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top benefits of buying an email list for marketing

Top Benefits Of Buying An Email List For Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most widely accepted strategies by businesses. Why? Well, the reasons are countless.

One of the top reasons is widespread acceptability and cost-effectiveness. Recent studies show that 37% of businesses have increased their email marketing budgets, and 77% of marketers believe that email engagement rose in 2022.

These are encouraging signs, but an accurate and up-to-date email list is key to a successful email marketing campaign. Accumulating email addresses without cross-verification might get your brands into legal snags. Poor-quality data costs businesses $9.7 million on average each year.

All these insights indicate that your odds of reaching a broader audience increase dramatically with a reliable and extensive email list. That’s why marketers seek avenues to buy email lists from reputable sources.

Not convinced yet? You’re not alone.

Let’s dive deep to understand why email lists are beneficial over traditional marketing methods.

Top Benefits Of Buying A Targeted Email List

Though purchasing data has also attracted a bad rap in the industry, having professionally curated email lists are still a cost-effective and optimal way to scale your B2B business.
The cause of such reputations arises from the way marketers handle the process, not the utilization of unsolicited email contacts. So, when you properly use the purchased email lists coupled with email marketing tools, you can reap its benefits beyond limits.

To help you consider the different aspects of buying email contacts and make a wise decision, here is a list of the top 5 benefits of buying email listinstead of building it from scratch.

1. Expands Your Reach Without Limits


Expands your reach without limits

Email marketing is an excellent way to expand your reach. In addition, inbound marketing is exciting and generates some of the hottest leads you will ever get. However, it’s slow and effort-centric.

Inbound marketing combined with qualified email contacts can help your business snowball. Not only does it expand your reach, but it also allows you to personalize the message and keep your target audience hooked until they convert to paying clients.

Though, if you start compiling an email list manually, it could take months. By that token, you can acquire more potential leads with the global data at your disposal. You might even discover a pliable audience pool you never thought to target. With a bought email list, you can access warm contacts and improves your brand visibility.

2. Decreased Dependence On Existing Customers


decreased dependence on existing customers

Relying heavily on existing customers for profits is not a good idea. Why? Because your business can take a massive hit even if one customer leaves your side or decide to purchase from your competitor. It makes your company vulnerable and limits its profits.

On the other hand, more gateways open when you avail diversified email contacts. It allows you to quickly pick and choose the demographic you want to aim for, making it easier to expand your business to a new market. As you have a massive market to tap into and generate leads, a single failed lead won’t make a difference.

3. Swift Execution And Saves Time


swift execution saves time

One of the main benefits of buying email list is its ability to speed up the process. When marketers choose to build a contact list through organic means, it takes ages to compile the contacts and develop a solid contact base, and you already know that time equals money.

Data solution providers already curate email lists, keeping in mind that marketers need to make swift decisions and initiate business communications. Eventually, it empowers marketers to grow their contacts by leaps and bounds.

Additionally, purchased email lists help with the lead-generation process. This, in turn, gives their team more time to focus on closing deals and acing at other aspects of the business.

4. Effective Way To Fill Your Marketing And Sales Funnel


effective way to fill your marketing and sales funnel

Marketers always think of filling their sales funnel to improve the quality and number of conversions. Accessing an accurate email list would help businesses reach the right B2B audience and enhance the value of the sales funnel, moreover, shorten it.

Additionally, a marketing email list that offers valuable insights helps the sales team save time by reducing the effort in chasing fresh leads.

Once marketers connect with the leads through quality data, they can find whether it is warm, cold, or new leads and push them to the right sales funnel. Now, the marketing team can take the onus of nurturing these leads, while the sales team can convert the warmed-up leads easily.

5. Targeted Niche-Relevant Contacts


targeted niche relevant contacts

It’s crucial to have access to accurate and niche-driven data for better conversions. But it’s not an easy task to fulfill. Numbers show that 94% of businesses think their prospect data is inaccurate, leading to business losses. It’s because they gather data from many irrelevant and unreliable sources.

Though marketers looking to scale their business should never overlook this aspect, sometimes they get caught up in the sheer number game. But remember, a list of 2000 targeted email contacts in your niche is better than having 20,000 random email contacts.

Reputable data providers can help you access targeted niche-relevant and accurate email addresses.

Buying email contacts from a trustworthy provider assure data accuracy and helps you get past the nuances of redundant and inaccurate information.

When Should You Purchase A Reliable Email List?

All these above benefits indicate that email lists are valuable. Otherwise, finding credible data without investing time and resources is a tough task to do.

Evidently, email marketing strategies have consistently produced the highest ROIs for companies who swear by them. But other cut-and-dry marketing strategies reap less return on investments and take more effort. No matter how hard businesses try to utilize other traditional marketing methods, it’s difficult to beat what purchased email lists can do.

So, if your company aims to generate more B2B leads, an email list will do the trick for you. As soon as you start a business and venture into the marketing side of it, buy the right B2B database. It will help you ward off the competitors from fetching your prospects.

You will start seeing the overwhelming response in no time.

Value Of Quality Email Lists

B2B email lists are essential to any B2B company’s success. A number of reasons tip the scales in favor of purchasing email databases from trusted sources.

Usually, B2B companies invest abundant time and resources into curating their lists and waste them on spray-and-pray marketing methods. Moreover, building quality contact lists from scratch is not always feasible.

Buying business email lists to charter new territories can help you cut through the uncertainty and establish a network. Whether expanding to a new market, launching a new product or taking your business overseas, a well-curated and segmented email list is a great place to start.

There are plenty of benefits of buying email list. So regardless of the money you spend on it, leveraging an extensive email database will help you to convert your prospects into customers.

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