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10 steps email marketing checklist

10-Step Email Marketing Checklist

Besides connecting with customers on social media and video campaigns, companies believe that emails are still effective. That’s why the email marketing revenue might soar up to $17.9 billion by 2027!

Follow this checklist to launch a stunning email marketing campaign.


10 steps email marketing

1.Email Lists

  • Build your email list using data on existing customers
  • Aim to send emails to the most loyal customers
  • Develop another list of target customers
  • Highlight your product value and benefits in the mail

2.Subject Lines

  • Write catchy subject lines to hook the reader
  • Include sufficient information to increase curiosity
  • Highlight the major benefit of the promoted brand or product
  • Analyse click-through rates to understand the subject line’s effectiveness
  • Look at successful subject lines for inspiration


  • Keep the language crisp and casual
  • Modify the tone according to the target customer
  • Include simple terms and avoid complicated jargon
  • Make the content attractive and easily readable
  • Don’t be pushy and mislead the customer into buying something


  • Short emails within 75 to 100 words have a response rate of 51%
  • Keep the email short and compact to engage the customer
  • Avoid going beyond 200 words and over 20 text lines
  • Optimize the email length for smartphones and other devices
  • Ensure it takes around 5 to 8 minutes to read the content

5.Your Call-To-Action

  • Emails with a single CTA gain 371% more clicks than mails having multiple CTAs
  • Ensure your CTA is actionable and catchy
  • Position it properly for the reader to find it easily
  • Make the CTA button bright and simple
  • Check if it’s correctly linked to the appropriate web pages
  • Create the CTA according to your customer’s requirements


  • Add attractive images to make the email intriguing
  • Images must be relevant and focused on your products/brand
  • Avoid stock photos and use original pictures
  • Use images to divide the content and increase readability
  • Don’t add too many images and maintain a balance


  • More than 40% of customers prefer personalized emails
  • Personalize emails to improve open rates and CTRs
  • Utilize personal information to craft the content and enhance engagement
  • Address the customer by their name and mention previous purchases
  • Introduce yourself and your company too while pitching
  • Send personalized emails to loyal users to boost sales

8.Frequency & Quantity

  • Send emails at a reasonable frequency for customer engagement
  • Try sending 2 to 3 emails weekly to target customers for brand promotion
  • Avoid sending too many follow-up emails
  • For existing customers, two emails per week will be effective
  • Ensure emails are relevant and will interest them

9.Avoid Being Spam-Y

  • Avoid flooding your customer’s mailbox with weekly emails
  • Don’t add deceptive subject lines or content that’ll confuse readers
  • Remove excessive points, and caps lock in the content
  • Attaching too many files might trigger the spam filters
  • Stop using too many colored texts and emojis

10.Track Your Performance

  • ook at Google Analytics to understand the campaign’s effectiveness
  • Open rates will tell you the users who opened your mail
  • Click-through rates define users who clicked on links
  • Analyse CTA clicks and sign-ups or subscriptions
  • Check the locations where your readers belong
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