though email marketing has been one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, it is also the most effective and accessible channel. It still remains one of the active ways to reach customers and convert communication into sales. In today’s modern reality, the old school approaches may not work. However, we are fortunate enough that we have stability and ability to choose from, email marketing is inarguably evolving into the newer marketing life. Make use of the above trends that help you realize your true potentiality that in turn improve your email marketing.

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