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Effective Marketing Graphics With in A Shoestring Budget

Looking to attract more visitors to your site and that too at a minimum cost?

There are some effective solutions which can prove beneficial for you, the top one among them is creating beautiful graphics that looks attractive and professional at the same time.

As by now, you must be aware that a unique content with eye-catching image locks the attention of the reader and make him read the complete content. This increases the chances of converting the visitor as your customer. The main hurdle one can face in this process is executing all the process within an allocated budget.

As a content strategic point of view, a marketer should sketch out the content to make an instant connection with the reader. The graphics design conveyed in a simple but efficient approach makes the customer want more as he is able to grasp the information quickly. As stated in one of the famous business quotes which acted as a game changer for big and small businesses alike:

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” — Steve Jobs, co-founder, of Apple Inc.

Messages designed in graphics hit the visitor with the right message and that too within a budget. Majority of social network users love to interact with the marketers who post their content with more graphical images.

It has become a trend nowadays to create visually appealing content without the help of designers. There are many tools in the market which guides the marketers to follow their passion of designing an impactful content to hit the right chord of the readers.

Some of the awesome editing tools are:

1. Pablo:

This online photo editor is social media friendly and also free to use. One can craft beautiful social media images by just following some instructions. The image looks professional and ready- to- use in the sites.

One can have access to more than 25 stylish fronts, 600000 images and different sizes for posting on various social media platforms. They have to choose one template from a list of many templates, filter and upload their image, logo, add quotes and text. After everything is done, the Pablo tool allows the image to be shared on different social media platforms. The best thing about this tool is that, if ever one is surfing the web and come across some images they will able to see the icon of Pablo on the bottom right corner of the page. If it is clicked, then a new window pops up with the Pablo dashboard. There is access to all the features of Pablo without actually logging into the site.

2. Canva:

This is a very handy tool for amateur designers and marketers. All the options are customized so that they can instantly drag and drop the images. One can work on the images with the help of instructions. It has enormous ranges of templates which covers other options including social media such as presentations, posters, cards, blogs with graphs, etc. The height and width of the image can be also changed with custom dimensions feature. There is by default search options feature which allows one to search images from the search tab. One can even choose the shapes, charts, icons, etc.

There is also the feature of adding own text, upload the background image as per the liking. After picking the element, one will be able to see it on the canva’s right side. If one wishes to, they can change the color and size with the readily-available feature of drag and drop.

3. Skitch:

This tool redirects the attention of the reader to the important aspect of the image. It’s mainly used when there is specific information about the product or service to be conveyed to the visitor. The photos can be marked-up, and if the photos have to be collaged for a specific purpose like providing knowledge in a tutorial, then Skitch helps in a good way to make the photos look professional. This tool can be downloaded for free and across all the devices.


Image Courtesy: Backlinko

4. Easel.Ly

It sometimes becomes overwhelming for the visitor to completely grasp everything within a short period of time due to the bombardment of good number information in the website, and if the conveyed information is complex or boring then they move away from that page within no time.

This is the real reason which has increased the popularity of infographics in recent years. The tool converts the complicated information into visually appealing and easily understandable information. One has to do more research on data and write compelling content to make it noticeable and appealing to all the readers. Simple drag and drop feature here facilitates in creating highest quality graphics. One can create an informative and attractive infographic by using Easel.ly within thirty minutes.


5. PosterMyWall:

Video content on any social media platforms is more popular than text content, it is able to target a large number of visitors. It is a well-known fact that reading text consumes more time and requires good concentration when compared to watching a video. For this reason, marketers around the world are making video content a part of their marketing strategy.

43% of consumers are interested to see more video content from marketers. (HubSpot)

But to make video content, it requires a good amount of effort. The content has to be short and brief, interactive, and highlight the USP of the service or product so that the visitor can recall what he watched in the video.

This is made easy with PosterMyWall tool which provides a tool and high-quality footages for customizing the video and resized images.


Wrap Up:

As content marketing on any platform becoming increasingly visual, it has become a necessity for every marketer to include proper visual and marketing graphics in their marketing strategy. The design tools covered in this blog helps to create effective marketing graphics within a shoestring budget.

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