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ushering prospects towards consultation through 3 important emails

Ushering Prospects Towards Consultation Through 3 Important Emails

Email marketing is a growth catalyst for business with the online presence. However, a majority of those who engage in email marketing practices are not well acquainted with the behind the scenes process that leads to conversions.

This write-up outlines the email marketing tactics you didn’t know.

Outdated Methods That Fail

Marketers tend to believe that email marketing is a one-time thing that does not require reviewing once they are sent.

Mass distribution of email marketing messages packed with informative content outlines the incompetence and is likely to bring disappointing results. Many marketers are still under the clichéd misconception that by launching thousands of emails, a small fraction would lead to a consultation opportunity.

Email blasting was once the bread and butter of direct marketing where marketing distributes enormous volume of flyers, newsletters, and brochures to audiences who are assumed to have qualities of potential prospects.

Sending emails to people who have already expressed interest will lead to 1% increase in response rate. However, spamming is much trickier. It leads to 0.1%.

Unprepared marketers often bite more than one can chew and risk their time, efforts and reputation. Email marketing needs precision and clear cut understanding of the target audience.

The solution

Email marketing and direct mail cannot be seen on the same plane. Of course, email can be used to send documents of bigger volume.However, its primary intent is to sustain a reciprocating conversation.

Email is useful for speaking to prospects and customers leading to sales conversion through a series of brief messages that will help to start a conversation. Once the conversation progresses to a stage where prospects are aware of the solicitor only then can you request a consultation.

Honed Mailing List

Before sending out emails, shortlist the prospects whose profile inclines with your marketing interests. This way, you can avoid being reported by prospects.

Opening email

Starting a conversation requires an email to be no longer than 2 to 3 lines. The intent is to get the attention of recipients by partially revealing the benefits.

Follow up email

If the opening email goes unresponsive, then you can send follow up emails acting as a reminder to elicit the response. The follow-up messages are shoulder tapping emails and do not encompass additional information than the initial email.

Hail Mary email

If the follow-up emails fail to elicit a response, the prospects are offered a final chance to respond and hence the Hail Mary email.

More Research

If all your attempts to gain the response from the audience has failed, marketers must research on your prospects interest. Running a quick check will reveal how incline your marketing inventories are to your prospects need.

Qualification Email

A qualification email embodies factors that highlight the gain on behalf of prospects based on the findings from research. Such emails are allowed to be slightly longer but cannot peak over initial email. Exclusivity on relevance is important than the volume.

Consultation Request

If the benefits are convincingly conveyed, and the potential buyers have expressed interest, marketers can ask for a consultation.

Alternative channels

Providing alternative methods of getting in touch with marketers will boost the response rates. The alternative methods may be a personal letter, voice mail, social media channels, etc.


The opening emails must be short and tidy to maximize the chance of gaining the attention. A well crafted honed list will push the response rates by 20-70%

Many a time, opening emails have a slower response. However, coupled with follow-up email, the initial emails can gain a boost of another 5-10%

Hail Mary emails have a unique trait because these emails serve a particular purpose in garnering the attention of users who have ignored every invitation from the marketers. Hail Mary emails can be long and can also be crafted sportively.

Despite spending every effort to get recipients to open your email and respond, the number of consultation earned by marketers will depend on the method chosen by markets to customize qualification email. With a responsive template, you can work your way up the ladder to meet your goals.

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