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opt in email marketing and its many benefits

Opt In Email Marketing And Its Benefits

What Is Opt In Email Marketing?

Opt in email marketing is an inbound marketing approach where the marketer asks for the recipients’ permission to send promotional emails in the future. If the prospect says yes, then the brand goes ahead and sends their well-designed marketing and sales emails; this is just like breaking the ice between the marketer and consumer, or one can say, the recipients have opened the doors to welcome you as a guest. And now its your turn to build the right relationship for mutual benefits.

The process all sounds very easy, but it isn’t!!!

Asking for the customers’ permission is an art; you need to be a smooth conversationalist.

Every brand would prefer their prospects to say yes in the opt-in email marketing.

So, is it possible?

Can one combine this art with an opt-in email to motivate customers?

Find some of the relevant examples below:

Be Straight-Forward:

Campaign Monitor

Image Courtesy: campaignmonitor.com

Be straightforward in email and avoid looking desperate. Remember, customers need you as much you need them. So, design emails that directly convey the message. First, thank your customer for joining the brand, then moving on to the next message like confirmation of the email address to activate the account.

Just after that message, you can see the brand mentions, if you didn’t sign up for the service, then ignore the email. This message shows the professionalism of the brand and how much they care about the customers. It helps in winning their trust. One can say this builds the reputation of the brand and showcases that they offer services which the customer wants- a right tactic to attract prospects.

Find another example:


Image Courtesy: spcdn.org

Here, there is another opt-in, where you see the brand asking to confirm for the subscription. The recipient needs to click on the “Yes, I want to subscribe.”

Below the option, there is a clear message, “if you didn’t subscribe to this list or you’re not sure …… you can delete it.” After that, the marketer also mentions the recipient won’t be subscribed if they don’t click the link.

The simplicity at which the message was conveyed, makes the recipient comfortable and take the right action with a cool mind.

If you would have seen, most of the opt-in emails are the double opt-in and that’s because organizations want to confirm whether the subscribers are seriously interested in their service.


Image Courtesy: micro-cdn.sumo.com

In this graph, you can see the majority of the welcome emails are the double opt-in.

If you’re confused between the double opt-in emails and single opt-in, let’s understand in-depth:

The single opt-in is where the users just have to enter their email address in the signup box and they are immediately listed as the subscriber, while in the double opt-in, the brand sends the confirmation email to the user to get the final confirmation.

This helps in understanding whether the person is seriously interested or entered the email by mistake. It’s better to have the answer in the first place or it would be just an addition of a junk email address to your list who would unsubscribe after few campaigns.

Your precious time of adding them to your list and sending opt in email campaigns to them goes futile, which you surely won’t want. With double opt-in, there would be less bounce rate, more open rate, increased engagement, etc.

A welcome email takes an average time of 1 minute 7 seconds to hit the inbox.

When recipients receive these emails, they would surely go through the brand precisely. And later contemplate, whether they really want these emails in their inbox. They could then take the right action.

Let’s Understand The Overall Benefits Of Opt In Emails Marketing?

Making The Right Relationship:

You should make the right relationship with your customer, if you want to generate the best business results in the future.

When customers start associating themselves with your brand, they would be fiercely loyal to your service, and never hop onto any other new service. And it isn’t that complex to keep track of your customer and have a meaningful conversation with them at regular intervals.

As a marketer, you just need to plan the right strategy to keep the conversation going with your brand. You can go for the personalization, where each email is crafted keeping the customers’ interests in mind. You aim to instantly click with them, so never deviate from the subject that would be of no interest to them.

Better Deliverability:

The opt-in emails pave the path for a better deliverability rate. So, if you’re faced with challenges where your emails aren’t getting the right response, take this with a pinch of salt that you didn’t send the opt-in emails to these recipients before.

This would have significantly saved your time and improved deliverability. Opt-in emails help your future emails to land into the inbox of only those recipients who have confirmed for your service.

Immediate Communication:

These opt-in emails help in immediate communication with your valued subscribers.

As a brand, you would never want to lose any opportunity that comes knocking at your door. So, when these subscribers want to know more about your product by subscribing, you instantly send them detailed information of what you do, how your services would make their process easier, and even how their sales would shoot up in no time.

All this due to opt in emails campaigns.

More Visits:

Which brand won’t like more visitors to their website?

Almost all will like it. After all, it is one of the best ways to increase the conversion numbers. Opt in email marketing helps you to direct these prospects to the website page that you think would motivate the prospects to become customers.

More conversions are what you want and you get with the help of opt in email campaigns.


Opt-in emails pave the path to build a relationship with the customer. So, one needs to design it the best way so that the customers don’t ignore it and welcome you to send emails to their inboxes.

This blog explores some best opt-in email examples that one can integrate into their process and motivate customers to accept their ongoing services. With this, you can nurture the relationship and further in the future can upsell and cross-sell to them.

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