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Ohio email list Michigan email list Kansas email list
West Virginia email list Maine email list Delaware email list
Vermont email list Georgia email list North Carolina email list
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United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States is a land of 50 states and 14 territories. The country is known to have a capitalist economy. It has abundant mineral resources, with many gold, uranium and coal deposits. It is also a major producer of corn, sugar, maize, and tobacco. Around 3/4th of Americans work in the service industry and are highly skilled and better compensated. The world’s 3rd largest country is a home for many major retailers and IT companies like General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Kroger, Target, IBM, McDonald's, Walmart and more. If you want to get in touch with professionals and business users from major industries, our US business email list will be the right choice.

Grab the attention of leading business executives within the United States through customized campaigns. Our US email list is a comprehensive collection of most sought after B2B data that helps you reach professionals with buying intent. The carefully assorted USA business email list is perfectly segmented to make your efforts responsive and profitable. Whether you want to engage with your prospects via email, telephone or direct mail, our database will make way for your successful multichannel marketing campaign. Our authentic and reliable database is built from our data experts who source data from various trusted sources like B2B meet up’s, trade shows, business conferences, publications, magazines and many more.

The US business email list from InfoClutch aims to serve marketers of any industry scopes. The list is clean and worthy of your attention because we customize the list based on your inputs so that you will obtain the most seamlessly engineered road map to reaching highly influential prospects. Our new class of data is committed to bring healthy ROI and revenue from every opportunity by giving your prospects the right reason to prefer your marketing solutions over the rest. Our 50+ selects is a tailored composition that gives traction to your efforts during client acquisition while keeping loyal customers closer with US email list.

Data Card

At InfoClutch, we excel at building mailing lists based on Job title, Industry type, demographics and other segments. Glance through our USA Business data cards below to know more:

Job Roles Emails Phone and Direct Mail
Senior Management 1,454,896 10,619,151
Operations 1,021,485 7,459,226
Sales/Business Development 853,371 6,228,814
IT 359,347 2,620,049
Engineering 357,421 2,607,581
Finance 335,102 2,443,860
Media & Communication 259,098 1,889,832
Marketing 216,673 1,580,922
Research 216,010 1,578,468
Program & Project Management 212,723 1,554,474
HR 206,602 1,505,013
166,017 12,247 1,215,107
Real Estate 154,832 1,132,670
Quality Assurance 77,882 566,952
Purchasing 45,588 332,004
Product Management 38,784 286,311
Total 5,975,831 43,620,434
Industries Emails Phone and Direct Mail
Healthcare 275,695 2,011,784
Information Technology 267,756 1,956,220
Retail 164,209 1,201,110
Manufacturing 161,465 1,177,903
Construction 155,426 1,132,230
Banking + Financial Services 140,525 1,024,248
Business Services 135,406 986,877
Consumer Goods & Services 120,455 877,731
Government 106,704 779,741
Education 106,388 775,049
Real Estate 93,847 685,883
Law Practice + Legal Services 69,977 513,225
Oil & Energy + Renewables & Environment + Utilities 68,113 499,619
Supply Chain & Logistics 66,760 484,967
Insurance 60,443 438,853
Automotive 54,635 401,225
Hospitality & Travel 52,512 382,541
Telecommunications + Wireless 48,986 356,802
Media & Publishing 45,684 330,314
Marketing & Advertising 43,927 319,081
Nonprofit Organization Management 43,665 320,354
Human Resources 31,030 228,115
Pharmaceuticals 30,415 219,646
Research 28,597 210,359
Mining & Metals 2,558 16,939
Investment Banking & Venture Capital 20,724 153,674
Public Relations & Communications 17,561 127,407
Wholesale 17,315 125,605
Warehousing 10,796 78,020
Mining & Metals 8,943 63,696
Industrial Automation 7,607 53,149
Total 2,455,568 17,915,427

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