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Halloween Email Templates

Best Halloween Emails: Best Practices & Templates

As the age-old Celtic tradition becomes the most celebrated festival, email marketers are also alert to tap the season opportunity. They are putting their skills in the right place to design the best email templates.

Believe it or not, if designed well, Halloween email templates are some of the attractive templates of all!!!

It has the fun, creative, mesmerizing, elements to grab maximum eyeballs. Over the years, many marketers have mastered the art to design the right Halloween emails. If you have still not found the trick to designing it the right way, then you can find some useful ones here.

This blog would explore those elements that could be magic for your designing process:

A Really Trendy Design For Halloween:

Nasty Gal halloween campaignImage Courtesy: Mail Bakery


This email template could take your customer by surprise.

It has the right script, “witching hours,” right business offer, “30% off,” and, most importantly, the right Halloween ambiance. The design takes you to the imaginary haunted house ruled by witches and dracula.

A Smart Design To Align With The Halloween Theme:

Get Halloween ReadyImage Courtesy: Email Uplers

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

The adage seems to fit right for this email template. The brand UNIQSO that offers colored contact lenses, showcased its products aligned with the Halloween theme. The unique design is one of the creative works of the marketer that justifies how to promote the product and entertain the audience simultaneously.

Colored lenses, bats, spiders add the spooky touch and allures the audience.

Cool Candles:

Halloween candlesImage Courtesy: BeeFree.io

Cool candles to turn your heads…

Yes, these candles would enhance the Halloween ambiance. The smoky air adds the haze to bring on the feel of the festival.

Web Of Shoes:

Crocs halloween newsletter ideaImage Courtesy: Get Response

The crocs shoe email campaign is one of its kind.

The brand shows how to raise the excitement level with the news, free shipping order over 75 Euro. The Halloween message, “trick or treat in total comfort,” conveys how customers could enjoy the festive activities and the comfort of the shoe.

All said and done the right way, you could surely reap the right fortune of the email campaign.

A Ratty Email:

fortnum mason halloween email

Image Courtesy: Jilt

Yes, you got it right, a ratty email…

Cats, witches, haunted houses, broomsticks, all these Halloween symbols have become common. Now we would come to another special creature-the rat.

These mammals roam around in huge numbers in the abandoned houses. And in some horror movies, you would have seen rats feasting on the leftover food by their masters at the house. Using them as a symbol in your email campaign could bring out the right feeling of the dark, adventurous night in a lonely place.

Contemporary Email Design:

halloween email templateImage Courtesy: MassMailSoftware

A contemporary email design with a Halloween theme is a great combination. The American fashion retailer, Nasty Gal, captures the essence of the modern female. The message makes the email fun.

Boo, who?

This is a smart move by the marketer. The lines stating “take the role of the Pharaoh queen, Rock God” shows how the brand wishes to make their female customers feel good through their products.

It gives attractive offers with the mention of free shipping orders on $75 or above.

Shadowy Email Templates:

Halloween email animated

Image Courtesy: ConstantContact

The shadow obviously grabs your attention for a while.

Of-course nobody can miss some of the interesting visuals available on the web. The shadow here adds the spooky flavor in a fun way. The background shows the house that obviously looks haunted, a perfect set up for the Halloween night.

Showcasing Different Enjoyment Places In One:

los angeles halloween guide
Image Courtesy: SendPulse

Halloween is celebrated with much fanfare in all the states, and Discover Los Angeles designed the email template where all the activities in Los Angeles such as costume shops, parties, events are compiled into one page.

A short description of all the event attracts the audience, promising to take the whole experience to a new level. Every customer nowadays wants to enjoy life and when brands provide the same, all would inevitably come forward.

Connecting On A Different Level:

lands end halloween email

Image Courtesy: Jilt

The email is a perfect example, where the marketer combines the spirit of Halloween with the stylish pick. The ghost gives the right kick to the entire process. The interesting part, it is wearing the clothing from the store, the brand’s light peach color sweater.

Its not easy to avoid this funny and yet relatable email where the customer could check out some of the best home furnishing, clothing for their usage.

Dancing Pumpkin:

Using pumpkins in Halloween templates would never be out of fashion. But how about using it in an innovative way?

halloween postable emailImage Courtesy: MailJet

The example brings a smile on the face of the recipient as they could see the man enjoying and dancing in line with their expectations. The pumpkin mask brings out the jolly mood, just as what people expect from the festival.

Templates To Satiate Your Taste Buds:

Halloween Email Restaurant

Image Courtesy: Formget

A nice meal in the Caribbean island country of Cuba is what could delight many customers. Email marketers could grab the attention of their customers by displaying the best buffet varieties in their Halloween special menu. This could draw a good number of foodie customers as well as the ones who want to explore the culture of countries via their food.

So, how does the Halloween theme fit into the picture?

Well, the humble pumpkin is a vegetable, right? Decorate the restaurant area with those orange color vegetables and include that in email designs as well!!!

You could actually stand out with this out-of-the-box idea.

Witchy Surprise Email:

Halloween email ModClothImage Courtesy: DesignModo

The Halloween campaign by ModCloth is a delight for the female customers. The midi-dress, dress with prints could grab their attention. As rightly observed, once you know the pulse of your customer, marketing just becomes a piece of a cakewalk.

The first image of the witchy dress lights up the audience’s mood, making them to go through other options available in the email design.

Isn’t that smartly planned by the marketer?

Accessories To Complement The Mood:


Image Courtesy: Formget

Halloween shows that good dresses are just not the only thing to die for. Accessories could complement the entire look. The example shows how you could design the emails presenting the eye-catching Halloween accessories. The final look of the Halloween get up could be breathtaking if the customer wants it to be.

An Adventurous Trip:

halloween email getresponse
Image Courtesy: GetResponse

An adventurous trip gives the same adrenaline rush just as enjoying a Halloween night with friends. In this example, we can see how friends in their Halloween costumes are out to enjoy the night to the fullest. As a marketer, you can promote your product with this theme and reach out to the young crowd out there.

You should just have the intuitive power to know the email template that would click with the specific audience.

CGDHalloween 14:

Ok, do not be confused, it’s just a discount code sent by the Cadbury’s brand.

Cadbury HalloweenImage Courtesy: UplandSoftware

The brand promoted its goodies with this discount code and gave the time limit of 14 days. A 15% discount is good enough for children to go for these chocolates. They can enjoy it while indulging themselves with other Halloween activities.

This is a very good tactic on the part of the brand which rightly understands their customers.

A Template For The Outliers:

Pizza Hut halloween
Image Courtesy: DesignModo

Many customers have the pizza craving at odd times. Pizza Hut understands the needs of these customers and is ready to serve them. And it is just not limited to normal days; they can serve their customers on special Halloween nights to satisfy their customers, as conveyed in the example.

This is a very good tactic on the part of the brand which rightly understands their customers.

The Wait Cannot Be Longer:

Email monks

Image Courtesy: SFGate

Just as the countdown begins for the Halloween night, people become restless to celebrate the night with their friends and families. Marketers should know the trick to grab the attention of these curious customers. Email Monk shows how you could design these emails. Convey the message to the customer, the wait is over as the Big Night has arrived.


Halloween celebration alerts you of the wonderful holidays at the end of the year. As a marketer, being aware of the moods of your audience during this season, could bring you on the same page. It, in fact, is the best time to connect with the customers.

You could then design some useful email templates to hold the attention of your customer.

The blog presents you with some magnificent examples to incorporate in your campaign for the right promotion of your service.

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