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B2B Lead Generation Email Template

Due to cutthroat competition, many brands can’t scale their business and connect with target clients. As companies are tired of sales calls, you need to adopt another effective technique for lead generation – email marketing.

59% of the top marketers choose email marketing to fetch leads, but they need to craft the correct email to set their brand apart and impress their clients.

Need a headstart? Find the best B2B lead generation email templates below to draft killer email campaigns.

1. Email Template For Brand Introduction

Use this email template to introduce your brand to the target client. It’s simple, direct, and shows your interest in the client.


Hi [First Name],

I want to introduce myself as [your designation] at [your company’s name]. My company offers [products/services], and I observed that you visited our platform last week.

It encouraged me to check out your [Prospect’s Company] website to learn more about your services and the strategy you’re following [sales, marketing, customer service].

I figured out some areas where I could help.

Our [products/tools/solutions] can help you improve your [strategy] and achieve excellent results [add ROI percentages].

Do you want to get on a quick 15-minute call to discuss it in detail?

If so, you can directly schedule a meeting here: [Meetings link]

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

[Your Name/details]Email Template to Ask Questions and Offer Value

2. Email Template To Ask Questions And Offer Value

This template will ask a catchy question to your lead about something they might want to achieve. Then, you can quickly talk about how your brand can help the lead achieve it.


Hi [First Name],

Do you want to achieve [your product/service benefit]?

I visited your [lead’s company name] website and found how you’re working towards [results in your brand can offer], so I’ll get to the point.

I am [designation] at [your company name] and would love to provide some fantastic tips to improve your ROI in [area or strategy the target company is working on].

[Tip 1]

[Tip 2]

Don’t have time to execute these tips? That’s where we [your company name] can help you.

Feel free to reach out to us on our [phone number] or [email address]

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

[Your Name/details]

3. Email Template To Offer A Free Tool

A great way to attract your lead is by offering a valuable free tool, as described in this template.


Hi [First Name],

I am [designation] at [your company’s name] and came across your site. I admired your [products/services] and how you’re trying to achieve [business targets/benefits you provide].

I believe our brand can offer the appropriate services to boost your [business objectives]. That’s why I would like you to try our free [benefit/product USP] tool!

If you like and want to know more about it, call me on this [number] or mail me [email address].

Have a great week ahead!

[Your Name/details]

4. Content Promotion Email Template

This template can help showcase your B2B content marketing services to the target client.


Hi [First Name],

I hope you are having a great week!

This is [name] from [your company name].

I read your blog post on [topic] and absolutely loved how you presented [a brief article summary].

Besides being a great read, I noticed the post did not have a step-by-step process to [topic].

You need not worry, as we are here to enrich your posts with amazing content!

Please look at our content services [link to your services/case studies/articles].

Feel free to reach out to me whenever you need our services.


[Your Name/details]

5. Email Template For Connecting With A Site Visitor

Use this B2B template to mail a lead who has already visited your site to improve the chances of a response.


Hey [First name]

I hope everything is excellent on your side.

You recently visited our website [site name] and [did this – subscribe/signed up]

We are overjoyed and would like you to check out these additional resources:

• [Resource 1]

• [Resource 2]

Our brand will also take care of your [specific objective] by offering [product/service].

If you would like to talk more about this, schedule a meeting here: [Meeting link]

Waiting to hear from you soon!

[Your Name/details]

6. Follow Up Email Template

In case your lead missed your email or hasn’t responded, you can send a follow-up email to be on their mind. It also shows how much you value their response.


Hey [First Name],

If you missed out on my email [sending date], I wanted to tell you [reason for sending the email]. You’ll be glad to know how our brand [value proposition to attract lead]!

I just want a few minutes of your time to –

• [Action 1 – sign up/subscribe]

• [Action 2 – check a client-specific offer]

Feel free to connect with me on [phone number] and [email address]

Have a splendid week!

[Your Name/details]

7. Lead Nurturing Email Template

It’s important to keep in touch with your target clients and leads constantly. You can send lead nurturing emails using this template.


Hey [Name],

I hope you’re having a fantastic week!

We are about to begin a new quarter and would like to know a few things –

Are you still trying to achieve [benefit your products/services offer]?

Will you still be interested in [your solution to the pain point]?

If you answer yes to both, you can get in touch with us on [email address] and [phone number]

Thanks and regards,

[Your Name/details]

8. Lead Generation Template With Social Proof

Providing social proof that your brand has helped established companies will make you more reliable in front of your lead. Check out this template to include it like a pro!


Hey [Name],

If you’re running short on time, I’ll get straight to the point –

Our brand has recently helped [name of popular organization] achieve [business objective your lead can relate to].

We are proud to have outstanding reviews from [famous company 1] and [well-known company 1].

So, I am confident that our services can help you [pitch/benefit] and skyrocket your sales!

Are you interested in a 10-minute quick call this week? If yes, schedule a meeting with us here: [Meeting link]

Thanks and regards,

[Your Name/details]

Parting Thoughts:

No matter how carefully you craft the B2B email, personalize it. Try to keep your lead at the centre of your email campaign and highlight your services. It will increase your response rates and enhance lead generation.

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