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donald trump or hillary clinton who won the battle of email marketing

Donald Trump Or Hillary Clinton – Who Won The Battle Of Email Marketing?

Email plays a significant role in convincing financial or individual donors to invest in Presidential election campaigns, helping the nominees to pursue their mechanisms of the campaign without any hurdle. Apart from the monetary benefits email brings for the candidates, it also says a lot about how they will be performing as the President. Their technology and creative choices unveil their potential as a leader and their ability to deal with identifying and solving problems. According to Marketingtechblog, about 59 percent of respondents who were reported to donate to Hillary Clinton’s campaign were persuaded by email as against 19 percent of Donald Trump supporters.

Direct speech or debates addressed to the live audience is great, but most of the time it limits a candidate’s words by restricting them to be more cordial and courteous in the way they project themselves. But with emails, they can speak their heart out in a more candid manner to each voter on a personal level.

Presidential Election’s Email Usage Stats: Who Did The Best Job And Who Did The Worst?

With the growing importance of digital marketing, email campaigns happen to be the first choice of most of the marketers for building and maintaining their online identity. Even the nominees contesting for Presidential election understands it, and that is why they have put a lot of effort into their email campaigns right from the beginning. In comparison to Trump, Hillary Clinton has been more successful with her emails as stats revealed that 46% of respondents subscribed to Hillary Clinton’s email campaign while 22 percent for Donald Trump.

At the start, Trump had a relatively small subscriber list as compared to Clinton’s large email list. Though Trump camp had to build an email list from scratch but moving ahead, they bucked up at a fast pace resulting in the creation of a list 9 percent larger than Clinton’s. You must be thinking that how did he do that? It’s not that difficult to answer, though. Well, he might have taken the help of an email list provider to build his database. But, in spite of doing so, most of his emails went into the spam folder.

According to Return Path, 60 percent of Trump’s fundraising email never reached inboxes because of being sent from an untested, new domain, which spam filters could not recognize as a legitimate sender. His emails were sent from four different domains with varying spam rates. On the opposite hand, Hillary Clinton hardly had to face such speed breakers with her emails as her entire email program was conducted from a single, certified domain. As a result of which, her messages got delivered to the right inboxes at the right time. Not only this, at every step she followed best email practices, right from making the campaigns highly targeted and well tested, customized individually for different segments of her subscriber list. Hence, such methods proved fruitful for her, and she had zero emails reported as spam. Her years of experience in the political diaspora have given her immense experience with the right mindset.

Even regarding email strategists, Hillary Clinton was ahead of Trump. The Clinton camp apart from focusing on their campaigns kept a close watch on their competitor’s strategies. The best example of this got reflected when Clinton’s email strategist used Donald Trump’s remark that Clinton was playing “Woman’s card” in her favor. That is how you should work. Marketers should be open to new ideas that audience can relate to even when it doesn’t align with their brand. Their flexibility resulted in raising funds of $2.4 million through emails and other products, reported The New York Times.

Both did their best but at the end what turned the table were the stats that showed how an efficient and robust email strategy could give marketers an upper hand over their competitors like they did to Hillary Clinton in the race to win the supremacy of the White House.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn from these two personalities and plan your strategy accordingly to get the best results with minimum setbacks.

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