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How to repurpose your blog content to get maximum exposure

Struggling to get much response for your blog post?

Repurposing the content is one of the proven solutions, which can get you the desired response for your post.

For years, marketers have been facing the daunting task to drive the desired traffic to their blog post. With many marketing companies working round- the-clock, competition is becoming stiffer to lock the attention of the reader.

Great content attracts more visitors and strengthens brand reputation but has to be promoted on powerful platforms so that it can get the high number of visibility. We will discuss some of the platforms which can skim out the perfect solution to be implemented by the marketers:

1. Repurposing In Medium:

Medium is one of the popular blog posting platforms where one can reach to an extensive audience with the varied range of current topics.

Publishing content on Medium is easy. You have to import content from the web, edit it, format to your liking and publish it to be seen by a broader audience. Medium can even figure out which of your Facebook and Twitter connections are there on the medium and immediately connects to them. The platform informs how many viewers have read your story and how many read till the end. If a new follower starts following you on medium, there are high chances he will soon follow you on other social media channels.

You do not require original content to post on medium, just a little syndication of the existing one will help you go an extra mile to reach your target audience.

Protecting SEO: Many marketers have the concern that whether cross-posting or reposting of the blog content will affect their blog’s SEO. Good news is that it will be not affected, if canonical tags are used. Canonical tag facilitates in evading the blog to be marked as duplicate and preserves its SEO. Medium is few amongst others which provide this useful feature.

2. Repurposing In LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is another effective platform for the repurposed content. The site which is already known as a professional networking avenue provides enormous potential for amplifying your reader base. It does not have the feature to add a canonical tag, but if you have reposted the blog in this platform, the search engine results will still show the original one in the better position than the latter one.

Protecting SEO: SEO again comes into the picture because repurposing the content in LinkedIn is trickier than medium. As you are not importing the content into this platform, it is also not adding the canonical tag to the blogs. It’s always advisable to wait for a couple of days before repurposing the content on LinkedIn as it takes a maximum of one week for search engines to implement the index of content.

Link to your blog: You have to provide many backlinks to your blog in the LinkedIn and include your URL, a note expressing where the blog first appeared. This has to be done without fail as here canonical tag are not used.

3. Syndicating The Blog Post:

It means you can republish your blog in third party website to get more traffic. Posting your blogs on sites which accept syndicate content can boost traffic to your website. Content marketers have tried this trick and got amazing results.

One has to do proper research on popular media websites, where he wants to see the blog content appear for the audience. This makes him aware that whether that popular website really syndicates the content or not.

For example, Growth hackers promote content which can boost the startup marketing. One has to only promote the post by submitting their URL. Hacker News is for programmers and entrepreneurs. If the content revolves around that, then it is perfect to post for the site. SimpleReach is unique out of all these, it determines which of the posts have higher chances to be shared and promotes those vigorously. Reddit is popular as it offers user- generated links where users have access to promote the stories by voting, to bring it to the front page.

4. Guest Blog:

Contributing to another person’s blog post is termed as a guest blog. It is a knowledge-based content where one can gain information about a specific product or service. Links which hugely acts in the ranking factor of Google is secured as a back-link from another website in the guest blogging. This helps in tapping a larger base of audience.

There are two ways of finding sites for guest blogging purpose which is using the sites which connect publishers and bloggers and prospecting the web like searching in Google and social media.

5. Creating An E-Book Of Blog Posts:

Creating an e-book of all of your blog posts is an innovative way of repurposing the content. You have to make sure that the blog which you choose has got good reviews in the past. Update the blog with the new information. It should provide some value to the readers like a short quiz of their decision on the next steps after reading your e-book. A strong opening and final thoughts make the e-book interesting to read.

6. Repurposing Blog Post Into Slides Share:

Creating a slide share of your blog post makes the content interesting to read. It should be made short and sweet to hold the attention of the reader. Put some powerful quotes from authoritative individuals to make the thoughts look real and actionable. Adding eye-catching visuals is one of the tactics to make the content look good. You can provide the link to original blog post.

7. Creating A Video Of The Content:

Most of the visitors do not spend much time to read the content in the post. In this scenario, a video which gives short but absolute information to be conveyed, can be provided to the readers.

To make a good video, you need creative ideas which can be gathered from the brainstorming sessions, and the best idea can be implemented. This tactic is beneficial as it can turn the video series a significant asset of marketing strategy.


With so much effort that goes into content writing, it makes sense for repurposing the content to get maximum exposure. The smart way of reposting the content on different social media platforms increases your outreach thus saving time.

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