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Email Marketing in the Midst of Pandemic

If told some years back, no one would have believed a virulent infection like COVID-19 to strike the world. It’s just not the contagious nature of the virus that has brought down the world on its knees, but its fatal nature. This hidden enemy is mysterious and scientists are trying to find out how far the mutant virus can affect the immune system of the human population. There are a good number of constraints, keeping the morale low.

But as they say, this too shall pass.

The business world in the tight grip of this pandemic faces huge losses and is in a dilemma to integrate innovative ways that would generate the right results.

According to a statistic: 85% of the email marketers stated that their open rate has either decreased or stayed the same.

Now, that’s not a good sign; if recipients don’t open the emails, how will you convert them?

The scenario looks more complex than ever before. And to make things easier, you need the right guidance.

This blog would help you with some tricks that could refine your email approach and derive the outcome you’re looking for:

Include Educational And Subtle Content:

While we understand that promotional content is necessary, but too much of it could ruin the connection with the audience. In the present scenario, you should have a subtle approach, show compassion and make the recipient feel that you care for their business. The educational content can help businesses in taking the right approach.



Image Courtesy: ElasticEmail

As you can see in this email, Salesforce developed one of the best educational emails, motivating users to get valuable resources. Through this, the audience can learn more about Salesforce Development.

Offer A Faster Solution To Their Challenges:

Customers like solutions and more so faster solutions. Pandemic has thrown enormous challenges that organizations are struggling to resolve. In such a scenario, if your brand offers solutions that could resolve their difficulties in a short span, it could significantly increase the number of open rates and click-through rates.

So, accordingly develop the emails that offers resolving the customer’s challenges at a faster rate.

Change The Tone Of Your Email:

You should check the tone you use in the content; for example, if the tone is aggressive, customers won’t like to read it. During these times, you should be empathetic towards your customers and understand their state of mind.

It is just not only about “you,” it should be about “us.” So, develop the content that has an interesting tone but at the same time has a human side.


Image Courtesy: email design & more

In this email, you can see how the brand first addressed the challenge the world is facing right now. Then it moves on to the familiar challenges that a normal household would have, the content then moves onto the importance of a healthy and nutritious diet. It conveys how you can make your immune system strong.

Don’t you think recipients would be interested in reading this content?

After all, as they say, “health is wealth.”

So, develop content that strikes the right chord with the customer.

Adopt The Right Strategy:

Strategy making is the right thing to do in any marketing process. But here, the scenario is different; you need to be more empathetic towards your audience, the strategy should also be developed the same way.

Find the below example:


Image Courtesy: MarTech Series

As you can see in this example, the marketer spun the content revolving around the most talked subject- the pandemic. “Your stay-at-home activity kit,” is the best message that you could provide to the recipients. People would immediately connect to it as the humanitarian crisis engulfs the entire world.

So, what is the strategy the brand followed?

Although the business-Tattly is into the offering of high-quality temporary tattoos, it still followed the strategy to be in the customer’s shoes.

Here it offered a free standard domestic shipping. Almost the majority of recipients would be pulled towards such content, as they feel the brand is one among them.

You must have heard, “What goes around comes around.” During these times, if your customers get good vibes, then eventually, they would remember you when everything gets back to normal.

A Casual But Relevant Content:

You can provide both casual and relevant content at the same time. The brand below has shown how you can do it:


The email shows how despite all the odds, they are braving the storm. The shipping orders are still out at a regular pace.

While the content looks a normal piece, it is still relevant as per the current scenario.

Using The Words, The Right Way:


cvs campaign example

Just as you can see in this email marketing message, the organization has used the words, “Stay informed on the coronavirus (COVID-19),” which is then followed by the content which the organization feels would boost their service.

It includes the resources such as, prevention and prep tips, FAQS, tools and services. This would significantly motivate the recipients to click the learn more button and gather more information.

Although the brand is a healthcare service provider, it did the right thing by not aggressively promoting its service. Instead, it showed the compassion, which any recipient would look into. Also, the organization included the essential point such as getting free delivery on Rx and other store essentials. It would rightly click with the customers’ needs big time. They would never forget the empathy shown by the organization and would like to continue with their service.

Personalizing The Emails:

This is THE ULTIMATE tactic to connect with the right prospects during these uncertain times. We should always remember customers don’t acquire any product or service because your promotional activity was done well but they felt your services would resolve their challenges. So, understand every customer and their business challenges. This way, you could get into the point of designing and optimizing the perfect email personalized for every customer.

Personalization doesn’t mean only adding names or their personal information but leveraging this information to craft the content that would instantly connect with them to get the best results.

Finally, if got rightly, we’d know besides these tricks, you should list out essential points to be included in the email:

  • You want to add a special message or service aligned with the current crisis
  • Some useful data that your audience find it valuable to integrate into their business process
  • Latest news about your product or service

Plus, you need to be always alert, and send the emails at the right time to make the communication easier and more useful. According to a statistic, only 25% of the email marketers are confident that they have a solid communication plan in place during this crisis.

So, don’t you think you should have an action plan for a perfect Covid-19 email marketing?

Make the best use of this channel with less effort. A quote by Seth Godin, perfectly aligns the current scenario:

“Why waste a sentence saying nothing?”


While we don’t know how much time it would take to completely eliminate this deadly virus, but yes, during this pandemic, as an experienced and responsible marketer, you can certainly develop an email campaign that could bring a smile on the audience’s face.

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