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Email Marketing Hacks

Have You Implemented The Best Email Marketing Hacks

You would have sent many emails to recipients across the world, only to know that you are not getting the right response. This can demotivate any marketer as one needs to connect with their potential customers the right way to improve the business results.

So, how do you do it every time before you send an email?

There is no sure shot hack to bring your email marketing campaign on the right track, but you can try a mix of some creative and traditional hacks to check which one works best for your business. Every industry and business is different, so are the customers. You, as a marketer, should venture out to experiment with almost all the types to see which one works in a specific scenario.

Find out some of the best ones below:

Intriguing Subject Line:

When the subject lines make a statement that arouses the interest, among the reader to check what lies ahead in the content, then you have nailed it. Most of the readers are overwhelmed with bulk emails in their inbox that forces them to delete the majority of them before even opening it.

As a marketer, when you have put much effort into crafting those emails, you will surely not want your effort to go down the drain!!!

Check out the below example:

Email Subject Line Examples

Image Courtesy: SUMO

In the subject line itself, it raises the question, which sounds interesting to the reader.

An intriguing subject line, which compels the reader to read the email body is the way to go.

Making The Right Personalization:

This is one of the popular tactics. Personalization will never lose its sheen. Every customer loves it when they realize that marketers want to connect them on a personal level, but some times in a bid to reach out to more recipients, many marketers commit grave mistakes that can affect the performance of the email campaign.

Just check the below example:

Dear XYZ,
I hope you are doing well.
We are conducting a webinar next month that we think will be useful for your business…

The marketer has made a blunder by not putting the name of the recipient. Nobody will like the name XYZ. It can make the reader think that marketers do not care for them, thus they have clustered them with a group of other recipients that are equally irrelevant to them. Most of these readers will next time never bother to open your emails as they are already disappointed. If ever you have committed this mistake, then rectify it by sending an apology mail to them at the earliest. This can mend your relationship with them, and in the future, make them loyal customers.

Do Not Commit The Hyperlink Blunder:

Hyperlink blunder is the next thing that can push away your readers. There are times when in a hurry, marketers link the wrong hyperlink with the email body content, which can ward away the readers. You should know when you link the wrong hyperlink in your email content, then the whole objective to send the email to the reader falter badly.

The hyperlinks are the right connectors, which push the reader for CTA, to increase the conversion. So, if you are overwhelmed with much work, make sure to get your email proofread by your teammate or others before sending so that you can avoid such blunder.

Optimizing It For Mobile:

With most of the readers opening their email in mobile, it has become a mandatory practice for marketers to optimize every email for mobiles. You can think about this by putting yourself in the reader’s shoes. When you open any email in your mobile and finds that you cannot read it properly due to misalignment, then surely you are not going to read it further. Every marketer should make it a priority to optimize the emails to make it readable in mobiles before sending it to the reader.

Giving Something Extra:

Every customer or reader will always want to know the benefits which they will be getting from your email. So, when you mention the discount or offer, they will be obviously interested in reading the complete email, which gives you more time and opportunity to convert them as your customer.

Check the below example:


Image Courtesy: engagebay

Telling The Right Marketing Story:

Most of the marketers nowadays are using the story telling marketing tactic for reaching out to a maximum number of customers. Storytelling even helps in building the right image of the brand.

It helps to catch their attention the right way. Every time as you know, you cannot offer them discounts or gifts to hook them, you have to be innovative in your next step. Telling the story about your best products or your company’s journey, in brief, can help in holding their interest. Keep the characters real so that the audience can connect with them, of course, you can spice it up with the latest trends, but the way you portray your story to keep the readers hooked will be the deciding factor for the success of your campaign.

Keeping The Right Mixture:

Every reader is not the same, so make the right mixture of content, a little educational, a little conversational, funny etc. This will also help build the content that is not boring and imparting the message in the same mode throughout the email. Your audience will like informative and educational content as they can implement those ideas in their business, in contrast, the funny ones can lighten up the atmosphere after an overloaded knowledge imparting session.

The conversational ones will make the readers feel that they are communicating with real people.

Sending The Emails At Regular Interval:

You should understand that your readers are real human being and have brains to know when you are sending too many sales email that is overloading their inbox. Emails at planned intervals look professional and keep your service on top of the mind of your reader.

Adding Your Email Signature:

You would have never thought that email signature can play a crucial role in making the right impression on the minds of the reader.

You would be surprised to know that it does make!!!

Just add your name, designation, contact number, email address, with the company’s site and social media profiles.

Check out the image below:

Email SignatureImage Courtesy: eSputnik

Testing Your Emails Very Often:

You have to test your emails very often so that you do not end up sending poorly structured emails to the readers, which can derail your marketing campaign. Use the right marketing software to check whether the email looks proper. Make it perfect and compatible for the mobile and desktop reader. If any composite in your email looks misaligned, remove or correct it from the email before sending it out.

Thinking In Terms Of Marketing And Sales:

In the quest to craft a perfect email, many marketers tend to deviate from the main objective, which is increasing sales with the help of content marketing. Do not just focus on how to increase the open rate and click rate, think about how you can increase conversions with even a few numbers of click and open rates.

Developing A Well-Defined Process:

Having a well-defined process is what most of the marketers should have in their mind. Just implementing the hacks is not enough to make your campaign successful. When you cannot develop a well-defined process, then your email campaign cannot make the right impact. You should have a plan for developing a well-defined process to reach the best prospect. When you have an optimized process, then it also helps you to become more creative and experimental.

Asking Questions:

This might sound odd to you, but it helps to keep the audience engaged. When you ask the right question to your reader, such as:

Are you facing issues in reaching out to the right customer?

Are you unable to increase sales?

Then it increases the enthusiasm among the readers. They get the vibes that you understand their challenges, and want to help them resolve it.

Sometimes you can even ask the questions in a survey format, which makes the email content more engaging.

For example: Which marketing channel generates the best ROI?
Social media marketing
Direct mail marketing
Email marketing
None of these

Having A Perfect Pre-Header Text:

Last but not least, having a perfect pre-header text is one of the best email marketing tactics.

This content, which immediately follows the subject line content before the email is opened, is the next big attraction. When you arrange those bunch of words in the right way, then you will get more open rate. Optimize it in the best possible way as it might appear different depending on the device in which it is viewed.

Check the below example:

Priceline Elaboration

Image Courtesy: EmailOnAcid

Here you can see both subject line and pre-header are in sync with each other, mentioning the deals and other facilities.


It’s a complex job to understand the needs of every customer, but you can try different tactics to connect with them. The above blog charts out some interesting hacks which, as a marketer, you should not miss.

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