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4 Email Marketing Tips That You Must Follow This Black Friday

Black Friday is going to be here before you know it. For millions of people, it’s time for some serious shopping. Billions of dollars are spent with numbers rising every year. As a Marketer, you probably would have started preparing for it even before Halloween. It’s one of the super effective marketing channels when consumers are in the mindset of shopping for themselves or friends and family.

Tides are changing, more and more shoppers are moving to online, it’s this season of the year marketers boost and optimize the sales opportunities. For most businesses Black Friday, Cyber Monday continue to make Thanksgiving week one of the biggest shopping events of the year.

If you want to have more sales and great business, you need to make sure you got the best email marketing tips to follow this Black Friday. Here are some of them:

1. Design Your Marketing Campaign:

Prepare your recipients list early and start with sale announcement email, the closer you get to the holiday season, the fuller your receivers inbox is likely to become. Ensure to compete with other promotions and essentially plan to offer variant promotions to multiple groups. Take a simple approach to generate excitement and anticipation by offering great deals. Create a calendar, map all your discounts and offers for the upcoming holiday season.

Your email can also act as a great move it’s necessary to have a clear and appealing subject line, keep your email body elegant yet straightforward. If you have an announcement about the sale, apparently announce it and focus on the call to action. Sometimes, retaining things simple is the best way to go ahead.

You could Head Start Monday by initiating a notification email to your past, repeat customers and new prospects, remind them about the offers on a Tuesday followed by Thanksgiving day and Black Friday, continue sales on Saturday and maybe give a break on Sunday and plan to prepare for the following week Cyber Monday.

2. Segment Users And Personalize Your Email:

If you haven’t segmented your email list, now is the right time to do a thorough clean up. Prepare your marketing campaign by grouping your subscribers based on gender, topics, frequent buyers, holiday shoppers, no purchase subscribers, and demographics. Knowing your segment types helps you analyze the frequency of your sending email to the different segmented lists and as well as content you choose to include.

After you have segmented your email in a way that makes sense to your business, take it a step further. Add a personal touch to catch your subscriber’s attention. Personalizing your emails around the contacts can make a remarkable difference and help clinch more sales. Personalization has proven to drive real customer engagement, consider being more relevant by looking for your previous years browsing behavior and customers purchase history.

Personalizing is also about the tone and the feel of your email, include GIF’s when necessary and write the way you talk.

3. Optimize To Make It Mobile Friendly:

According to the Adobe study, during black Friday holiday season, mobile devices drove 55% shopping visits while resulting in $586 million in sales exceeding desktop shopping by 17% more.

Mobile devices are now no longer a luxury but a necessity, mobile usage peaks during the holiday season while people are away from their homes and desks. You never know where and how your readers open your email. It’s worse but nothing when a user is not able to open an email. Consider using tools like litmus that help you optimize your emails be it on a mobile or a desktop device. Double-check to see your email work on all user platforms before you shoot it.

4. Offer Discounts:

Black Friday is all about massive sales and big discounts; it’s a great way to draw customers into your store during this busy time of the year. While customers look for something that they can’t ignore, it’s your turn to offer tempting discounts. Offering discounts are the way to re-activate previous shoppers or customers, convert shoppers into repeat customers, create inquiries and attract more shoppers through existing customers.

Another way to boost sales is to test your offers with multiple plans maybe by offering gift card discounts, bundling up your purchase, or by giving referral discounts.

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