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7 email marketing mistakes that can affect your marketing campaign

7 Email Marketing Mistakes That Can Affect Your Marketing Campaign

“Focus on growing your list all of the time as newer subscribers are more engaged adding to healthier open rates and ROI.” – Karl Murray

Email marketing is smarter than ever and is one of the top performing tactics used in the marketing industry. It’s about delivering the right content to the right person at the right time. As per the survey conducted by Econsultancy on 1000 web-based business, email marketing has the leading ROI than any other channel. Email is easy – only if you want it to be. Get hold and simplify before it gets complex. If you fail to do it right, you can be blacklisted. The best way for a perfect email is its power to message with honesty and authenticity. It works than any better. The question then is: “how can I know what my email marketing mistakes are and how do I fix them?” Do not despair. To help you save the trouble, we have put together seven email marketing mistakes that you may be making and here are some handy tips to use to avoid them.

1. Subject Lines Not Being Clear

Subject Lines Not Being Clear

Clear Subject lines display the clarity of your content. If your subject lines appear to be unclear, the chances are high that your prospect doesn’t even click open. The subject lines should likely speak about your business or a service. No tricks, no clicks can be accountable for your open email rate. Personalized emails are in fact more welcomed by your prospects.

A study by Campaign Monitor proves that the clear subject lines lead to more than 62% than the tricky ones. Don’t lie or exaggerate, make not the subject line boring, don’t make them tricky or sound cleaver. Your email may be well drafted and rich in content, but it serves no purpose if it’s not opened. Hence, keeping it interacting, simple, short and straight to the point can be of real help.

2. Sending Emails Without An Option To Unsubscribe

It’s ideal to honor a recipient’s opt-out request; in this internet email world, the possibilities are high that your customers are already receiving tons of email. Leaving it to customer’s choice whether or not to continue receiving your emails is one of the client-friendly paths to carry. It’s much better to choose to have an ‘Unsubscribe button’ than risking yourself being marked as spam or listed in the Blocked list.

Sending Emails Without An Option To Unsubscribe

3. Don’t Ever Send An Email Without Testing It

Don’t Ever Send An Email Without Testing It

To avoid email rendering issues, it is advisable to preview your emails before sending them. Sending a test email to yourself just doesn’t work if you don’t see it in the receiver’s perspective. While you put in a lot of effort working on your email marketing campaign, this is one of the many things that you shouldn’t ignore.

It is important to note that emails can be rendered differently on different platforms. What appears to be perfect on the web might not look the same on a mobile device. Similarly, an email viewed on an iPhone with Gmail app could work well but might appear with broken content or broken link on an android phone. Preparing to avoid this uncertainty is the best way to lead in the industry.

4. Not Segmenting Email List

Not everybody would prefer to have a chocolate pancake on their plate. Some may like it flavorless, or some would prefer it with a different essence. Similarly not all your email clients would like to receive your emails. Subscribers who are very much interested in your product may be waiting to receive your promotion and some may not. Hence it is a good practice to segment your subscribers on a regular basis. It helps you to grow your recipient’s list in a manner that is relevant to a particular group. Segmentation can be done in dozens of parameters based on the Signup date, open rate, email bounce, geographic location and also the email reply rate.

5. Unclear Call To Action (CTA)

The intent of your email lies in the Call to Action. The purpose of your business or promotion should be placed right for the prospect to understand your offering. It is your opportunity to give your readers the direction that can lead to conversions. If you forget to include Call to Action you may lose a good number of prospects. It is relevant to place ‘Call to action’ all over the email and one at the beginning.

Unclear Call To Action (CTA)

6. Repeated Targeting

You have segmented your list based on different parameters to filter your group. Repeated or over targeting can be Harmful. Eliminating people you assume to not be in play can be one of the major decision makers. Targeting influencers is also proved to achieve higher conversion rates. Do not lose your charms while you look for diamonds.

7. Low-Quality Email List Hygiene

Low-Quality Email List Hygiene

Re-engaging your email list on a regular basis is one major key in running a successful email campaign. That effectively increases the efficiency of your mailing list and regulates email hygiene. It is also advisable to run a reactivation campaign after six months or more to understand who still wants to hear from you. However, in the mode of segmenting your inbox, you will learn from your list about the number of nonresponsive email address and the delivery rate. Also practising to keep a record of hard and bounce rate helps you determine the quality of your mailing list.

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