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A Brief History of Oracle Corporation

Oracle is a multinational technology corporation specialized in developing and marketing database software & technology, enterprise software products and more. It has hugely influenced global business transforming the world for the better. Oracle Corporation’s timeline shows how it has rapidly advanced enabling markets to expand and flourish. Here is a look at the major events at Oracle since its existence.


  • 1977: Larry Ellison, Bob Miner and Ed Oates – The 3 found oracle and 1st named it as Software Development Laboratories (SDL).
  • 1979: Changed from Software Development Laboratories (SDL) to Relational Software, Inc (RSI).
  • 1982: Relational Software, Inc (RSI) becomes Oracle Systems Corporation.
  • 1985: Finally changed from Oracle Systems Corporation to Oracle Corporation.
  • 1987: Oracle Introduces UNIX-based Oracle applications
  • 1994: Oracle becomes the first vendor to release a media server with tools for managing and delivering multimedia applications.
  • 2002: Oracle releases Oracle Database, Oracle Application Server, and Oracle E-Business Suite.
  • 2004: Oracle Corporation Acquires JD Edwards.
  • 2005: Oracle Corporation acquires PeopleSoft.
  • 2008: Oracle Releases Oracle Beehive that provides team workspaces, email, calendar, instant messaging, and conferencing on a single platform.
  • 2010: Oracle announces its acquisition of Sun Microsystems.
  • 2016: Oracle buys NetSuite – the very first cloud company.
  • 2017: Oracle has become one of the most successful companies in the world with profit percentages in excess of 30%.
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