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3 Clever Tactics To Dilate Your Email List Using Videos

The video is pivotal in modern marketing. Don’t take my word for that. Explore these facts:

  • Snapchat (video sharing platform) is worth $20B. The feat was accomplished in 5 years.
  • Instagram cloned Snapchat’s video feature at a one to one scale.
  • The VP from Facebook told in the coming years Facebook will incorporate “video only” feeds
  • The emails with title containing “Video” is known to push the open rates by 20%
  • The video enclosed within the email will improve the click-through rate by 61%
  • Influential videos can bolster the conversion by up to 100%

Why Does A Business Require Video?

Video platform has stood out as an accomplished tool in marketing mainly to its outstanding ability to build a connection with the audience through thought evoking stories.

The video is known to captivate the audience’s attention by effectively conveying the ideas in an intuitive manner. Educating audience through video does not require tremendous cognitive efforts as an average human is capable of processing visuals 60,000 times faster than a static text.

Hence, video stands apart outperforming its competitors and becoming an alpha channel through which marketers can interact with their audience. Here is how you can turn blog readers and visitors into email subscribers:

Aggregate Emails Through Video

Your website can use used as a touch point for visitors to view the video. The visibility is best when media is placed on the home page or within a blog. Using video hosting services such as Wistia turnstile the emails can be obtained from the visitors.

The video is made available as a gated content where visitors can submit the details before proceeding to watch the content. In doing so will improve the conversion figures.

The inclusion of video is only a small part of the strategy. After the video is availed, it must be tested. Every micro aspect must be tested for functionality and usability.

Provide Videos As An Upgraded Content To Attract Leads

The alternative method of building your lead list is to provide video-based content that will attract the leads. The content of the video can be tutorials or webinars that are informative and useful to those who consume it.

If you are planning to distribute post that could act as a step by step solution addressing a challenge, an instructional video is an invaluable asset in getting consumers to act or respond.

Integrating CTA within the video message could increase the chances of click through rate by encouraging the recipient to sign up and do more. He consumers who sign up could be rewarded by sending a link to a private video that could be invaluable to their business.

If you are presenting a video on the home page, it is likely to be pointed at niche audience to addressing concerns. However, video within the text-based content should serve the users as a solution to a problem perspective.

Such well-planned measures could lead to a steady stream of opt-ins.

Reassess The YouTube Settings To Improve The Email Aggregation

If you are marketing through YouTube, monetize its potential by turning them into an ideal touch point for collecting email addresses. YouTube offers two cool features such as annotations and cards enabling marketers to obtain contact information.

You must integrate your site with YouTube account before linking the cards or annotation with your website. You will have to complete the verification provided by the Google for verification of ownership.

While promoting videos, it is important to have a clear vision of objectives. Marketers can capture two types of audience from Youtube – Youtube subscribers and email subscribers

If you are targeting email sign-ups, which is more niche from a sales point of view incorporate links that would carry the visitors to your business page.

The most proven tactic is to promote a custom page on your marketing site with an address that goes by domain.com/subscribe

Such simple actuation could double and even triple the conversions due to sheer simplicity in the template. It is best not to include a scroll feature which would otherwise wear out users. Also, such promotions become influential when you could lure the audience through simple incentives for completing the sign-up.

Some marketers may hesitate at the thought of revisiting each video to include captions. However, tools such as Tube Buddy are an excellent resource for simultaneously updating videos.

The other alternatives are VidiQ that can number crunch the results to decipher the performance and ranking.

If you haven’t attempted making YouTube videos for your branding, here are some ideas that could bring the right value:

  • One to one interview with experts
  • Informative technical tutorials
  • A technical review of strategies and breakdown of results

Videos are an excellent way to establish credibility and authenticity because the audience can see real faces and that could make them trust the brand and its offerings. With related videos, it is easier to make people subscribe with email.

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