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The Top Reasons For Switching Brand

In today’s highly competitive market, every day new companies are coming up with the same product that you offer. Because of which, a slight mistake in keeping customers happy can cost you heavily. Your loss can become anyone else’s gain. The moment you annoy your customers with inefficient services, that very moment you lose them to your competitors. You just cannot afford to shift your attention from giving your clients a great experience all the time whenever they do business with you. Be ready with new ideas and offers to sustain existing customers and at the same time get a new one. Now, you must be thinking that why do customers switch brands? What makes them do so? To answer all your queries, we have listed five reasons that will clarify your doubts, give you in-depth insight into the scenario and help you learn from it so that you can prevent your business from losing customers.

1. Annoyance of SMS marketing

SMS’s that are vague and pointless are sure to annoy customers. If they keep on getting spam messages in bulk with no call-to-action and relevant information, then they are likely to ignore them. Such desperate effort contributes to developing a negative impression on the SMS recipients towards the company from whom they are receiving it. Once customers mark your messages as spam, it will not be good for your overall reputation and compel customers to buy the same product from some other brand.


2. Wrongly Timed Marketing calls

Will you like to get a call in the middle of your weekend sleep? Won’t you be irritated to get calls during a meeting? Of course, you will, and same will your customers feel too. Marketing calls annoy each and everyone because they are wrongly timed. Even after subscribing to Do Not Disturb service (DND) service, customers continue to get abrupt calls about loans, property on sale or general surveys. Customers receiving such unwanted calls get annoyed and start developing bad thoughts about your brand. So, you must avoid making such calls otherwise you will end up giving your customers to others.


3. Asking for Feedback

Customers love their privacy. If you keep on poking them with feedback request, they are not going to be happy about it. Rather they are disturbed with such interferences in their personal space. To give feedback or not is their choice. You cannot force them to do so. Give them their time and if they love your service, they will automatically praise you and rate you. You won’t have to beg for it.


4. Unwanted Emails

Most of the time while buying any product from your website, customers are forced to sign-up for receiving email newsletter or emails with promotional offers. But a majority of them don’t like to receive such emails and are left with no choice to express what they want. If you keep on sending emails that customers are hardly interested in, they either ignore or delete or report them as spam. So, what happens next? The answer is simple. Customers on getting overloaded with unwanted emails finally decide to unsubscribe and move to some other brand.


5. Pointless App Updates

Customers get annoyed with frequent update requests. Now and then, your developers will keep adding new features to your app, trying to make it more advanced. But these updates not only consume a huge part of your data pack but are also unnecessary from a customer’s point of view. Don’t drag things to a level where customers tend to move away from your business. In the effort to sell more products, marketers often forget about what customers want. By stuffing them with emails, offers, and services, you are not going to do any good for your business. Do your marketing not only to sell but also to retain customers by providing them a good experience.


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