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The Five C’s That Would Nurse Your Social Media Success

As we know, social media is one of the fastest changing forms of marketing online, yet billions across the world are using it, and numbers keep growing.

Change is the only constant in any form of industry and business. For social media marketing, it holds 100% true. It is maturing across every corner from news feed algorithms to change in content types, strategies, the way they are used and interpreted.

However, if you stick to the five C’s of social media marketing, you could see tremendous opportunities evolving from all your customer engagement initiatives.

Here in this blog let’s explore the 5 C’s that would nurse your social media and its success.

1. Content:

Have you ever wondered if you have your content is ever structured to support your social marketing efforts or are you just producing it on a whim!

Content is the hook that will draw you inside the community. It is indeed the King of the social business world. Hence, ideally, it makes sense to put in your effort in producing content that resonates with your online community. Without content, any community will likely be non-existent and uninterested.

One can only create great content when they fully understand their audience and tailor it accordingly. Most people share content when it brings emotions and feelings in their lives.

For example: Say you are a Bricks and mortar company, as a marketer you wouldn’t want to advertise Bricks and mortar with their prices. You may want to sell a wish, a dream that they want to get to see in the form of content.

2. Conversation:

Are you talking ‘to’ your fans, or speaking at them? This word of difference is so effective that it may break or make your social media strategy. People do not want to be treated as targets they want to be engaged in the same way they want to be engaged by athletes and celebrities. Creating a relatable and humanized brand sparks the connection between your audience in a way to educate, build awareness, and trust within the communities.

People are more likely to talk about the brands they feel a connection with, getting a response to the post that they made, feels momentarily special. So broadcasting and starting a conversation is an effect that can be multiplied.

3. Conversion:

We know that social media is an effective way to build awareness for your brand and your company. It’s equally crucial for converting your followers into leads and customers. If you are advertising on social media, your goal should be to get the conversions, as they take a lot of work.

Building an audience of hundreds and thousands of followers is nice, but the most significant challenges that companies face is proving the ROI of the social campaign.

Always focus on getting your message reach the right audience. Also, remember people on Facebook or Twitter aren’t necessarily in the buying mode, they are there to be entertained. So what you should do is promote posts to increase engagement or visibility or build your fan following. Do not put dollars into the post to get 1 percent uptick in likes, instead find alternate ways to grow your engagement and reach.

4. Community:

An engaged social media community becomes an integral part of business success online. It is the very reason for businesses and organizations to join the social network in the first place. These digital destinations are the ones that enable people to share their experiences and voices on the larger platform. They initiate engagement and interact with each other, despite the demographical & geographical boundaries.

A good social media community is supportive and long-lasting. Consumers on the social network are in control of who & what they follow, and earning their support means making a connection with them that is beyond advertising. Social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked in will mound, shape your brand and may even spark ideas for new content for your new products or services.

5. Collaboration:

Social media collaboration brings in marketing together. It is said to be the future of social media as this is where savvy brands are sitting right now. Featuring or collaborating your Brand on the influencer’s content will help you leverage on the social media reach of your influencer. This strategy helps grow your online community and also increase engagement with brands on social media.

Surely, millennials are the future of the buying marketplace. And brands like Target and Urban Outfitters are aware of this. They are using real customer’s photos on their Instagram and Facebook and even changing the look and feel of their website. And these brands are working very hard and can even start the next level of social marketing with their finest collaboration plans.

Final Thoughts:

While every business have their objectives, the above mentioned social strategies will undoubtedly get your campaign move in the right direction. What is your social media move? Are you ready to rocket ahead of your competitors and take a social world storm? If you want to get through the conversion and see the success, then you have to work through an experiment on all 5 C’s of social media.

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